Do you know any 12th grader, 17 or 18 year old student, boy or girl, man or woman who is exactly the same?
Of course not! Everyone differs!
Especially at this level – drastically!

It’s very difficult for anyone to assemble a “standard” 12th grade package for any student.

We pride ourselves on providing the best “value” in homeschooling curriculum – but even with our staff of teachers and professionals, from the public, private, homeschool, and business sectors, we simply cannot assemble a “Standard” anything package at this level.

There are so many options!

A package for this level must be based on the student’s past learning experiences, courses, difficulties or advances, and accomplishments. Because of these concerns, combined with the fact that this is the very last chance to get everything necessary for college, or whatever career your student chooses, it has to be right!

This year must be programmed, customized, put together specifically for each student based on his/her needs, desires and future goals.

How many credits does he have? How many credits does he need to graduate? What course did he struggle with and what courses does he need for college?
“All she wants to do is be a cashier at the supermarket in town”, says one Mom.
That’s all well and good. There’s a place for everyone in society, but, this student should still be provided with the basics of a well rounded education. Perhaps we should concentrate on her business and consumer mathematics skills this final year so that she feels more comfortable in her new career.
Maybe a semester study on ‘work and life psychology’ would be helpful since she’ll be dealing with many different persons in her years ahead.
You get the idea, don’t you?

For these and many reasons not discussed here,
please Contact US.

Seriously consider allowing our Staff of Advisors to assist you in assembling the perfect 12th grade curriculum package for your student.Bottom of Form
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