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World Cultural Geography Course Outline

World Cultural Geography Course Outline

1.0 Credit

World Cultural Geography encompasses both the physical and cultural aspects of the discipline. Early emphasis is placed on the development and appreciation of physical geographic knowledge including meteorology, geomorphology, and cartography. These skills having been mastered, a cultural approach to the world’s various ethnic regions is addressed during the remainder of the year. Elements including political ideologies, religious beliefs, and unique cultural practices, as well as current situations of the world’s major ethnic regions, are discussed.

At the end of the course, the student should have an understanding of the nations of the world, their location, economies, and major geographic features.

1- Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Course Description
  • Pretest
  • Assignment: Pretest
  • Ancient History Review
  • Understanding Plagiarism
  • MLA Formatting Word 2007
  • MLA Documentation updates
  • MLA Citation
  • MLA Incorporating Sources

2- What is Geography?

  • The 5 Themes of Geography
  • Assignment: 5 Themes of Geography
  • Understanding Globes
  • Worksheet: Understanding Globes
  • Latitude/Longitude Major Cities
  • Careers and Technology
  • Essay: Where have you gone?
  • Course Links

3- The Moving Earth

  • Functional Diagrams
  • Rotates on its Axis
  • Seasons
  • Worksheet: Understanding the Earth
  • Summary of Rotation
  • Quiz: The Moving Earth Quiz

4- Reading Maps

  • Map Elements
  • Using a Legend
  • Colors and Compass
  • Map Concepts
  • Map Projections
  • Mental Maps
  • Global Perceptions
  • Quiz: Reading Maps Quiz
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Worksheet: Geography Review
  • Web Quest
  • Assignment: Web Quest

5- Types of Maps

  • How many Maps are there?
  • Climate Maps
  • Physical Map
  • Political Map
  • Topographic Maps
  • Quiz: Types of Maps Quiz
  • Essay: Which Map to Use?

6- Project 1

  • Project 1
  • Assignment: Project 1 Assignment

7- North America

  • US & Canada
  • A View from Above
  • The Great Lakes
  • Canada Facts
  • United States Facts
  • The Geography of the Mountain States
  • The Geography of the Pacific States
  • The Geography of the South Central States
  • Assignment: North America Assignment
  • Quiz: North America Quiz

8- Mexico

  • Explore Mexico
  • Mexico Facts
  • Map of Mexico
  • Mexico Geography
  • Assignment: Mexico Assignment
  • Quiz: Mexico Quiz

9- Brazil

  • Explore Brazil
  • Brazil Facts
  • Brazil Geography
  • Worksheet: Brazil Assignment
  • Web Quest
  • Handout: Region Note Sheet
  • Handout: Region Retrieval Sheet
  • Handout: Points of View
  • Handout: Points of View Retrieval Sheet
  • Assignment: Web Quest

10- Project 2

  • Project 2
  • Assignment: Project 2 Assignment

11- The West Indies

  • Archipelago
  • Laborers
  • Communism
  • Assignment: West Indies Assignment
  • Quiz: West Indies Quiz

12- Western Europe

  • Democratic Governments
  • Geography
  • Britain Demographics
  • Worksheet: Western Europe Assignment

13- Eastern Europe

  • The Region
  • Physical Geography
  • Plains and Mountains
  • Natural Highways
  • Quiz: Eastern Europe Quiz
  • Worksheet: Eastern Europe Assignment

14- Mid-Term

  • Mid-Term
  • Quiz: Mid-Term
  • Midtest
  • Assignment: Midtest

15- Russia

  • Russian History and Today
  • The Black Sea
  • In the South
  • Ukraine
  • Siberia
  • Russian Geography
  • Worksheet: Russia Assignment
  • Quiz: Russia Quiz

16- Middle East

  • Land, Climate & Vegetation
  • Natural Resources
  • Farmers & Herders
  • Cultures
  • Arabs & Turks
  • Worksheet: Middle East Worksheet
  • Essay: Differnt Cultures

17- Southeast Asia

  • Peninsulas, Islands & Seas
  • Mynamar
  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Brunei
  • The Philippines
  • Quiz: Southeast Asia Quiz
  • Worksheet: Southeast Asia Assignment

18- India

  • History
  • Geography
  • Economy
  • Hinduism and India Today
  • Assignment: India Assignment
  • Quiz: India Quiz

19- China

  • Cantonese
  • Culture
  • Regions of China
  • History and Today
  • Minerals and Agriculture
  • Achievements
  • Assignment: China Assignment

20- Project 3

  • Project 3
  • Assignment: Project 3 Assignment

21- Japan

  • Mix of Old and New
  • Japan vs. Britain
  • Mountains
  • The South
  • Population
  • Essay: Homogeneous People
  • Land of the Rising Sun
  • Worksheet: Japan Assignment

22- Australia

  • Smallest Continent
  • Resources
  • Government
  • Essay: Port Arthur
  • Worksheet: Australia Assignment

23- Oceans

  • Important Role
  • Water Cycle and Resources
  • Worksheet: Oceans Assignment

24- Africa

  • 2nd Largest Continent
  • Climate
  • Population
  • History
  • Assignment: African Kingdoms Scavenger Hunt

25- Project 4

  • Project 4
  • Assignment: Project 4 Assignment

26- Final Exam

  • Final Exam
  • Quiz: Final Exam
  • Post-test
  • Assignment: Post-test

27- Course Evaluation

  • Course Evaluation
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