To satisfy the Common Core Standards for 6th grade mathematics this course focuses on four critical areas.

First, students will learn to connect the ideas of ratio and rate to multiplication and division. If they can view ratios and rates as originating from and extending pairs of rows or columns the connection with multiplication and division allows students to expand on their skills.

Second, the students will complete their understanding of the division of fractions and of the system of rational numbers, including negative numbers. They will understand the order and absolute value of rational numbers and the location of points on the four quadrants of the coordinate plane.

Third, the students will learn to write and understand expressions and equations. The students will become able to write equations and expressions that describe a given situation. They understand that the solutions of an equation are the variables that make the equation true. The students learn to solve simple one-step equations and can create tables to describe the relationships between values.

Fourth, the students will begin to develop an understanding of statistics. They will understand that data distribution may not have a definite center and that different methods of measurement can provide different values. The students will learn how to use and calculate the mean and median of a group of numbers. They learn how the measurement of variability helps to describe a set of data.

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
4- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
5- MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
6- MLA Documentation updates
7- MLA Citation
8- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Number Sense
1- Problem Solving
Handout: Problem-Solving Worksheet
Handout: Problem-Solving Graphic Organizer
Assignment: Problem-Solving
Assignment: Problem-Solving Graphic Organizer
2- Exponents
Assignment: Exponents
3- Squares & Square Roots
Worksheet: Squares & Square Roots
4- Order of Operations
Handout: Order of Operations KWL Chart
Handout: Order of Operations Worksheet
Assignment: Order of Operations KWL Chart
Assignment: Order of Operations
5- Absolute Value
Handout: Absolute Value Worksheeet
Quiz: Absolute Value
Assignment: Absolute Value
6- Compare & Order Integers
Worksheet: Compare & Order Integers
7- Adding & Subtracting Integers
Worksheet: Adding & Subtracting Integers
8- Multiplying & Dividing Integers
Worksheet: Multiplying & Dividing Integers

3- Decimals
1- Compare & Order Decimals
Worksheet: Compare & Order Decimals
2- Estimation with Decimals
Handout: Estimation with Decimals Worksheet
Assignment: Estimation with Decimals
3- Adding & Subtracting Decimals
Assignment: Adding Decimals
Assignment: Subtracting Decimals
4- Multiplying Decimals
Assignment: Multiplying Decimals
5- Dividing Decimals
Quiz: Dividing Decimals
Handout: Birthday Party Problem
Assignment: Birthday Party Problem

4- Introduction to Fractions
1- Factors
Quiz: Factors
2- Prime Factorization
Handout: Prime Factorization Worksheet
Assignment: Prime Factorization
3- Greatest Common Factor
Worksheet: Greatest Common Factors
4- Fractions
Handout: Fraction Maze
Quiz: Name That Fraction!
Assignment: Fraction Maze
Worksheet: Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions
Quiz: Equivalent Fractions
5- Simplifying Fractions
Worksheet: Simplifying Fractions
6- Convert Fractions to Decimals
Handout: Fractions to Decimals
Assignment: Fractions to Decimals
7- Estimation with Fractions
Handout: Estimation with Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Estimation with Fractions

5- Operations With Fractions
1- Add & Subtract Fractions, Part 1
Handout: Add & Subtract Fractions, Part 1 Worksheet
Assignment: Add & Subtract Fractions, Part 1
2- Least Common Multiple
Worksheet: Least Common Multiple
3- Add & Subtract Fractions, Part 2
Handout: Add & Subtract Fractions, Part 2 Worksheet
Assignment: Add & Subtract Fractions, Part 2
4- Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers
Handout: Adding Mixed Numbers Worksheet
Handout: Subtracting Mixed Numbers Worksheet
Assignment: Adding Mixed Numbers
Assignment: Subtracting Mixed Numbers
5- Multiplying Fractions
Handout: Multiply Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Multiply Fractions
Assignment: A Fraction of a Recipe
6- Dividing Fractions
Handout: Dividing Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Dividing Fractions

6- Algebra
1- Properties
Essay: Properties
Quiz: Properties
2- Expressions
Handout: Expressions Worksheet
Assignment: Expressions
3- Introduction to Equations
Worksheet: Equations
4- Writing Equations
Handout: Writing Equations Worksheet
Assignment: Writing Equations
5- Solving Equations: Addition & Subtraction
Worksheet: Equations With Addition & Subtraction
6- Solving Equations: Multiplication
Handout: Equation Chain Worksheet
Worksheet: Equations With Multiplication
Assignment: Equation Chains
7- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

7- Ratios & Proportions
1- Ratios
Handout: Writing Ratios Worksheet
Worksheet: Simplifying Ratios
Quiz: Equivalent Ratios
Assignment: Writing Ratios
2- Rates
Worksheet: Rates
3- Proportions
Handout: Solving Proportions Worksheet
Worksheet: Proportions
Assignment: Solving Proportions
4- Measurement: The Metric System
Worksheet: Metric System
5- Measurement: Customary Units
Worksheet: Customary Units
6- Measurement: Conversions
Worksheet: Conversions

8- Percents
1- Percent
Handout: Finding Percents Worksheet
Assignment: Finding Percents
Quiz: Percents
2- Fractions, Decimals &Percents
Handout: Exploring Fractions, Decimals, Percents Worksheet
Assignment: Exploring Fractions, Decimals, Percents
Worksheet: Fractions, Decimals, Percents
3- Percent of a Number
Worksheet: Percent of a Number
4- Estimation with Percent
Worksheet: Estimation with Percent
5- Compare & Order Fractions, Decimals &Percents
Handout: Compare & Order FDP Worksheet
Assignment: Compare & Order FDP

9- Geometry
1- Angles
Handout: Angles Worksheet
Quiz: Complimentary, Supplementary or Neither
Assignment: Angles
2- Polygons
Assignment: Polygon Art Project
3- Triangles
Handout: Triangles Graphic Organizer
Assignment: Triangles
Assignment: Triangles Graphic Organizer
4- Quadrilaterals
Handout: Quadrilaterals Graphic Organizer
Assignment: Quadrilaterals Graphic Organizer
Worksheet: Quadrilaterals
5- Circles
Assignment: Parts of a Circle
Worksheet: Diameter and Radius Worksheet
6- Perimeter
Handout: Perimeter Worksheet
Assignment: Perimeter
7- Coordinate Geometry
Handout: Art in the Coordinate Plane
Handout: Coordinate Plane Worksheet
Assignment: Art in the Coordinate Plane
Assignment: Coordinate Plane

10- Area & Volume
1- Area: Parallelograms
Handout: Area of Parallelograms Worksheet
Assignment: Area of Parallelograms
2- Area: Triangles & Trapezoids
Handout: Area of Triangles & Trapezoids Worksheet
Assignment: Area of Triangles & Trapezoids
3- Three-Dimensional Solids
Handout: 3D Solids Worksheet
Assignment: 3D Solids
4- Nets & Surface Area
Worksheet: Surface Area of Cubes
Worksheet: Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms
5- Volume: Prisms
Handout: Volume of Prisms Worksheet
Assignment: Volume of Prisms
6- Volume: Pyramids
Handout: Volume of Pyramids Worksheet
Assignment: Volume of Pyramids

11- Statistics
1- Measures of Central Tendency
Handout: Measures of Central Tendency Worksheet
Assignment: Measures of Central Tendency
2- Line Plots
Assignment: Line Plots
3- Stem and Leaf Plots
Assignment: Stem & Leaf Plots
4- Bar Graphs
Assignment: Bar Graphs
5- Circle Graphs
Assignment: Circle Graphs
6- Using Graphs to Predict
Assignment: Using Graphs to Predict
7- Using Data to Predict
Assignment: Using Data to Predict
8- Using Sampling to Predict
Assignment: Using Sampling to Predict
9- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Handout: Statistics Project Rubric
Handout: Statistics Project Outline
Assignment: Statistics Project

12- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey