This class follows the Common Core Standards for 3rd grade mathematics. The course focuses on four critical areas.

First, the students will begin to develop an understanding of multiplication and division. They will learn these skills through activities and problems of equal-sized groups where multiplication finds an unknown product and division finds an unknown factor. The students will learn to solve multiplication and division problems involving single-digit numbers.

Second, the students will begin to understand fractions, especially fractions with numerator 1. They will begin to see that fractions represent parts of a whole and that the fractional part is relative to the size of the whole.

Third, the students will begin to understand area as a property used to describe two-dimensional shapes. They will learn to measure the area of a shape by counting how many identical smaller shapes can fit inside of it.

Fourth, students learn to describe and compare two-dimensional shapes. They connect their knowledge of shapes to their work with fractions by describing the area of part of a shape as a fraction of the whole shape.

1- Introduction
1- Welcome
2- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest

2- Compare & Order Numbers
1- Algebra: Number Patterns
Handout: Number Patterns
Assignment: Number Patterns
2- Problem-Solving Skill: The Four Step Plan
Assignment: Problem-Solving Skill: The Four Step Plan
3- Place Value through 1,000
Assignment: Place Value through 1,000
4- Place Value through 10,000
Assignment: Place Value through 10,000
5- Compare Numbers
Assignment: Compare Numbers
6- Order Numbers
Assignment: Order Numbers
7- Round to the Nearest Ten and Hundred
Assignment: Round to the Nearest Ten and Hundred
8- Round to the Nearest Thousand
Assignment: Round to the Nearest Thousand
Assignment: Chapter 1 Cumulative Test

3- Addition
1- Algebra: Addition Properties
Assignment: Addition Properties
2- Estimate Sums
Assignment: Estimate Sums
3- Two-Digit Addition
Assignment: Two-Digit Addition
4- Add Money
Assignment: Add Money
5- Three-Digit Addition
Assignment: Three-Digit Addition
6- Add Greater Numbers
Assignment: Add Greater Numbers
Assignment: Chapter 2 Cumulative Test

4- Subtraction
1- Subtraction Properties
Assignment: Subtraction Properties
2- Estimate Differences
Assignment: Estimate Differences
3- Subtracting Money
Assignment: Subtract Money
4- Subtract Three-Digit Numbers with Regrouping
Assignment: Subtract 3-Digit Numbers with Regrouping
5- Subtract Greater Numbers
Assignment: Subtract Greater Numbers
6- Subtract Across 0
Assignment: Subtract Across Zeros
7- Select Addition or Subtraction
Assignment: Select Addition or Subtraction
Assignment: Chapter 3 Cumulative Test

5- Multiplication
1- Arrays and Multiplication
Assignment: Arrays and Multiplication
2- Multiply by 2
3- Multiply by 4
Assignment: Multiply by 4
4- Multiply by 5
Assignment: Multiply by 5
5- Multiply by 10
Assignment: Multiply by 10
6- Multiply by 0 and 1
Assignment: Multiply by 0 & 1
Assignment: Chapter 4 Cumulative Test

6- More Multiplication
1- Multiply by 3
Assignment: Multiply by 3
2- Multiply by 6
Assignment: Multiply by 6
3- Multiply by 7
Assignment: Multiply by 7
4- Multiply by 8
Assignment: Multiply by 8
5- Multiply by 9
Assignment: Multiply by 9
6- Multiply by 11 and 12
Assignment: Multiply by 11 & 12
7- Algebra: Associative Property
Assignment: Algebra: Associative Property
Assignment: Chapter 5 Cumulative Test

7- Division
1- Relate Division and Subtraction
Assignment: Relate Division and Subtraction
2- Relate Division and Multiplication
Assignment: Relate Division and Multiplication
3- Divide by 2
Assignment: Divide by 2
4- Divide by 5
Assignment: Divide by 5
5- Divide by 10
Assignment: Divide by 10
6- Divide by 0 and 1
Assignment: Divide by 0 & 1
Assignment: Chapter 6 Cumulative Test

8- More Division
1- Divide by 3
Assignment: Divide by 3
2- Divide by 4
Assignment: Divide by 4
3- Divide by 6 & 7
Assignment: Divide by 6 & 7
4- Divide by 8 & 9
Assignment: Divide by 8 & 9
5- Divide by 10 & 11
Assignment: Divide by 11 & 12
6- Extend a Pattern
7- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Assignment: Chapter 7 Cumulative Test

9- Number Sentences
1- Model and Write Number Sentences
Assignment: Model & Write Number Sentences
2- Expressions and Number Sentences
Assignment: Expressions & Number Sentences
3- Make a Table to Find a Rule
Assignment: Make a Table to Find a Rule

10- Fractions
1- Represent Fractions
Assignment: Represent Fractions
Worksheet: Naming Fractions
2- Fractions & Length
Handout: Fractions & Length Worksheet
Assignment: Fractions & Length
3- Compare Fractions
Handout: Compare Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Compare Fractions
4- Equivalent Fractions
Handout: Equivalent Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Equivalent Fractions
5- Patterns on a Number Line
Handout: Patterns on a Number Line Worksheet
Assignment: Patterns on a Number Line
6- Fractions on a Number Line
Handout: Fractions on a Number Line Worksheet
Assignment: Fractions on a Number Line
Handout: Chapter 9 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 9 Cumulative Test

11- Shapes
1- Solids
Assignment: Solids
2- Lines & Segments
Handout: Lines & Segments Worksheet
Assignment: Lines & Segments
3- Polygons
Handout: What is a Polygon? Worksheet
Assignment: What is a Polygon?
Assignment: NameThat Shape!
4- Triangles
Assignment: Triangles
5- Quadrilaterals
Worksheet: Quadrilaterals
Handout: Chapter 10 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 10 Cumulative Test

12- Measurement
1- Understanding Measurement
Handout: Understanding Measurement Worksheet
Assignment: Understanding Measurement
2- Fraction of an Inch
Handout: Fraction of an Inch Worksheet
Assignment: Fraction of an Inch
3- Inches, Feet, Yards & Miles
Quiz: Inches, Feet, Yards & Miles
4- Centimeters, Meters, Kilometers
Worksheet: Centimeters, Meters, Kilometers
5- Perimeter
Handout: Perimeter Worksheet
Assignment: Perimeter
6- Area
Handout: Area Worksheet
Assignment: Area
Handout: Chapter 11 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 11 Cumulative Test

13- More Measurement
1- Volume
Handout: Volume Worksheet
Assignment: Volume
2- Customary Units of Capacity
Assignment: Customary Units of Capacity
3- Metric Units of Capacity
Worksheet: Metric Units of Capacity
4- Units of Weight
Handout: Units of Weight Worksheet
Assignment: Units of Weight
5- Units of Mass
Handout: Units of Mass Worksheet
Assignment: Units of Mass
Handout: Chapter 12 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 12 Cumulative Test

14- Graphs & Charts
1- Time to the Half & Quarter Hour
Handout: Time to the Half & Quarter Hour Worksheet
Assignment: Time to the Half & Quarter Hour
2- Time to the Minute
Handout: Time to the Minute Worksheet
Assignment: Time to the Minute
3- Organizing Data
Handout: Organizing Data Worksheet
Assignment: Organizing Data
4- Reading Pictographs and Bar Graphs
Assignment: Reading a Pictograph
Assignment: Reading a Bar Graph
5- Creating Pictographs
6- Creating Bar Graphs
7- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Assignment: Chapter 13 Project

15- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation