This class follows Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for 2nd grade social studies. It uses the ideas of neighborhoods to introduce and expand upon many different subjects. The class begins by describing what a neighborhood is and how maps and globes are used to describe an area. Next, the way neighborhoods change is used to explain inventions, and how people move via immigration. This leads to a discussion about the first Americans, American Indians, including their homes, food, and culture. The students then learn about the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. The class then focuses on the people within a neighborhood and how they work together and live. The students will learn about needs and wants and how different goods and services are provided. Next the students learn about why people work and different types of jobs. The students will learn about money, how to manage it and how to save it. They will also learn about how money is produced and about taxes.

1- Course Introduction
1- Welcome
2- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest

2- Neighborhoods are for Living
1- What are Neighborhoods?
2- Where are Neighborhoods?
3- What is a Globe?
Handout: Globe and Compass
Assignment: Globe and Compass
4- What is a Map?
5- Maps of your Neighborhood
Assignment: Map Your Neighborhood
Worksheet: Neighborhoods Are for Living

3- Neighborhoods Change
1- Neighborhoods Change
2- Inventions
3- People Move
Quiz: Neighborhoods Change
4- Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty
5- Immigration
Worksheet: Immigration
6- Cultural Differences
Assignment: Favorite Food

4- The First Americans
1- The First Americans
2- American Indian Homes
Assignment: American Indian Homes
3- American Indian Food
4- American Indian Culture
5- American Indian Review
Quiz: The First Americans

5- Neighborhoods of Early America
1- Neighborhoods of Early America
2- Why Did The Pilgrims Travel to America?
3- Pilgrims First Winter and Thanksgiving
4- Jamestown
5- Pochahontas
Worksheet: Neighborhoods of Early America

6- People Give Us Goods & Services
1- Needs and Wants
Essay: Needs and Wants
2- Community Workers: Goods and Services
3- Moving Goods
Worksheet: People Give Us Goods & Services

7- Why People Work
1- Why People Work
Handout: When I Grow Up
Assignment: When I Grow Up
2- Carmen Lomas Garza
3- Jobs at Home
4- Paid, Volunteer, or Slavery?
5- Harriet Tubman
Quiz: Why People Work
6- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

8- Where Does the Money Go?
1- Where Does the Money Go?
2- Budgeting
3- Saving and Spending
4- Taxes
Quiz: Where Does the Money Go?
5- How is Money Made?
Handout: Making Money
Assignment: Making Money

9- Rules & Laws for Everyone
1- Rules
Essay: Rules
2- Laws
3- Life Without Rules and Laws
Quiz: Rules and Laws for Everyone

10- Leaders & Laws
1- Who is a Leader?
Quiz: Who is a Leader?
2- Community Leaders
Essay: Leaders & Laws
3- Slavery

11- Citizens of a Country
1- Why Do People Form Governments?
2- Constitution
3- Primary and Secondary Sources
Quiz: Primary or Secondary Source?
4- U.S. Citizenship
5- A Responsible Citizen
6- Symbols of America
Assignment: Family Symbols
Worksheet: Citizens of the U.S.

12- People Solve Problems Together
1- Community problems
Assignment: Problems in Your Community
2- World Problems
Quiz: People Solve Problems Together
3- A Problem Solver: George Washington Carver
Essay: George Washington Carver

13- Neighbors Celebrate Together
1- Parades, Celebrations and Holidays
2- Timeline
3- Holidays Around the World
Handout: Your Favorite Holiday
Quiz: Neighbors Celebrate Together
Assignment: Your Favorite Holiday
4- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

14- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation