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Grade-2 Science Course Outline

Grade-2 Science Course Outline

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This class is aligned to Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for 2nd grade science. While it covers many of the same topics covered in the previous science classes, it expands on these ideas, adding a greater depth of knowledge. Students will learn the basics of force, will explore gravity, and will learn about magnets. They will review the states of matter, while adding an explanation of how a substance changes from one state to another. The students will learn new things about plant an animals, including how they move, how they get food, and what keeps them safe from harm. Students will review the function of key organs in the human body, such as the brain, heart, muscles, and digestive system. In addition, students will learn about how to keep their body healthy through proper food, exercise, and avoiding germs when possible. Students will review the function and motion of the Earth, Moon, and stars. They will also learn about slow and fast land changes and fossils. Finally, the students will learn about weather, including the water cycle, the four seasons, and the types of severe weather they may experience.

1- Course Introduction

  • Welcome
  • Assessments
  • Pretest
  • Assignment: Pretest

2- Force and Motion

  • Introduction
  • What are pushes and pulls?
  • Handout: Push and Pull Drawing
  • Assignment: Push and Pull Drawings
  • What is gravity?
  • What is a magnet?
  • Handout: Magnet Lab
  • Assignment: Magnet Lab
  • Quiz: Force and Motion

3- Properties and Changing Matter

  • Introduction
  • What are the states of matter?
  • Worksheet: States of Matter
  • How does matter change states?
  • Handout: States of Matter Lab
  • Assignment: States of Matter Lab
  • What is volume?
  • What are properties of matter?
  • Quiz: Properties and Changing Matter

4- Plant Life

  • Introduction
  • How Do Plants Get Food?
  • What is Soil?
  • Worksheet: Soil
  • What Keeps Plants Safe?
  • How Do Seeds Move?
  • How Do Seeds Grow?
  • Handout: Inside a Seed Lab
  • Handout: Green Bean Life Cycle
  • Assignment: Green Bean Life Cycle
  • What Plants Live in the Woods?
  • What Plants Live in the Desert?
  • Quiz: Plant Life
  • Assignment: Inside a Seed Lab

5- Animal Life

  • Introduction
  • How Do Animals Get Food?
  • How Do Body Coverings Keep Animals Safe?
  • What Are Other Ways That Animals Keep Safe?
  • Essay: Animals Keep Safe
  • Where Do Animals Live?
  • Do All Animals Take Care of Their Young?
  • Quiz: Animals Caring for Their Young
  • What Do Animals Do In the Winter?
  • What is the Animal Life Cycle?
  • Handout: Butterfly Life Cycle
  • Assignment: Butterfly Life Cycle
  • Midtest
  • Assignment: Midtest
  • Quiz: Animals: Quiz

6- Human Body

  • Introduction
  • Handout: Body Book
  • The Heart
  • The Lungs
  • The Skeleton
  • The Muscles
  • The Digestive System
  • Handout: Body Riddles and Puzzles
  • Assignment: Body Riddles and Puzzles
  • Building a Body
  • Quiz: Parts of the Body
  • Assignment: Body Book

7- Keeping Well

  • Introduction
  • Handout: Eat, Sleep, and Exercise
  • Assignment: Eat, Sleep, and Exercise
  • What Should You Eat?
  • What Foods Help Keep You Well?
  • How Do Good Foods Help You?
  • Why Should You Exercise and Sleep?
  • How Can You Fight Germs?
  • How Can You Stay Safe?
  • Essay: Staying Safe and Healthy
  • Quiz: Keeping Well: Quiz

8- Earth, Sun, and Moon

  • Introduction
  • What Shape is Earth?
  • What is inside the earth?
  • What are Continents?
  • How Does Earth Move?
  • How Does the Moon Move and Change?
  • What is the Sun?
  • Who Needs the Sun?
  • Handout: Sun Earth Moon
  • Assignment: Sun Earth Moon
  • What are Stars?
  • Quiz: Earth, Sun, & Moon: Quiz

9- How Earth Changes

  • Introduction
  • What Are Fossils?
  • What Plants Lived Long Ago?
  • What Animals Lived Long Ago?
  • Essay: Early Plants and Animals
  • How Does the Land Change Slowly?
  • How Does the Land Change Quickly?
  • Quiz: Fast and Slow Earth Changes
  • Quiz: How Earth Changes

10- Weather

  • Introduction
  • What is weather?
  • What is wind?
  • What is temperature?
  • Handout: Temperature Lab
  • Assignment: Temperature Lab
  • What is the water cycle?
  • Seasons
  • Handout: Seasons
  • Assignment: Seasons
  • What is severe weather?
  • Worksheet: Weather
  • Post-test
  • Assignment: Post-test

11- Course Evaluation

  • Handout: Course Evaluation
  • Assignment: Course Evaluation
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