This course follows the Common Core Standards for 6th grade English.

The course has goals for the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language in an effort to make students able to read and write confidently in all subject areas. In the area of reading students will learn to see how text supports their analysis and how a story’s plot can proceed in small steps carried by the response of characters.

They will learn how the meaning of words can change based off of how they are used and to analyze how specific sentences add to the development of the theme or plot. The students will be able to describe how the experience of reading a text differs from that of listening to the text or watching a live performance based on the text. Throughout the course students will develop proficiency in writing argumentative, informative, and narrative texts. They will learn to clearly show and develop their topic or theme with proper language and grammar. Students will also learn more about the editing and revising process for their essays. The students will learn how to conduct research in order to answer a question, gathering information from various but accurate sources. They will be able to support their writing using evidence found in other texts. To develop their speaking and listening skills students will practice presenting their own claims by giving their ideas in a logical order. They will also learn to use various multimedia components in their presentations and to give their presentations using strong speaking skills such as appropriate eye contact and clear pronunciation. The students will learn how to collaborate with others on grade level appropriate content by coming to discussions prepared and following rules for friendly discussions.

In all aspects of their writing and speaking students will show an appropriate command of the English language, particularly in terms of pronoun usage. Students will focus on using appropriate punctuation and spelling throughout their writing.


1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Assessments
4- Focus and Materials
5- Vocabulary
Handout: Vocabulary 18 Lesson Overview
6- Resources
Handout: Book Report (Biography)
Handout: Book Report (Nonfiction)
Handout: Book Report (Fiction)
Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Word Web
Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Graphic Organizer
Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Storyboard
Handout: Story Map (Turtle)
Handout: What Good Readers Do Overview
Handout: The Writing Process
7- Plagiarism Discussion
8- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
9- MLA Formatting
10- MLA Citation
11- MLA Incorporating Sources
12- MLA Citation Updates

2- Grammar, Note Taking, Elements of Fiction
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 1
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 1
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 1
2- Grammar Introduction
3- Note Taking
Handout: Amelia Earhart Notes
Handout: Amelia Earhart Text
Assignment: Amelia Earhart Notes
4- KWL Chart
Handout: KWL Chart
Handout: Bats Text
Assignment: KWL Bats
5- Plot Elements
Handout: The Fun They Had
Handout: Plot Elements
Assignment: “The Fun They Had” Plot Elements
6- Characters
Handout: The Traveling Companion
Handout: Character Chart
Assignment: Character Chart – Major, Minor and Traits
7- Theme
Handout: The Last Dream of the Old Oak
Worksheet: Discovering Setting
Assignment: Old Oak Questions
8- Fiction Review
Assignment: Little Red Riding Hood Elements

3- New Words and Verbs
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 2

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 2
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 2
2- Context Clues
Handout: Context Clues Power Point
Quiz: Context Clues
3- Affixes
4- Types of Verbs
Handout: Verb Practice Sheet
Assignment: Alien Word Mine
Assignment: Verb Practice Sheet
5- Object Complements, Direct & Indirect Objects
Handout: Verbs Complement Practice
Assignment: Verbs Complement Practice
6- Subject Complements
Worksheet: Linking Verbs Practice Sheet
7- Verb Tenses
Quiz: Principal Parts of Verbs
8- Irregular Verbs
Quiz: Irregular Verbs
9- Past, Present, and Future
Worksheet: Verb Tenses
Assignment: Future Tenses
10- Perfect Tenses
Assignment: Past Tense Paragraph
11- Common Problematic Verbs

4- Poetry Introduction
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 3
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 3
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 3
2- Poetry and Voice
Assignment: Poetry Quote
Assignment: Apology Poem
3- Poetic Elements
4- Stanza
Assignment: Rhyming Couplet Poem
5- Rhyme
6- Repetition
Assignment: Lord Randall
7- Ballad
Assignment: Ballad
8- Rhythm
Assignment: Limerick
9- How to Analyze Poetry
10- TPCAST Practice
Assignment: Poetry Journal
Assignment: Shel Silverstein Poetry Blog

5- Types of Poetry & Adjectives
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 4
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 4
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 4
2- The Haiku
Assignment: Haiku Analysis
3- Composing a Haiku
Assignment: Haiku Book
4- Visual Poetry
5- Visual Poetry Continued
Assignment: Visual Poetry
6- Narrative Poetry
Assignment: Narrative Poem Brainstorm Questions
7- Narrative Poetry Continued
Assignment: Narrative Poem – Final
8- Adjectives, Part 1
9- Adjectives, Part 2
Assignment: Poetry Adjectives
Essay: Experience

6- Inferences, Sentences, A Wrinkle in Time
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 5
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 5
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 5
2- Inferences & Purpose
Quiz: Author’s Purpose
3- What is a Sentence?
Handout: Complete Subjects and Predicates
Assignment: Complete Subjects and Predicates
4- Types of Sentences
Quiz: Types of Sentences
5- Simple Subjects
6- Simple Predicates
7- Compound Sentence Parts
Worksheet: Compound Subjects and Verbs
8- A Wrinkle In Time
Handout: A Wrinkle In Time Questions Part 1
Handout: A Wrinkle In Time Questions Part 2
Handout: A Wrinkle In Time Vocabulary Part 1
Handout: A Wrinkle In Time Vocabulary Part 2
Assignment: A Wrinkle In Time Vocabulary Part 1
Assignment: A Wrinkle In Time Vocabulary Part 2
Assignment: A Wrinkle In Time Questions Part 1
Assignment: A Wrinkle in Time Questions Part 2
9- A Wrinkle In Time Project
Assignment: A Wrinkle In Time Final Project

7- Spelling, Grammar, Point of View
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 6
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 6
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 6
2- Spelling Correctly
3- Subject Complements
4- Direct and Indirect Objects
Handout: Objects Assessment
Assignment: Objects Assessment
5- Point of View Part 1
Handout: Original Cinderella
Essay: Cinderella Point of View
6- Point of View Part 2
Handout: Aladdin
Assignment: Aladdin Point of View
7- Point of View Part 3
Essay: A Tell-Tale Heart

8- Literary Devices, The Secret Garden, Figurative Language
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 7
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 7
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 7
2- Literary Devices
Handout: If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now
Assignment: Setting
Essay: If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now
Worksheet: Literary Devices
3- The Secret Garden
Handout: The Secret Garden Questions Part 1
Handout: The Secret Garden Questions Part 2
4- England & India
Assignment: England & India
5- Predictions
Essay: Diary of the Key
6- Comparing Characters
Assignment: Comparing Mary & Dickon
7- Figurative Language
Worksheet: Descriptive Language
8- Imagery
Handout: Imagery Chart
Assignment: Imagery Activity

9- Story Elements and the Secret Garden Cont.
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 8
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 8
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 8
2- Plot
Assignment: The Secret Garden Questions Part 1
Worksheet: Chapters 1-10
3- Figurative Language Review
4- Symbolism
Assignment: The Secret Garden Symbols
5- More Figurative Language
Handout: Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole, and Repetition
Handout: Personification, Alliteration, Simile, and Metaphor
Worksheet: More Figuratie Language Activity
6- Theme
Assignment: Magic and Theme
7- Secrets
Assignment: Secret Acrostic Poem
8- Finishing The Secret Garden
Assignment: The Secret Garden Questions Part 2
9- The Secret Garden Film
Assignment: The Secret Garden Film

10- Compare and Contrast
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 9
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 9
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 9
2- Compare and Contrast
Handout: Compare Contrast Organizer
Assignment: Compare Contrast Organizer
3- Venn Diagrams
Handout: Venn Diagram
Assignment: Venn Diagram
4- Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay
Essay: Compare and Contrast Essay Draft
5- Revising and Editing
6- Peer Evaluation
Assignment: Peer Editing
Assignment: Comparison Essay Final
7- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

11- Independent Novel – Responding to Literature
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 10
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 10
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 10
2- Fragments and Run-ons
Worksheet: Fragments and Run-Ons
3- Choosing an Independent Reading
Essay: Novel Choice
4- Individualized Reading Schedule
Handout: Individualized Reading Schedule
5- Genres
Assignment: Genre
6- Plot Revisited
7- Making Meaning Can Be A Challenge
8- Making Inferences about Mood
9- Making Inferences about Character
Essay: Infereces about Character
10- Making Inferences about Tone
Essay: Making Inferences about Your Novel
11- Responding to Literature
Assignment: Novel Summaries
12- Quotations
Worksheet: Quotations

12- Nouns and Drama
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 11
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 11
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 11
2- Defining a Noun
3- Singular and Plural Nouns
Quiz: Nouns
4- Possessive Nouns
5- Drama
6- Read a Scene
Essay: Plays vs. Novels
7- Character Motivations
Handout: Play Template and Rubric
8- Dialogue in Drama
9- Examining your Conflict and Final Draft
Assignment: One-Act Play

13- Pronouns, Short Story, Biography
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 12
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 12
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 12
2- Defining a Pronoun
3- Subject and Predicate Pronouns
Handout: Subject, Predicate, and Object Pronouns
Assignment: Subject, Predicate, and Object Pronouns
Essay: Pronouns in Writing
4- Possessive, Reflexive, and Intensive Pronouns
Worksheet: Possessive, Reflexive, and Intensive Pronouns
5- Interrogative and Demonstrative Pronouns
Quiz: Interrogative and Deomonstrative Pronouns
6- Pronoun Agreement
7- Indefinite Pronoun Agreement
Handout: Indefinite Pronoun Agreement
Assignment: Indefinite Pronoun Agreement
8- The Detective Who Wouldn’t Die: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Quiz: The Detective Who Wouldn’t Die
9- Short Stories
Handout: How to Read A Short Story
Assignment: Sherlock Holmes Blog
10- Writing a Biography
Essay: Writing a Biography
11- Making Mental Images While Reading

14- Writing a Research Paper
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 13
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 13
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 13
2- Reading Informative Texts: Newspapers
3- Reading Informative Texts: Books
Assignment: Informational Books
4- Using Informational Texts
5- The Research Process: SQ3R
Handout: Developing Your Research Topic
6- The Research Process Continued
7- Note Taking for Research
8- The Research Process: Making an Outline
9- The Research Process: Organizing Information
Handout: Organizing Your Research Topic
10- The Research Process: Writing the Rough Draft
Essay: Research Paper First Draft
11- The Research Process: Crediting Sources
12- The Research Process: The Bibliography
13- The Research Process: Revise and Edit
Assignment: Research Paper Second Draft
14- The Research Process: Creating the Final Copy
Assignment: Research Paper Final

15- The Wonderful World of Oz, Adjectives and Adverbs
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 14
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 14
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 14
2- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; Adjectives
Handout: The Wonderful Oz Study Questions
3- Adjectives Continued
4- Predicate Adjective
Worksheet: Predicative Adjective
5- Adjectives as Pronouns
Essay: Memorable Journey
6- Nouns as Adjectives
7- Adverbs
8- Comparative and Superlative
Worksheet: Comparative and Superlative
9- Adverb Special Cases
Assignment: The Emerald City
Worksheet: The Wonderful World of Oz Chapters 1-10
10- Adjective or Adverb?
11- Double Negatives
12- Adverbs in Writing
Assignment: New Friends
Quiz: Adverb Assessment

16- The Wonderful World of Oz Cont. and Punctuation
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 15
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 15
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 15
2- Punctuation
3- Question Mark and Explanation Point
4- Studying the Comma
5- Studying the Comma Part 2
Handout: Comma Assessment
Assignment: Comma Assessment
6- Quotation Marks
7- Semicolons
Essay: Proverbs
8- Colons
Handout: Colon and Semicolon
Assignment: Colon and Semicolon
9- The Hyphen and the Dash
10- Parentheses
Assignment: Rainbow Acrostic Poem
Worksheet: Punctuation Assessment
11- Comparing the Film to the Text
Assignment: Comic Strip
Assignment: The Wonderful World of Oz Study Questions

17- The Narrative Essay and Speaking and Listening
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 16
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 16
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 16
2- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; Writing Assignment
Essay: Wizard of Oz Compare and Contrast
3- The Narrative Essay
4- The Narrative Essay Part 2
5- The Narrative Essay: Revise and Edit
Essay: Narrative Essay
6- Speaking and Listening
Assignment: Listening Skills on Television
7- Speaking and Listening Continued
Quiz: Effective Listener
8- Speaking and Listening: Interviewing
9- Oral Presentation
Assignment: Getting to Know __________

18- Giving a Speech
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 17
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 17
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 17
2- Informative Speech
3- The Demonstrative and Persuasive Speech
4- The Introduction
5- The Body
6- The Conclusion
7- Revision, Editing, and Practice
8- The Visual Aid
Assignment: Visual Aid
Assignment: Final Oral Presentation

19- Roots, Similarities and Differences, Persuasion
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 18
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 18
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 18
2- Latin Roots
3- Similarities and Differences Between Articles
4- Introduction to Persuasion
5- Persuasion
Essay: Evaluating Persuasion
6- Argument Analysis
Essay: Persuasive Writing
7- Ideas and Evaluation in Spoken Messages
Assignment: Persuasive Speaking
8- Generating Criteria
9- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

20- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation