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Different Types of Online High Schools

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There are many types of online high schools. However, online high schools mainly exist in two categories: online private schools and online public schools.

There are many states that offer public online high schools to students. These schools are free to residents. These are usually accredited by the proper regional board. These programs are solely open to students who are living in their district or state boundaries. Usually, the state-controlled online programs have a good deal of stability and government support.

Are Public Online High Schools accredited?

In general, Public online high schools are overseen by their state’s department of education. Thus, these are mostly regionally accredited. You should be sure to verify its accreditation. However, be cautious since the relatively newer programs might not have been granted with accreditation reviews.

What are the costs involved in Public Online High Schools?

Public online high schools are usually funded by the government. Thus, these charges no tuition. There are certain virtual programs that pay for a student’s curriculum, computer, and internet fees.

What are the Public Online High School Pros?

Students who attend a public online high school are usually able to earn a regionally accredited diploma at no cost. They appear to be pretty more stable. These schools receive less public scrutiny as well.

What is the Public Online High School Cons?

Most of the public online high schools are almost the same as brick-and-mortar schools. It implies that these schools adhere to a strict curriculum and schedule. There is a lack of flexibility here. Also, students attending public online high schools usually do not have access to many of the extracurricular activities and curriculum choices. The choices are pretty much limited just like that of their conventional counterparts.

The availability of online learning options varies pretty much from state to state. The state legislation plays a critical role in providing access to public online course options.

Advantages of online private schools

The online private school is a brilliant choice for many students and families. A private online school is not free. However, these are less expensive from their traditional counterparts. The best part is that these online private school courses are highly flexible and self-paced. Also, these courses can be taken from any location. This provides a big advantage to those staying in desolate areas.

Here are some major differences between online public schools and online private schools:

Stability factor
Most of the online public schools require students to live within certain geographical boundaries. On the contrary, an online private school is usually available in any state. It is even available outside of the country. This is what attracts many families and students towards online private schools. After all, they might not have a public online program available in their area. Also, there are many families that need to relocate often for employment or military duty overseas. Thus, choosing an online private school course pays off. It helps ensure that their student receives a full-fledged and high-quality education. Their course flow is not disrupted due to relocation at any point in time.

Also, online private schools make sure to employ highly specialized teachers who are trained in dealing with online students. Thus, students staying at desolate places and in bad weather conditions can very well avail the online private school courses right from their homes without any disturbances.

The online private schools are not funded by the state, county, or school district. Thus, these courses are not free, unlike the online public school courses. However, these courses are cost-effective. The education imparted is of high quality. The schedule is highly flexible. Also, these private online courses are cheaper than their conventional counterparts.

Course schedule
Any online private school usually allows students enrolled in other schools to take individual courses. Students can take up certain courses online that might not be available in their brick-and-mortar schools. Also, a private school may offer a variety of summer courses. This enables students to improve reading or math skills, enhance their transcripts for college, get ahead or catch up on earning credits or cover up for lost credits. Most of the virtual summer schools offer rolling start dates to accommodate vacations, travel, and other family activities.

Additionally, online private school students enjoy a high level of schedule flexibility. This provides a good deal of convenience. The private online high school students can pursue personal interests. Students can use the flexibility to pursue competitive athletics, performing arts, part-time jobs, volunteering, family time etc. Thus, there are varied options. This is not the case for online public schools.

In general, an online private school does not answer to a state or district. Thus, it might not require state testing. There are many students that enroll on a part-time basis or to take more courses than normal in order to graduate early. If you wish to be sure that you will receive a wholesome education, go for an online private school. These schools offer a well-regarded, rigorous curriculum. These are usually accredited by a recognized educational organization.

Early College Credit
Most of the online private schools provide students with opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school. Some offer Dual Credit programs. This program gives students the opportunity to earn up to seven first-year college credits that count toward both high school and a bachelor’s degree. The Dual Enrollment program usually enables students to earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree simultaneously. These tend to save energy and time in the long run.

In order to make the right choice, a family should look into its own lifestyle. Only then can they figure out as to which online school is the most suitable for them. On a whole, online private schools can be a decent option for almost every student and parent. These courses make the student prepared for the upcoming challenging college-level and work-level environment. The other reason is flexibility. Today’s students crave for flexibility. So, online private school is the one-stop-solution for all.

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