Complete Core Curriculum Package 2nd Grade
Steadily working his/her way through Elementary school.
We’ll help you make this an outstanding year of homeschooling because your student will be utilizing:

-a 2 color, grade level MATHEMATICS course in a write-in workbook format.This easy to use, grade level mathematics course is written in a direct instruction style. We are including both a Student Workbook & Teacher’s edition for a well-rounded, complete Math program! This course emphasizes basic mathematics skills and problem-solving strategies while providing a solid mathematics foundation… exactly what your student needs to master mathematics!– SCIENCE Science and one more for good measure; Science – This year’s students are going to be utilizing an excellent, hardcover student textbook. Of course it’s full color and very visual. Topic: General Science studies with plenty of activities to keep young learners – learning – That’s what we do. They’ll be learning about Plants, Simple Machines, Geology, Energy, Matter, Plants, Habitats and a long list of other great science topics. Science made relevant to your child’s life, interesting and FUN!– A HEALTH supplement – With hands-on activities, based on the work of the American Health Foundation, for teaching your student about the importance of good health and to help develop essential skills is tossed in this package for good measure!

Learning about our neighborhoods, our communities, and our world, as well as how they all relate to each other will provide the basis for your students’ -SOCIAL STUDIES program for 2nd grade. You’ll be using a full-color, hardbound text covering basic history and geography integrated with reading, writing, and thinking strategies.

Question: What’s discussed this year?
Answer: Cardinal and ½ way directions to map grids and plenty more.

-2nd grade students will be considering ENGLISH/GRAMMAR using a comprehensive approach to English usage, grammar, and mechanics containing necessary skills such as; nouns, pronouns, verbs, contractions, and more. Students will be using a 2-color, write-in workbook.

HANDWRITING is at the top of the list! Of course we’ll be sending you one of the most popular traditional handwriting programs we have available. A write-in workbook will be utilized. How easy is that?

PHONICS is definitely not neglected! TWO! Yes, 2 complete phonics courses are supplied for maximum learning. An activity based phonics in a full-color workbook format for building skills in phonics, reading, writing, spelling, listening, and oral language. When we said “activity” – we meant ACTIVITY! This course is ideal for little learners and their active ways. Your student will be cutting out words and sounds and matching them up, cutting out and building their own reading books, printing their new words, and overall having the time of their phonics lives! This is a very nice phonics program.

Also! – another full color phonics (did we say phonics?) course is scheduled this year also.
Two phonics courses make for twice the phonics mastery! Double the learning fun –

-A phonics based SPELLING workbook for your student is on the menu for second grade. We’ll be giving you a spiffy, full color, student text containing thinking, reading, and writing activities all intertwined with each other. OK – what we mean is – concepts are taught together. Like; thinking & spelling, phonics & spelling, reading & spelling etc. – Get the idea? Hey, we’re here to help!

READING : We’re sending out a soft-cover, full-color workbook containing a selection of stories with activities for comprehension, main character, details, inference and sequence questions as well as some grammar, phonics, spelling and other cross curricular activities. And of course it has the answers for Mom & Dad – all that’s needed to to satisfy reading mastery requirements.

-A stunning, full-color Supplemental READER with awesome graphics and drawings based on a selection of True Classics with many student activities is incorporated into this package too! Exactly what your 2nd grader need and wants.

-OH YES! Our Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A FREE CD-ROM, Folding File System, A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card Form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide along with a Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing.

What more could you ask for?

This 2nd grade package will provide a solid education…

preparing your child for the rest of elementary school and life.