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Theatre High School Course Outline

Theatre High School Course Outline

Students investigate the history of theatre and the intricacies of the performing arts. Students study the following: techniques of preparing to act, characterization, and acting exercises. Student discovers how to choose a play and preparing to direct a play from the first steps of reading and choosing all the way through advertising for cast members. They will select cast members, as well as direct them and the stage crew through the act of performance. Students also study the difference between stage acting, TV, and film acting. Students of an Elective course will also learn the different methods for directing and producing. Each lesson is accompanied by activities that reflect the content and the lesson.

1- Welcome to Class

  • Course Information

2- Art and the Artist

  • What is Art
  • What is Art Part 2
  • What is an Artist
  • Theories on the Creative Mind and Body
  • Theories Continued
  • Quiz: Art and the Artist

3- What is Theatre

  • What is Theatre?
  • Theatre Continued
  • Quiz: What is Theatre

4- The Audience

  • The Audience
  • Audience Part 2
  • Audience Part 3
  • Quiz: The Audience

5- Methods for Analyzing

  • Methods for Analyzing Theatrical Plays
  • Methods for Analyzing Part 2
  • Quiz: Methods for Analyzing

6- Writing Theatrical Reviews

  • Writing Theatrical Reviews
  • Writing Theatrical Reviews Continued
  • Assignment: Theatrical Review Assignment

7- The Playwright

  • The Playwright
  • The Playwright Part 2
  • The Playwright Part 3
  • Playwrights and Their Times
  • Quiz: The Playwright

8- The Producer

  • The Producer
  • The Producer Part 2
  • The Producers Process
  • What is Theatre?
  • Theatre Continued
  • Quiz: The Producer

9- The Director

  • Directors Role/History
  • The Directing Process
  • Directing Techniques
  • Stage Directions
  • Assistant Directors/Stage Directors
  • Quiz: The Director

10- The Actor

  • The Actor’s Role and History
  • Actor’s Role Continued
  • The Actor
  • The Actors Process
  • Quiz: The Actor

11- The Designers

  • The Design Process
  • The Scenic Designer
  • The Scenic Designers Tools and Techniques
  • Scenic Designers throughout History
  • The Costume Designer
  • Specifics In The Costume Design Process
  • Costume Design Tools & Techniques
  • Make Up
  • The Lighting Designer
  • Specifics To The Sound Design Process
  • Quiz: The Designers

12- Greek Drama

  • Historical Background
  • The Theater
  • The Playwrights and Theatrical Conventions
  • The Staging and Spectacle
  • Greek Drama Web Quest
  • Web Quest Resources
  • Web Quest Conclusion
  • Quiz: Greek Drama
  • Assignment: Greek Drama Web Quest

13- Roman Drama

  • Historical Background
  • The Playwrights and Theatrical Conventions
  • The Staging and Spectacle:
  • Quiz: Roman Drama

14- Medieval Drama

  • Historical Background
  • The Theater
  • The Playwrights and Theatrical Convention
  • The Staging and Spectacle
  • Quiz: Medieval Drama

15- Italian Renaissance Theatre

  • Historical Background
  • The Theater
  • Playwrights and Theatrical Conventions
  • Staging and Spectacle
  • Assignment: Renaissance WebQuest
  • Quiz: Italian Renaissance Theatre

16- English Renaissance / Shakespeare

  • Historical Background
  • Development of Theater
  • Playwrights & Theatrical Conventions
  • Staging & Spectacle
  • Quiz: English Renaissance

17- Neoclassic Drama

  • Historical Background
  • The Theater
  • Staging & Spectacle
  • Quiz: Neoclassic Drama

18- Restoration Drama

  • Historical Background
  • The Theater
  • Playwrights & Theatrical Conventions
  • The Stage and Spectacle
  • Restoration Drama Web Quest
  • Playbill Assignment Criteria
  • Assignment: Restoration Drama Web Quest
  • Quiz: Restoration Drama

19- Realistic Drama

  • Historical Background
  • The Theatre
  • Playwrights & Theatrical Convention
  • Staging & Spectacle
  • Quiz: Realistic Drama

20- Anti Realism

  • Historical Background
  • The Theatre
  • Theatre Continued
  • Staging & Spectacle
  • Quiz: Anti Realism

21- Modern Theatre

  • Historical Background
  • The Theater
  • Playwrights and Theatrical Conventions
  • Staging and Spectacle
  • Quiz: Modern Theatre

22- Final Exam

  • Final Exam
  • Quiz: Final Exam

23- Course Survey

  • Course Survey
  • Handout: Course Survey
  • Assignment: Course Survey
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