This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics. Statistics is a High School Electives Course that includes the topics- measures of central tendency, standard deviation, combinations and permutations, probability, sampling, and various distributions. Emphasis is on applications of statistical concepts.

1- Welcome to Statistics!
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Completing Math Assessments
4- MLA Formatting Word 2007
5- MLA Documentation Updates
6- MLA Citation
7- MLA Incorporating Sources

1- Introduction to Statistics
1- Why Study Probability & Statistics?
2- Introduction to Statistics
Quiz: Sample vs Population
3- Classification of Data
Quiz: Classifying Data
4- Experimental Design
Handout: Bias in Survey Questions
Worksheet: Experimental Design
Handout: Introduction to Statistics Exam
Assignment: Introduction to Statistics Exam

2- Descriptive Statistics
1- Frequency Distributions
Handout: Frequency Distributions Worksheet
Assignment: Frequency Distributions
2- Graphs of Frequency Distributions
Quiz: Graphs of Frequency Distributions
3- Measures of Center
Handout: Measures of Center Worksheet
Assignment: Measures of Center
4- Weighted Means
Handout: Weighted Means Worksheet
Assignment: Weighted Means
5- Measures of Variation
Handout: Measures of Variation Worksheet
Assignment: Measures of Variation
Assignment: The MEAN-ing of Standard Deviation
Handout: Descriptive Statistics Exam
Assignment: Descriptive Statistics Exam

3- Graphs & Statistical Presentations
1- Representing Data Visually
Handout: Graphing Method Advantages & Disadvantages
2- Box-and-Whisker Plots
Handout: Box and Whisker Plots Worksheet
Assignment: Box and Whisker Plots
3- Stem-And-Leaf Diagrams
Handout: Stem and Leaf Diagrams Worksheet
Assignment: Stem and Leaf Diagrams
4- Scatter Plots & Line Graphs
Handout: Scatter Plots & Line Graphs Worksheet
Assignment: Scatter Plots and Line Graphs
5- Pie Charts
Handout: Pie Charts Worksheet
Assignment: Pie Charts

4- Probability
1- Basic Probability
Handout: Basic Probability Worksheet
Assignment: Basic Probability
2- The Multiplication Rule
Handout: Multiplication Rule Worksheet
Assignment: Multiplication Rule
3- The Addition Rule
Handout: Addition Rule Worksheet
Assignment: Addition Rule
4- Combinations & Permutations
Handout: Combinations & Permutations Worksheet
Assignment: Combinations & Permutations
Quiz: Combination or Permutation?
Handout: Probability Exam
Assignment: Probability Exam

5- Probability Distributions
1- Discrete & Continuous Variables
Quiz: Discrete vs Continuous
2- Probability Distributions, Part 1
Handout: Probability Distributions Worksheet
Assignment: Probability Distributions
3- Probability Distributions, Part 2
Handout: More Probability Distributions Worksheet
Assignment: More Probability Distributions
4- Binomial Distributions, Part 1
Handout: Binomial Distributions Worksheet
Assignment: Binomial Distributions
5- Binomial Distributions, Part 2
Handout: More Binomial Distributions Worksheet
Assignment: More Binomial Distributions

6- The Normal Distribution
1- What is the Normal Distribution?
Handout: The Normal Distribution Worksheet
Assignment: The Normal Distribution
2- Finding Probabilities
Handout: Finding Probabilities Worksheet
Assignment: Finding Probabilities
3- Finding Values
Handout: Z-Score Table
Handout: Finding Values Worksheet
Assignment: Finding Values
4- Central Limit Theorem
Handout: Central Limit Theorem Worksheet
Assignment: Central Limit Theorem

7- Linear Regression
1- Correlation Coefficient
Handout: Calculating Correlation with Excel
Worksheet: Correlation Coefficient
2- Least Squares
Handout: Least Squares Worksheet
Assignment: Least Squares
3- Chi Square Test
Handout: Chi Square Worksheet
Assignment: Chi Square

8- Final Project
1- Final Project
Handout: Final Project
Assignment: Final Project
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation