This course follows Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for 7th grade social studies.This course focuses on the government of the United States, including federal, state, and local governments.

The students will learn about the rights, duties, and liberties that come along with citizenship. They will learn about the documents and values that the American government is founded on. The students will learn about the federal government, including the three branches and their purposes.

Next the students will learn about state and local governments and how they shape laws. The students will learn about elections, political parties, and the history of voting rights. American’s foreign policy will be explained, along with how the United States takes on global issues.

Finally, the students will learn about economics, the three main types of economics, and supply and demand.

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Understanding Plagiarism
4- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
5- MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
6- MLA Documentation updates
7- MLA Citation
8- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Geography
1- 5 Themes of Geography
Essay: Themes of Geography
2- Vocabulary
3- Maps
4- Cartography
Handout: Cartography Presentation
Quiz: Cartography
5- Types of Maps
6- Earth’s Hemispheres
7- Continents
Handout: World Map
Assignment: World Map
8- Physical Features

3- Citizenship: Duties, Rights, and Liberties
1- Civics Introduction
Worksheet: What is Civics?
2- Gaining Citizenship
Handout: Naturalization
Assignment: Naturalization
3- Melting Pot
Worksheet: Citizenship
4- Duties and Responsibilities of Citizenship
Assignment: Positive Story
Worksheet: Duties and Responsibilities of Citizenship

4- Foundations of American Government
1- Chapter Intro
2- The Purpose of Government
Worksheet: Purpose of Government
3- Values and Rules
Essay: Social Groups
4- The Roots of American Democracy
Worksheet: America’s Political History
5- The Articles of Confederation
6- The Constitutional Convention
Essay: Important Men in US History
7- The Constitution
Worksheet: The Constitution
8- The Preamble
9- Bill of Rights
Worksheet: Bill of Rights

5- United States and its Federal Government
1- Executive Branch
2- Executive Cabinet and Agencies
Worksheet: Executive Branch
3- Vice President
4- The Federal Budget
5- Lesislative Branch
Handout: Congressional Leadership
Assignment: Congressional Leadership
6- Powers of Congress
7- Congress Meetings
Worksheet: Legislative Branch
8- Judicial Branch
Assignment: Supreme Court Virtual Tour
9- Authority of Judicial Branch
Assignment: Judicial Branch
Essay: Supreme Court Decision

6- Midterm
1- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Quiz: Midterm Exam

7- State and Local Government
1- State Governments
Handout: State Constitutions
Assignment: State Constitutions
Worksheet: State Governments
2- State’s Executive Branch
3- State’s Legislative Branch
Essay: State Legislator
4- State Judicial System
Worksheet: State Judicial System
5- Correctional Facilities
Handout: Juvenile Crime
Assignment: Juvenile Crime
Worksheet: Correctional Facilities
6- Local Government
Handout: Local Government
Assignment: Local Government
Worksheet: Local Government
7- Community
Essay: Community Programs Report

8- Elections, Parties, and Pressure Groups
1- Political Parties
Worksheet: Political Parties
2- Public Polls
Assignment: Public Opinion Poll
3- Voting History
4- Voting Rights for Minorities
5- Voting Rights for Women
6- The Right to Vote
Handout: The Right to Vote
Assignment: The Right to Vote
Worksheet: Voting

9- The United States and the World
1- American Foreign Policy
Assignment: Early Foreign Policy
2- Taking on Global Issues
Handout: World Trade Organization
Essay: Vocabulary Essay
Assignment: World Trade Organization
Essay: Global Issues Essay

10- Economics
1- What is Economics?
2- What Do We Have to Work With?
3- Three Main Types of Economies
4- Supply & Demand in a Market Economy
Handout: Supply and Demand Web Lesson
Assignment: Supply & Demand Web Lesson
Assignment: Economics Project

11- Final Exam
1- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Quiz: Final Exam

12- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation