Spanish I is the Foreign language course for High School students, they develop the ability to communicate about themselves and their immediate environment using simple sentences containing basic grammatical structures. The language-learning process integrates basic aspects of the geography, customs, and culture(s) of the target language countries.

1- Welcome to Class
1- Introduction/Teacher Communication
2- Course Description
3- Spanish Links

2- Numbers and Introductions
1- Introductions
2- Numbers
3- Basic useful vocab
4- The Calendar
5- Date vocabulary
Worksheet: Days and months worksheet
Assignment: Dialogue
Quiz: Numbers, Intros, Days and Months

3- The Alphabet
1- Alphabet (el alfabeto)
2- Pronounce H-Z
3- Pronounce A-G
4- Vowels, Dipthongs and Accents
Quiz: Alphabet Quiz
Worksheet: Alphabet, Vowels and Accents Worksheet

4- Cognates
1- Cognates
Handout: Cognates
Assignment: Cognates

5- What is Culture?
1- What is Culture?
Essay: Culture

6- Nouns/gender and number
1- Relaciones
2- Gender
3- Noun articles “a, an, the, some”
4- Number
5- Family vocab
6- Possessive adjectives
Quiz: Definite and Indefinite Articles of Nouns
Worksheet: My family
Quiz: Nouns Quiz

7- Adjectives and “estar”
1- Body vocabulary
2- Adjectives
3- The verb “to be”/estar
4- The colors
5- More useful adjectives
Essay: Calendar
Quiz: What’s your mood? Estar/Adj’s
Worksheet: ¿De qué color?
Quiz: Adjective agreement

8- Latin American History Facts
1- Latin American History Facts
Quiz: Mesoamerica Video Questions

9- Verb Conjugation/-AR verbs
1- Question Words and Verb Conjugation Intro
2- Subject Pronouns
3- Conjugating AR Verbs
4- AR Verbs to Practice
Quiz: Subjects and -ar verbs Practice
Worksheet: AR verbs
Quiz: Subject and -AR verb Quiz

10- -ER and -IR Verbs and ser
1- ER and IR Verbs
2- More ER and IR Verbs
3- More adjectives and colors
4- The verb ser
Essay: Gender and Number
Worksheet: Conjugation
Quiz: ER & IR Verbs Quiz
Quiz: Verbos -er / -irenpresente
Assignment: Speaking Activity #1

11- Telling time and Irregular Verbs
1- What time is it?
2- The verb “hay”
3- Irregular verbs “estar, ir, dar”
4- Tener and Venir
Quiz: What Time is It Quiz
Assignment: Irregular verbs

12- Prepositions and Weather expressions
1- De
2- En
3- A
4- Contractions
5- Comparaciones
6- “Hacer” with weather
7- More vocabulary of the weather
8- Ser vs. Estar
9- Ser vs. Estar 2
Assignment: Ser vs estar
Essay: 10 sentences
Quiz: Prepositions
Worksheet: Ser v. estar

13- Irregular Verbs and a future tense
1- Phrases with “Tener”
2- “Ir”/to go
3- Your community
4- Irregular Verbs
Quiz: Irregular verbs
Worksheet: Have to/Going to

14- Gustar, Querer and Hobbies
1- Dialogue
2- Jobs and School Vocabulary
3- Me gusta=I like
4- Sports/activities
5- Quiero ser…
6- Remember that things please you
7- Professions
Worksheet: Irregular yo’s and gustar
Assignment: Speaking Activity #2

15- Reading Comprehension
1- Reading Comprehension
Essay: Reading Comprehension

16- Present Progressive Tense
1- Present Progressive
2- Food Vocabulary
3- Mi casa essu casa
4- Irregular gerunds
5- Other irregular gerunds
Essay: Mifamilia
Quiz: Present Progressive

17- Stem-changing boot verbs
1- Stem changing boot verbs
2- Stem-changing verbs o-ue
3- stem-changers e-i
4- stem-changers e-ie
5- Directions and places
Quiz: Stem-changing quiz

18- Present perfect
1- The participles
2- The present perfect
Assignment: Presente perfecto

19- Objetosdirectos e indirectos
1- Objetosdirectos
2- Objetosdirectos con tiemposcompuestos
3- Objetosdirectos y presenteprogresivo
4- Objetosindirectos
Assignment: Objetosdirectos
Quiz: Indirect Objects

20- Adjetivoposesivo
1- Adjetivoposesivo
2- Objetosdirectos e indirectosjuntos
3- Cambio del pronombreindirecto
4- Irregular Participle Examples
Quiz: Possessive Nouns and Irregular Participles

21- Reflexive verbs and informal commands
1- Reflexive verbs
2- Vocabulary for Reflexive Verbs
3- Familiar/informal commands and formal and irregular form commands
Quiz: Reflexive verbs and commands
Essay: ¿Quéestánhaciendo?

22- The Day of the Dead
Assignment: Mexican Holiday,”The Day of the Dead.”

23- Course Survey
Handout: Course Evalution
Assignment: Course Survey