This course is aligned with the Common Core Standards for 7th grade English.

The course has goals for the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language in an effort to make students able to read and write confidently in all subject areas. In the area of reading students will further develop their abilities to determine a text’s main ideas and to analyze them based off of textual evidence. They will learn to analyze how an author organizes their text and the purpose of the chosen point of view. The students will develop the skills to compare and contrast the written and multimedia versions of a text, and how different writers approach the same topic. In terms of writing, the students will continue to develop their skills in writing argumentative, informative, narrative, and research texts. They will be able to produce clear writing that has appropriate organization and style for the topic at hand. The students will learn to use technology to produce and publish their writing and to link and cite sources.

The students will continue to develop their research skills by drawing evidence from different texts that support their own writing. To develop their speaking and listening skills students will learn to ask good questions that lead to group discussion and to modify their own views in accordance with new information and ideas expressed by those around them.

The students will also practice speaking in front of a group while using relevant descriptions, facts, and details to support an opinion. Throughout their writing and speaking students will continue to show their command of the English language, particularly in the uses of phrases and clauses and varied types of sentences. While writing students will continue to practice conventions, specifically the use of commas to separate coordinate adjectives.


1- Introduction
1- Welcome
2- Course Description
3- Plagiarism
4- Plagiarism Discussion
5- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
6- MLA Formatting
7- MLA Citation
8- MLA Incorporating Sources
9- MLA Citation Updates
10- Course Novels

2- Context Clues, Grammar, Archetypes, The Hobbit, Writing Styles
1- Vocabulary
Quiz: Chapter 1 Vocabulary
2- Guessing the Meaning of New Words
Quiz: Guess the Meaning of the Word
3- Grammar
Handout: Chapter 1 Grammar Presentation
Worksheet: Subject & Verb
Quiz: Simple Sentences
Worksheet: Writing Simple Sentences
Quiz: Subject-Verb Agreement
Worksheet: Fragments
Essay: Fragments
Worksheet: Writing Compound Sentences
Essay: Combining Sentences
Quiz: Compound, Complex or Simple
4- The Hero’s Journey Archetypal Pattern
Handout: Heroic Archetypes
5- The Hobbit
Handout: Reading Plan
Handout: Hobbit Questions Part I
Handout: Hobbit Questions Part II
Assignment: Hobbit Map
Assignment: Hobbit Questions Part 1
Assignment: Hobbit Questions Part II
Assignment: Hobbit Projects
6- Writing Styles: Levels of Language

3- Nouns, Of Mice and Men, Theme, Writing Process
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 2 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 2 Vocabulary
2- Nouns
Handout: Common or Proper Nouns
Handout: Spot the Nouns
Assignment: Common or Proper Nouns
Assignment: Spot the Nouns
3- Plural Nouns
Worksheet: Plural Nouns
4- Possessive Nouns
Worksheet: Possessive Nouns
5- Of Mice and Men
Handout: Migrant Workers Article
Handout: Of Mice and Men Reading Questions
Assignment: Migrant Workers Timeline
Assignment: Of Mice and Men Reading Questions
Essay: Book Review
6- Themes and Morals
7- Themes in “Of Mice and Men”
Handout: Themes Organizer
Assignment: Of Mice & Men Theme Organizer
Essay: Of Mice and Men Theme Essay
8- Writing Process
Assignment: Favorite Place Brainstorming
Essay: Favorite Place Rough Draft
Essay: Favorite Place Final Draft

4- Word Parts, Verbs, The Time Machine
1- Vocabulary
Worksheet: Chapter 3 Vocabulary
2- Using Word Parts to Define New Words
Quiz: Using Word Parts to Understand Words
3- Word Parts
Assignment: Word Parts
4- Action Verbs
Handout: Verbs: Action or Linking?
Assignment: Verbs: Action or Linking?
Worksheet: Using Action Verbs
Worksheet: Helping Verbs
5- Verb Tenses
6- Forming Past Tense
Handout: Time of an Action
Assignment: Time of an Action
Worksheet: Time of an Action Part 2
Worksheet: Past Tense
7- Point of View
8- Characterization
Essay: Characterization
9- The Time Machine
Handout: The Time Machine Chapter Questions
Assignment: The Time Machine Study Questions
Assignment: The Time Machine Comparison Project

5- Adjectives, Pronouns, Adverbs, Short Stories, Tone and Mood
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 4 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 4 Vocabulary
2- Pronouns
Worksheet: Pronouns
3- Adjectives
Handout: Chapter 4 Grammar Presentation
Handout: Comparing Adjectives
Worksheet: Using Adjectives
Quiz: Adjective Comparisons
Assignment: Comparing Adjectives
4- Adverbs
Handout: Comparative & Superlative
Handout: Comparing Adverbs
Worksheet: Adverbs
Quiz: Adverb or Adjective?
Assignment: Comparative & Superlative
Assignment: Comparing Adverbs
5- Tone and Mood
6- Short Stories
7- Short Stories (Continued)
Handout: All Summer In A Day
Handout: Rikki
Handout: Seventh Grade
Handout: The Ransom of Red Chief
Handout: Short Story Blog Organizer
Assignment: Short Story Blog Organizers (3 Choices)
Assignment: Short Story Blog Organizers (4 Required)
Assignment: Short Story Blog
8- Writing Short Stories – Setting and Characters
Assignment: Short Story Setting
Essay: Short Story – Draft
Essay: Short Story – Final

6- Figurative Language, Imagery, Grammar, Poetry
1- Vocabulary
Quiz: Chapter 5 Vocabulary
2- Parts of the Whole
Quiz: Parts of the Whole (Chapter 5)
3- Prepositions
Handout: Preopositional Phrases
Handout: One Too Many
Assignment: Prepositional Phrases
Worksheet: Using Prepositional Phrases
Assignment: One Too Many
4- Conjunctions and Interjections
Handout: Chapter 5 Grammar Presentation
Handout: Eight Parts of Speech
Worksheet: Writing Conjunctions
Worksheet: And, Or, But
Worksheet: Using Interjections
5- History of Poetry
6- A Poem about Poems
Assignment: Poetry About Poems
7- Poetic Devices
8- The Sound of Poetry
9- Figurative Language
10- Figurative Language Continued
Assignment: Kid’s Poetry Page
11- Metaphor and Simile
12- Poetry Analysis
Handout: Poetry Reading Strategies
Handout: Fire & Ice
Handout: TPCAST Blank
Assignment: Poetry Project Slideshow
Assignment: Poetry Project TPCAST Organizers
13- Poetry Part II
Handout: Poem Comparison Chart
Essay: Poetry Comparison Essay
Assignment: Write Your Own Poems

7- Parallel Words, Sentence Variety, Nonfiction Reading/Writing
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 6 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 6 Vocabulary
2- Make Parts Parallel
Handout: Write Better Sentences
Assignment: Write Better Sentences
3- Avoid Wrong Position of Words
Worksheet: Avoid “Danglers”
Essay: Television
4- Use A Variety of Patterns
Assignment: Variety In Sentences
5- Re-Write Run-On Sentences
Worksheet: Put an End to Run-Ons
Worksheet: Write Better Sentences, Part 2
6- Non-Fiction Structure
7- Non-Fiction Book
Handout: Sample Book Review
Essay: Non-Fiction Book Review – Draft
Essay: Non-Fiction Book Review – Final
8- Types of Writing
9- Citing Your Sources
10- Travel Diary Project
Handout: Travel Diary Sources
Assignment: Travel Diary Topic (step 1)
Assignment: Travel Diary Sources (step 2)
Assignment: Travel Diary Project (final step)
11- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

8- Punctuation, Drama, Play Writing
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 7 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 7 Vocabulary
2- Using Word Parts
Essay: Word Parts
3- Punctuation Marks
Quiz: Ending Punctuation
Worksheet: Correct Punctuation Marks – Questions and Answers
4- Punctuation Marks Inside a Sentence
5- Using the Comma
Worksheet: Make Sense With Commas
6- Using the Semicolon
Worksheet: Inside Punctuation
Worksheet: Commas & Semicolons
Essay: Punctuate Correctly
7- Drama -The Play of the Diary of Anne Frank
Handout: The Play of The Diary of Anne Frank Questions
Handout: The Diary Of Anne Frank Essay Outline
Assignment: The Play of The Diary of Anne Frank Questions
Assignment: The Play of the Diary of Anne Frank Essay Outline
Essay: The Play of the Diary of Anne Frank Character Analysis Essay
8- Writing Your Own Play Script
Handout: How to Write a Playscript
Handout: Writing a Playscript Part 2
Assignment: Play Script

9- Capitalization, Spelling, Persuasive Writing
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 8 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 8 Vocabulary
2- Word Parts
Assignment: Word Parts
3- Capitalization
4- Spelling
Handout: 100 Basic Words
Assignment: 100 Basic Words
5- Spelling Rules
Worksheet: Using Rules I & II
6- How to Spell With No Mistakes
Handout: Spelling Exercises
Assignment: Spelling Exercises
7- Fact or Opinion?
Handout: Fact or Opinion
Assignment: Fact or Opinion
8- Writing to Persuade
9- Writing: Brainstorm Your Topic
Assignment: Persuasive Essay Topic
10- Reliability of Websites
Handout: Persuasive Essay Source Organizer
Assignment: Persuasive Essay Sources Organizer
11- Counterarguments
Handout: Counterarguments
Assignment: Counterarguments
12- Persuasive Essay Format
Handout: Persuasive Essay Planning Guide
Assignment: Persuasive Essay Planning Guide
13- Quoting or Paraphrasing
14- Writing Your Essay: Drafting, Revising and Editing
Assignment: Persuasive Essay

10- Synonyms, Antonyms, Bridge to Terabithia, Compare and Contrast
1- Vocabulary
Quiz: Chapter 9 Vocabulary
2- Word Parts
Assignment: Word Parts
3- Synonyms
4- Antonyms
Assignment: Synonyms and Antonyms
5- Words From People, Places & Things
Quiz: Person, Place or Thing?
6- Bridge to Terabithia
Handout: Bridge to Terabithia Questions Part 1
Handout: Bridge to Terabithia Questions Part 2
Assignment: Bridge to Terabithia Questions Part 1
Assignment: Bridge to Terabithia Questions Part 2
7- Compare and Contrast
8- Compare and Contrast the Novel and Film
Handout: Bridge to Terabithia Compare and Contrast
Essay: Bridge to Terabithia Compare/Contrast

11- Informative Writing, Making Decisions, Independent Novel
1- Vocabulary
Worksheet: Chapter 10 Vocabulary
2- Word Parts
Assignment: Crossword Puzzle
3- Informative Writing
4- Making Decisions
Essay: Making Decisions
5- A Life That Makes A Difference
Essay: A Life that Makes a Difference
6- Choose a Novel
Handout: Character Sketch
Assignment: Novel Summary
Assignment: Character Sketch

12- Narratives, Dialogue, Setting
1- Vocabulary
Quiz: Chapter 11 Vocabulary
2- Word Parts
Assignment: Word Parts Crossword Puzzle
3- Writing Dialogue
Handout: Dialogue
Handout: Practicing Dialogue
Assignment: Practicing Dialogue
4- Narrative Writing
5- Setting: It Was a Dark & Stormy Night
Essay: Narrative
6- Making Mistakes
Essay: Making Mistakes
7- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

13- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation