Course Information

This course is designed to prepare High School college-bound students to gain knowledge and understanding of necessary information and expectations (both from student and institution) in order to have successful experience transitioning to the post-secondary level.

The goals of this course are:
• To gain knowledge, understanding, and attain proficiency level of online college level course
• To examine the factors involved with academic and social problems as a college student
• To explore the methods of problem solving regarding academic and social issues as a college student
• To enhance academic writing and communication skills
• To establish organizational and time management skills
• To develop a working knowledge of group dynamics
• To foster multicultural awareness and value a global world

Course Learning Outcomes: As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to:
• Examine the factors involved learning, learning styles, and utilize effective study techniques
Illustrate ways to manage time effectively, including creating and following a personal planner/calendar
• Demonstrate effective note-taking skills
• Identify and acknowledge personal values, interests, goals, and abilities
Demonstrate effective methods for managing anxieties
• Develop proficiency college-level communication skills and familiarity of academic and social terminology
• Locate and utilize appropriate college and community resources, including the library, financial aid offices, admission offices, etc., and recognize the benefits of our diverse population
• Explore personal money management techniques, including budgets, financial aid, credit, and savings
• Identify career-related interests, skills, aptitudes, personal characteristics, and values; integrate these factors into a career research assignment
• Identify personal health issues and create a plan for addressing them
This course has a web component. We will do some activities via the web. It is recommended that students taking this course NOT be a novice computer user. The student should know how to use a mouse, navigate the internet, and send/receive email with attachments.

Strategies for College Success

1- Introduction
1- Introduction to SCS
2- Course Description
3- Syllabus
4- Should I take a distance learning class?
5- Do I Have Enough Time to Take College Classes?
8- General FAQs for Distance Learning
10- Strategies and Tips for Online Students
Handout: Syllabus

2- College Selection
1- Choosing a Major
2- Selecting a College
Assignment: College Selection Assignment

3- Campus Tour Activity
1- Campus Tour Activities
Worksheet: Part I-Campus Tour Activity (Individual Activity)
Assignment: Part II-Campus Tour Activity

4- Study Tips

5- Getting To Know Your Roommate
1- Getting Along with Your College Roomate
Essay: Getting to Know Your Roommate

6- College Student Finances
Assignment: College Student Finances Excel Assignment

7- College Essay
Essay: College Essay

8- Class Portfolio
Assignment: Class Portfolio Assignment

9- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey