1.0 Credit

Spanish 1 focuses on the present and the present progressive tenses, a large number of vocabulary words need to be learn and master since all of that will serve as a foundation for newer structures and further courses. Students will need to learn basic pronunciation rules, whatever grammar is necessary to create basic sentences and understand them, and acquire enough vocabulary to produce communicative sentences. Many useful pattern phrases will be practice in this course those will serve as pattern that the students can use to create their own original phrases. Progressively all the patterns should build an ability to understand read, write, listen and speak simple basic Spanish. Students will find build within the pages of the course cultural vignettes of the wonders found in the Spanish world.

Students develop the ability to communicate about themselves and their immediate environment using simple sentences containing basic grammatical structures. The language-learning process integrates basic aspects of the geography, customs, and culture(s) of the target language countries.

1- Welcome to Class
1- Introduction/Teacher Communication
2- Course Description
3- Spanish Links

2- Numbers and Introductions
1- Introductions
2- Numbers
3- Basic useful vocab
4- The Calendar
5- Date vocabulary
Worksheet: Days and months worksheet
Assignment: Dialogue
Quiz: Numbers, Intros, Days and Months

3- The Alphabet
1- Alphabet (el alfabeto)
2- Pronounce H-Z
3- Pronounce A-G
4- Vowels, Dipthongs and Accents
Quiz: Alphabet Quiz
Worksheet: Alphabet, Vowels and Accents Worksheet

4- Cognates
1- Cognates
Handout: Cognates
Assignment: Cognates

5- What is Culture?
1- What is Culture?
Essay: Culture

6- Nouns/gender and number
1- Relaciones
2- Gender
3- Noun articles “a, an, the, some”
4- Number
5- Family vocab
6- Possessive adjectives
Quiz: Definite and Indefinite Articles of Nouns
Worksheet: My family
Quiz: Nouns Quiz

7- Adjectives and “estar”
1- Body vocabulary
2- Adjectives
3- The verb “to be”/estar
4- The colors
5- More useful adjectives
Essay: Calendar
Quiz: What’s your mood? Estar/Adj’s
Worksheet: ¿De qué color?
Quiz: Adjective agreement

8- Latin American History Facts
1- Latin American History Facts
Quiz: Mesoamerica Video Questions

9- Verb Conjugation/-AR verbs
1- Question Words and Verb Conjugation Intro
2- Subject Pronouns
3- Conjugating AR Verbs
4- AR Verbs to Practice
Quiz: Subjects and -ar verbs Practice
Worksheet: AR verbs
Quiz: Subject and -AR verb Quiz

10- -ER and -IR Verbs and ser
1- ER and IR Verbs
2- More ER and IR Verbs
3- More adjectives and colors
4- The verb ser
Essay: Gender and Number
Worksheet: Conjugation
Quiz: ER & IR Verbs Quiz
Quiz: Verbos -er / -irenpresente
Assignment: Speaking Activity #1

11- Telling time and Irregular Verbs
1- What time is it?
2- The verb “hay”
3- Irregular verbs “estar, ir, dar”
4- Tener and Venir
Quiz: What Time is It Quiz
Assignment: Irregular verbs

12- Prepositions and Weather expressions
1- De
2- En
3- A
4- Contractions
5- Comparaciones
6- “Hacer” with weather
7- More vocabulary of the weather
8- Ser vs. Estar
9- Ser vs. Estar 2
Assignment: Ser vs estar
Essay: 10 sentences
Quiz: Prepositions
Worksheet: Ser v. estar

13- Irregular Verbs and a future tense
1- Phrases with “Tener”
2- “Ir”/to go
3- Your community
4- Irregular Verbs
Quiz: Irregular verbs
Worksheet: Have to/Going to

14- Gustar, Querer and Hobbies
1- Dialogue
2- Jobs and School Vocabulary
3- Me gusta=I like
4- Sports/activities
5- Quiero ser…
6- Remember that things please you
7- Professions
Worksheet: Irregular yo’s and gustar
Assignment: Speaking Activity #2

15- Reading Comprehension
1- Reading Comprehension
Essay: Reading Comprehension

16- Present Progressive Tense
1- Present Progressive
2- Food Vocabulary
3- Mi casa essu casa
4- Irregular gerunds
5- Other irregular gerunds
Essay: Mifamilia
Quiz: Present Progressive

17- Stem-changing boot verbs
1- Stem changing boot verbs
2- Stem-changing verbs o-ue
3- stem-changers e-i
4- stem-changers e-ie
5- Directions and places
Quiz: Stem-changing quiz

18- Present perfect
1- The participles
2- The present perfect
Assignment: Presente perfecto

19- Objetosdirectos e indirectos
1- Objetosdirectos
2- Objetosdirectos con tiemposcompuestos
3- Objetosdirectos y presenteprogresivo
4- Objetosindirectos
Assignment: Objetosdirectos
Quiz: Indirect Objects

20- Adjetivoposesivo
1- Adjetivoposesivo
2- Objetosdirectos e indirectosjuntos
3- Cambio del pronombreindirecto
4- Irregular Participle Examples
Quiz: Possessive Nouns and Irregular Participles

21- Reflexive verbs and informal commands
1- Reflexive verbs
2- Vocabulary for Reflexive Verbs
3- Familiar/informal commands and formal and irregular form commands
Quiz: Reflexive verbs and commands
Essay: ¿Quéestánhaciendo?

22- The Day of the Dead
Assignment: Mexican Holiday,”The Day of the Dead.”

23- Course Survey
Handout: Course Evalution
Assignment: Course Survey