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Grade-2 Mathematics Course Outline

Grade-2 Mathematics Course Outline

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This class is aligned to the Common Core Standards for 2nd grade mathematics. The course focuses on four critical areas. First, the students will extend their understanding of base-ten notation. This includes the idea of counting in fives and tens. Students should understand multi-digit numbers by understanding that the digits in each place represent amounts of thousands, hundreds, tens, or ones. Second, the students will become proficient in addition and subtraction. They will now be able to add and subtract numbers up to 1000 by applying their understanding of addition and subtraction.

1- Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Pretest
  • Assignment: Pretest

2- Counting

  • Tens and Ones
  • Handout: Tens and Ones Worksheet
  • Assignment: Tens and Ones
  • Hundreds
  • Handout: Hundreds Worksheet
  • Worksheet: Using Grouping to Count Quickly
  • Assignment: Hundreds
  • Place Value to 100
  • Quiz: Place Value to 100
  • Read and Write Numbers
  • Worksheet: Read and Write Numbers
  • Ways to Make Numbers
  • Handout: Ways to Make Numbers Worksheet
  • Handout: Chapter 1 Cumulative Test
  • Assignment: Ways to Make Numbers
  • Assignment: Chapter 1 Cumulative Test

3- Compare & Order Numbers

  • Order Numbers
  • Handout: Order Numbers Worksheet
  • Assignment: Order Numbers
  • Compare Numbers
  • Handout: Compare Numbers Worksheet
  • Assignment: Compare Numbers
  • Even & Odd
  • Quiz: Even & Odd
  • Skip Count
  • Handout: Skip Count Worksheet
  • Assignment: Skip Count
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Handout: Ordinal Numbers Worksheet
  • Assignment: Ordinal Numbers

4- Addition

  • Addition Properties
  • Handout: Addition Properties Worksheet
  • Assignment: Addition Properties
  • Count on to Add
  • Handout: BRAINPOPjr© Counting On Activity Solutions
  • Handout: Count on to Add Worksheet
  • Assignment: Count on to Add
  • Doubles
  • Handout: Doubles Worksheet
  • Assignment: Doubles
  • Near Doubles
  • Handout: Near Doubles Worksheet
  • Assignment: Near Doubles
  • Make a Ten
  • Handout: Make a Ten Worksheet
  • Handout: 5-Minute Drill (Single Digit Addition)
  • Assignment: Make a Ten
  • Add Three Numbers
  • Handout: Add Three Numbers Worksheet
  • Handout: Chapter 3 Cumulative Test
  • Assignment: Add Three Numbers
  • Assignment: Chapter 3 Cumulative Test

5- Subtraction

  • Count Back to Subtract
  • Handout: Count Back to Subtract Worksheet
  • Assignment: Count Back to Subtract
  • Subtract All and Subtract Zero
  • Handout: Subtract All and Subtract Zero Worksheet
  • Assignment: Subtract All and Subtract Zero
  • Use Doubles to Subtract
  • Handout: Using Doubles to Subtract Worksheet
  • Assignment: Use Doubles to Subtract
  • Relate Addition to Subtraction
  • Handout: Relate Addition to Subtraction Worksheet
  • Assignment: Relate Addition to Subtraction
  • Missing Addends
  • Handout: Missing Addends Worksheet
  • Assignment: Missing Addends
  • Fact Families
  • Handout: BRAINPOPjr© Fact Families Activity Solutions
  • Handout: 5-Minute Drill (Single Digit Subtraction)
  • Handout: Chapter 4 Cumulative Test
  • Assignment: Fact Families
  • Assignment: Chapter 4 Cumulative Test

6- Graphs & Charts

  • Take a Survey
  • Handout: Take a Survey Worksheet
  • Assignment: Take a Survey
  • Picture Graphs
  • Handout: Picture Graphs Worksheet
  • Assignment: Picture Graphs
  • Analyze Picture Graphs
  • Handout: Analyze Picture Graphs Worksheet
  • Assignment: Analyze Picture Graphs
  • Bar Graphs
  • Handout: Read a Bar Graph Worksheet
  • Assignment: Read a Bar Graph

7- Adding Bigger Numbers

  • Add Tens
  • Handout: Add Tens Worksheet
  • Assignment: Add Tens
  • Count On by Tens
  • Handout: Count On by Tens Worksheet
  • Assignment: Count On by Tens
  • Regroup Ones as Tens
  • Handout: Regroup Ones as Tens Worksheet
  • Assignment: Regroup Ones as Tens
  • Add One-Digit Numbers and Two-Digit Numbers
  • Handout: BRAINPOPjr© Regrouping to Add Activity Solutions
  • Handout: Add One & Two Digit Numbers Worksheet
  • Assignment: Add One-Digit & Two-Digit Numbers
  • Add Two-Digit Numbers
  • Handout: Add Two Digit Numbers Worksheet
  • Assignment: Add Two-Digit Numbers
  • Estimate Sums
  • Handout: Estimate Sums Worksheet
  • Assignment: Estimate Sums
  • Add Three Two-Digit Numbers
  • Handout: Chapter 6 Cumulative Test
  • Assignment: Add Three Two-Digit Numbers
  • Assignment: Chapter 6 Cumulative Test
  • Midtest
  • Assignment: Midtest
  • Assignment: Extra Practice

8- Subtracting Bigger Numbers

  • Subtract Tens
  • Handout: Subtract Tens Worksheet
  • Assignment: Subtract Tens
  • Count Back by Tens
  • Handout: Count Back by Tens Worksheet
  • Assignment: Count Back by Tens
  • Regroup Tens as Ones
  • Handout: Regroup Tens as Ones Worksheet
  • Assignment: Regroup Tens as Ones
  • Subtract One-Digit Numbers from Two-Digit Numbers
  • Handout: Subtract One-Digit from Two-Digits Worksheet
  • Assignment: Subtract One-Digit from Two-Digits
  • Subtract Two-Digit Numbers
  • Handout: Subtract Two-Digit Numbers Worksheet
  • Assignment: Subtract Two-Digit Numbers
  • Estimate Differences
  • Handout: Estimate Differences Worksheet
  • Assignment: Estimate Differences
  • Check Subtraction
  • Handout: Check Subtraction Worksheet
  • Assignment: Check Subtraction
  • Word Problems
  • Handout: Chapter 7 Cumulative Test
  • Assignment: Word Problems
  • Assignment: Chapter 7 Cumulative Test

9- Money

  • Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes
  • Handout: Pennies, Nickels and Dimes Worksheet
  • Assignment: Pennies, Nickels and Dimes
  • Quarters, Half-Dollars, and Dollars
  • Handout: Quarters, Half-Dollars and Dollars Worksheet
  • Assignment: Quarters, Half-Dollars and Dollars
  • Counting Coins
  • Handout: Counting Coins Worksheet
  • Assignment: Counting Coins
  • Find Equal Amounts
  • Handout: Find Equal Amounts Worksheet
  • Assignment: Find Equal Amounts

10- Input & Output Tables

  • Input Output Tables w/Addition
  • Handout: Input/Output Tables with Addition Worksheet
  • Assignment: Input/Output Tables w/Addition
  • Input/Output Tables w/Subtraction
  • Handout: Input/Output Tables with Subtraction Worksheet
  • Assignment: Input/Output Tables w/Subtraction
  • Input/Output Tables: Find the Rule
  • Handout: Input/Output Tables: Find the Rule Worksheet
  • Handout: Chapter 9 Cumulative Test
  • Assignment: Input/Output Tables: Find the Rule
  • Assignment: Chapter 9 Cumulative Test

11- Time

  • Analog & Digital Clocks
  • Telling Time to the Hour & Half-Hour
  • Handout: Time to the Hour & Half Hour Worksheet
  • Assignment: Time to the Hour & Half Hour
  • Telling Time to the Five Minute Interval
  • Handout: Time to the Five Minute Interval Worksheet
  • Assignment: Time to the Five Minute Interval

12- Measurement

  • Nonstandard Units
  • Handout: Nonstandard Units Worksheet
  • Assignment: Nonstandard Units
  • Inches and Feet
  • Assignment: Measuring Inches
  • Quiz: Inches and Feet
  • Yards
  • Worksheet: Yards
  • Centimeter and Meters
  • Handout: Measuring Centimeters Worksheet
  • Assignment: Measuring Centimeters
  • Worksheet: Centimeters and Meters

13- Shapes & Patterns

  • Shapes
  • Handout: Shapes Worksheet
  • Assignment: Shapes
  • Solids
  • Handout: Solids Worksheet
  • Assignment: Solids
  • Identifying Faces, Edges and Vertices
  • Handout: Faces, Edges & Vertices Worksheet
  • Handout: Shape Models
  • Assignment: Faces, Edges & Vertices
  • Patterns
  • Assignment: Patterns
  • Number Patterns
  • Worksheet: Number Patterns

14- Fractions

  • Unit Fractions
  • Handout: Unit Fractions Worksheet
  • Assignment: Unit Fractions
  • Halves, Thirds & Fourths
  • Handout: Halves Worksheet
  • Handout: Thirds Worksheet
  • Handout: Fourths Worksheet
  • Assignment: Thirds
  • Assignment: Halves
  • Assignment: Fourths
  • More Fractions
  • Handout: More Fractions Worksheet
  • Assignment: More Fractions
  • Post-test
  • Assignment: Post-test

15- Course Evaluation

  • Handout: Course Evaluation
  • Assignment: Course Evaluation
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