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High School Sociology Elective Course Outline

High School Sociology Elective Course Outline

0.5 Credit

Sociology is an elective course designed to familiarize students with various cultures and the problems resulting from people living in groups. This course covers such topics as culture, subcultures, social institutions, collective behavior, social change, social deviation, the family, religion, racial and ethnic minorities, poverty, and crime. The latter portion of this course deals specifically with the pressing problems of our society, their causes, and possible solutions.

Introduction to Sociology presents basic concepts and theories covering many areas of contemporary sociology. Topics explored in this class include sociology as science, culture, socialization, social groups, social organization, deviance, crime, class, race and ethnicity, gender, family, social change (with a focus on international development), and population.


1- Welcome to Class

  • Introduction
  • Course Description
  • Understanding Plagiarism
  • MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
  • MLA Documentation updates
  • MLA Citation
  • MLA Incorporating Sources

2- What is Sociology

  • Society and Human Behavior
  • Models & Perspectives
  • Sociological Imagination
  • All that is SocialWorksheet: Intro to Sociology Questions
  • TermsEssay: Outliers Article
  • PeopleAssignment: People of Sociology
  • Sociology Activities
  • Sociology VocabularyQuiz: Sociology

3- Perspectives

  • Theoretical Perspectives – Functionalist
  • Conflict PerspectiveAssignment: Conflict Perspective Activity
  • Interactionist PerspectiveEssay: Perspectives Project
  • Sociology a Science?
  • Common Sense
  • Scientific Method
  • Basic Statistical Concepts
  • Variables
  • Methods of Gathering Data
  • Problems with Science
  • Example: What is Hunger?
  • Worksheet: Review Questions
  • Quiz: Perspectives

4- Culture

  • Vocabulary
  • Introduction
  • Culture & Society
  • Components of CultureWorksheet: American Cultural Items
  • Norms and Values Assignment: Break A Norm
  • Sub-Cultures
  • Example: Amish CultureEssay: Cultural Immersion Project
  • Amish Links
  • Quiz: Culture

5- Socialization

  • Nature vs. Nurture
  • Social Survival
  • Socialization
  • Agents of Socialization
  • Socialization Vocabulary
  • Development of SelfAssignment: The Civilizing of Genie
  • Gender Characteristics
  • Gender RolesEssay: Gender Roles
  • Quiz: Socialization

6- Social Structure

  • Social Structure Vocabulary
  • Status
  • What is Social Structure
  • Role Conflict
  • The Power of RolesAssignment: If It Were My Home
  • Institutions
  • Rosenhan Study
  • Social Structure Activity
  • Quiz: Social Structure

7- Social Organization

  • Definition
  • Primary Groups
  • Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft
  • Formal Organizations
  • Bureaucracy
  • Iron Law of Oligarchy
  • Informal StructureAssignment: Social Organization Questions
  • Communities
  • Study of Society
  • Quiz: Social Organization

8- Adolescents & Adults

  • Characteristics
  • Cultural Conditions
  • Ages 12 to 15Assignment: Adolescents and Adults
  • Quiz: Adolescence

9- Deviance

  • Deviance
  • Types of Crimes
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Deviance Vocabulary
  • Crime Statistics Web Sites
  • Definition of Deviance
  • Mental Health Examples
  • Demonic Possession
  • Functionalism
  • Social Disorganization
  • Interactionist Perspective
  • Labeling Theory
  • White Collar Crime
  • Cost of White Collar Crime
  • Penalties
  • White Collar & JailWorksheet: Deviance Questions
  • Essay: Deviance Project
  • Quiz: Deviance

10- Crime & Deterrence

  • Sources of Crime
  • Types of Crime
  • Who are the Criminals
  • Selecting the Criminal
  • Trends in Crime
  • Structural Components
  • CorrectionsAssignment: Reducing Crime
  • Assignment: US prison population
  • Quiz: Crime and Deterrence

11- Course Survey

  • Handout: Course Survey
  • Assignment: Course Survey
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