1.0 Credit

World History is a required course for sophomores concerning the nations and peoples of the world. Included with the history and geography are cultural development, political and economic systems and social structures. The student will be challenged to think critically about international relations, human commonalities and differences and their impact on the student’s own life.

We will begin this course with an introduction into history, geography, and a little bit of anthropology to give you a framework for understanding the course as a whole. We will then begin with the four primary ancient civilizations and work our way through present day. This course is designed to give you an over view of what we know about World History and encourage you to think critically about the development of history as it relates to our present day cultures and situations. Think of this course as the greatest epic ever written — one long story about the development, impact, and innovations of humans.

Each virtual class you take will be slightly different from the others, Whether you are a seasoned virtual student or new to the program, it is very important to your success to read through this description. There will be helpful hints about reading, assignments, and assessments.

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Understanding Plagiarism
4- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
5- Ancient History Review
6- MLA Formatting Word 2007
7- MLA Documentation updates
8- MLA Citation
9- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Unit 1: The Americas
1- Introduction
Handout: Unit 1 Study Guide
Assignment: Mound Builders and Cliff Dwellers
2- Civilizations in America
Handout: Mesoamerican Worksheet
Assignment: Mesoamerica Worksheet
3- In depth: The Maya
4- The Maya cont.
5- In depth: The Aztec
6- The Aztec cont.
7- In depth: The Inca
8- The Inca cont.
Assignment: Interactivity: Aztec and Inca Civilizations
Essay: Aztec and Inca Civilizations Part Two
9- Culture and Conquest
10- Web Resources

3- Unit 1: African Kingdoms
1- Introduction
2- Western African Kingdoms
Assignment: Timbuktu
Assignment: African Kingdoms
3- BBC Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Nubia
Assignment: The Sahara Desert
4- BBC Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Nubia cont.
5- BBC Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Ethiopia
Assignment: African Kingdoms: Scavenger Hunt
6- BBC Lost Kingdoms of Aftrica: Ethiopia cont.
7- Web Resources

4- Unit 1: Empires of Asia
1- Introduction
2- Japan
Assignment: Medieval Japan: The Samurai
3- Japan continued
4- China
5- China continued
Assignment: Empires of Asia questions
6- Web Resources

5- Unit 1: The Rise of Islam
1- Islam
Assignment: InterActivity: Early Islamic Civilizations
Essay: Early Islamic Civilizations Part Two
2- Rise of Islam
Worksheet: Islamic Web Tutorial
3- The Empire of Faith
Assignment: Islam: The Five Pillars
4- History of Islam
5- History of Islam part 2
6- History of Islam part 3
7- Web Resources

6- Unit 1: Byzantine & Russian Empires
1- Introduction
Assignment: Medieval Women
Essay: Medieval Women Part 2
2- Byzantium
3- Russia
Assignment: Peter the Great
Assignment: Moscow’s Roman Catholic Heritage
Assignment: Comparing Russian and Byzantine Rulers
4- Web Resources
Assignment: Bzyantine Empire reading questions

7- Unit 1: Medieval Europe
1- Introduction
Worksheet: Reading Assignments Worksheet
2- Early Middle Ages
Assignment: Medieval Europe
Essay: Medieval Europe Part 2
3- Age of Chivalry
Assignment: Bubonic Plague
4- Role of the Church
Assignment: The Crusades
5- Changing Society
6- Review
7- Web Resources

8- Unit 1: Final Project
1- Final Project
Assignment: Part 1: Timeline
2- Part Two
Essay: Part 2: Essay

9- Unit 2: Renaissance & Reformation
1- Introduction
Handout: Unit 2 Study Guide
Assignment: Renaissance Life
2- The Renaissance Spreds
Assignment: Leonardo da Vinci
3- The Reformation
Assignment: Renaissance & Reformation reading questions
4- Driven to Defiance
5- Reluctant Revolutionary
6- Web Resources
Handout: Renaissance Test Review
Assignment: Renaissance Test Review

10- Unit 2: Exploration & Colonization
1- Introduction
2- Spain and Portugal
Assignment: Portugal & Spain Tutorial questions
Assignment: Spain in the New World
Assignment: Portugal in Africa
Essay: Spain Part 2
3- Britain and France
4- Web Resources
Handout: Explorers Graphic Organizer
Assignment: Explorers Graphic Organizer

11- Unit 2: Absolute Monarchies
1- Introduction
2- The Monarchs
Assignment: Catherine the Great
3- Europe
4- England
Assignment: Absolute Monarchs questions
5- Influence of the Enlightenment
6- Web Resources
Handout: English Monarchies Handout
Assignment: English Monarchies Graphic Organizer

12- Unit 2: Scientific Revolution & the Enlightenment
1- Introduction
2- Revolution and Enlightenment
3- The Scientists
4- The Enlightenment
Assignment: Enlightened Monarchs
5- Path to the Enlightenment
Assignment: Revolution and Enlightenment questions
6- Web Resources
Handout: Enlightenment Cause & Effect
Handout: Englightment Review Questions
Assignment: Enlightenment Cause & Effect
Assignment: Enlightenment Review Questions

13- Unit 2: Revolutions
1- Introduction
2- American Revolution
3- French Revolution
Assignment: Battles of the Napoleonic Era
4- Napoleon Boneparte
5- Revolution in Haiti
6- Latin American Revolutions
7- Web Resources
Assignment: Revolutions questions

14- Unit 2: Final Project
1- Comparing American & French Revolutions
2- Request for Help
3- Tasks
Essay: Newspaper Article
Assignment: Venn Diagrams
Essay: Analysis
4- Documents to Review
5- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

15- Unit 3: Industrial Revolution
1- Introduction
Handout: Unit 3 study guide
2- Victorian England
3- Second Revolution
4- Reform Movements
Handout: Industrial Revolution Graphic Organizer
Assignment: Industrial Revolution
Assignment: Industrial Revolution Graphic Organizer
5- Web Resources

16- Unit 3: 19th Century Movements
1- Introduction
Assignment: Origins of the Franco-Prussian War
2- Age of Ideologies
Essay: Marxism: The Communist Manifesto
3- Women’s Suffrage
4- Abolition Movements
Essay: 19th-Century Political & Intellectual Movements
5- Web Resources

17- Unit 3: Age of Imperialism
1- Introduction
Assignment: Queen Victoria
2- Unification of Germany & Italy
Assignment: Unification of Italy
3- British Imperialism
Assignment: The Opium Wars
4- The Scramble for Africa
Assignment: Scramble for Africa
Essay: Scramble for Africa Part 2
5- American Imperialism
6- Spanish-American War
7- Web Resources

18- Unit 3: WWI
1- Introduction
Assignment: Czar Nicholas II
2- Total War
3- Major Battles and Campaigns
Assignment: Failure of European Diplomacy
Essay: European Diplomacy Part 2
Assignment: The Schlieffen Plan
4- Propaganda
5- The End of the War
6- Peace: Versailles & the League of Nations
7- Web Resources
Assignment: WWI questions

19- Unit 3: Rise of Totalitarianism
1- Introduction
2- Russia
Assignment: Trotsky and Stalin
Essay: Trotsky and Stalin Part 2
3- Biography: Lenin
4- Italy
5- Biography: Mussolini
6- Germany
Assignment: Adolf Hitler
7- The Great Depression
8- Japan
Assignment: Japanese Expansion
9- Review: Totalitarian Leaders
Assignment: Totalitarianism questions
10- Web Resources

20- Unit 3: Final Project
1- Final Project
Assignment: World War I Scrapbook

21- Unit 4: WWII
1- Introduction
Handout: Unit 4 Study Guide
2- War in Europe
3- Battle of Britain
Assignment: Winston Churchill
4- Pacific Theater
5- America’s Role
6- The Holocaust
Essay: The Holocaust and Hiroshima
7- D-Day
Assignment: WWII questions
8- End of the War
9- Web Resources
Handout: WWII Quiz
Assignment: WWII Quiz

22- Unit 4: Cold War
1- Introduction
Assignment: The Marshall Plan
2- Korean War
3- Space Race
4- Cuban Missile Crisis
Assignment: Cuban Missle Crisis
Essay: Cuban Missle Crisis Part 2
5- Vietnam War
6- China’s Cultural Revolution
7- Europe
8- Fall of the Soviet Union
Assignment: End of the Cold War
Assignment: Cold War questions
9- Web Resources
Handout: Cold War Information Graphic Organizer

23- Unit 4: Asia & The Pacific
1- Introduction
2- India
Assignment: Gandhi and the Partition of India
Essay: Gandhi Part 2
3- Modern Japan
Assignment: Japanese Economic Miracle
Assignment: The Emperor in Modern Japan
4- Khmer Rouge
5- Web Resources

24- Unit 4: Africa & The Middle East
1- Introduction
Assignment: The Suez Crisis
Essay: Suez Crisis Part 2
2- Darfur
3- Rwanda
4- South Africa
Assignment: Apartheid in South Africa
5- The Middle East
6- Israel & Palestine
Essay: The Arab-Israeli Conflict
7- Iran & Iraq
Assignment: OPEC Oil Embargo
8- Web Resources

25- Unit 4: Latin America
1- Introduction
2- Mexico
3- Haiti & Cuba
Assignment: Cuban Communism
4- South America
Assignment: The Amazon Rainforest
Assignment: Peronism in Argentina
Essay: Peronism Part 2
5- Web Resources

26- Unit 4: Contemporary Overview
1- Introduction
Handout: Unit 4 Review
2- Globalization
Essay: Analyzing Conflicts
3- Science & Technology
4- Health & the Environment
Assignment: World Trade Organization
5- Terrorism

27- Unit 4: Final Project
1- Final Project
Assignment: Part 1: Map
Assignment: Part 1: History
2- Parts 2 & 3
Assignment: Part 2: Recent Events
Essay: Part 3: Current Challenges
3- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

28- Course Survey
1- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey