Everything you need for a year of homeschooling instruction in the following subjects: Language Arts (vocabulary, grammar, writing, spelling, story elements, and figurative language), Science, Social Studies (geography, history, government, and culture).

Social Studies

Language Arts

Hard-copy curriculum



Learn More About 6th Grade
Able to read and comprehend novels

Able to write multiple paragraphs on a topic

Familiar with the five paragraph essay

Usually used by children in the fifth or sixth grade

Concept 1 – Environment and Cycles
Unit 1 – The Wanderer [LA]

Unit 2 – Geography and Landforms [SS]

Unit 3 – Our Changing Earth [S]

Concept 2 – Force and Power
Unit 1 – Slavery and the Civil War [SS]

Unit 1 – Bull Run [LA]

Unit 3 – Number the Stars [LA]

Unit 3 – World Wars I and II [SS]

Concept 3 – Change
Unit 1 – Matter [S]

Unit 3 – The Giver [LA]