Only 5 more years!

We’re sure the days are being counted down!

The standard package for our 7th graders this year will include:

-Although, grade level MATH program consisting of a full-color textbook and a complete solutions manual for middle level mathematics, A solutions manual with all the answers already worked out for you and your student is provided! (Thank you-Thank you!) This course includes all the topics to be found in NCTM’s suggested curriculum. Reviews and summaries of previously learned topics are presented throughout the course. New concepts are mastered prior to advancing to the next concept. Math’s going to be a breeze this year!

SCIENCE is becoming very interesting at this level. Your student will be using a colorful hardcover brand new, 2008 copyright textbook covering the integrated sciences including – Life & Health, Earth & Space, and the Physical sciences; machines, motion, energy, chemicals etc. A full year of activity based science to encourage the inquiry process in your future scientist! (or your future Doctor, Lawyer, Vet, Movie star, Professional athlete, or… whatever)

Hands on labs and assessment activities are contained within the text for a thorough 7th grade science at-home! We’ll be including a full answer key as well.

WORLD HISTORY is at the forefront this year. World History isn’t any fun if it’s not studied using pictures, maps, and activities. That’s why we use the finest modular, mid-level, social studies program we could find. This two book, hard cover, full-color series is, well, simply incredible. Our students really, really, like this series. This year all the Ancient World will be studied; from the beginnings of mankind through to the middle ages. The second text picks up where the first one ends and takes students from the Middle Ages to Modern Day. An awesome course! An Answer Key comes with each text.

-An ENGLISH GRAMMAR course in a 2-color worktext format is included as part of the Language Arts Course selection which covers all forms of Grammar, Usage and Application. WRITING/COMPOSITION is included as part of the student work text. A Teacher’s Guide with all the answers as well as an assessment boook for the student is in this package also.

VOCABULARY replaces spelling this year. This course uses a write-in workbook format that covers much more than just vocabulary. This course incorporates reading skills, word usage and meaning, context, spelling, and analogies. An answer key is given to the teacher/parents.

-No! We didn’t forget READING/LITERATURE. That’s here too! An assessment Reading program for Mom and Dad. Selections of classic short stories from well known authors with activity and assessment features in a workbook with an Answer Key.

Also! A theme based reading program with non-fiction, real life events and stories taken from famous headlines makes for a another nice reading assessment program. This is also in a soft cover format allowing the teacher and student to evaluate comprehension, main ideas, details, inferences, etc. with an Answer Key as well.

-OH YES! Our Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A FREE CD-ROM, a Study Guide/Supplement, Folding File System, A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide…

Only one more middle level grade to go!

TEENAGERS?! At least their education won’t be any problem!

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