Everything you need for a year of homeschooling instruction in language arts, writing, math, science, social studies, handwriting, and character education.

Social Studies

Language Arts

Hard-copy curriculum



Learn More About 1st Grade
Able to read and comprehend simple picture books

Able to write simple sentences independently

Recognize, understand, and write numbers 1-100

Usually used by children in first or second grade

Concept 1 – Community
Unit 1 – Communities Around the World [S] [SS] [LA]

Unit 2 – Citizenship [S] [SS] [LA]

Unit 3 – Plants and Animals [S] [SS] [LA]

Concept 2 – Measurement
Unit 1 – Measuring Amounts [S] [SS] [LA]

Unit 2 – Data and Probability [S] [SS] [LA]

Unit 3 – Measurement In Your World [S] [SS] [LA]

Concept 3 – Culture
Unit 1 – Geography [S] [SS] [LA]

Unit 2 – People Around the World [S] [SS] [LA]

Unit 3 – Stories Around the World [S] [SS] [LA]

Concept 4 – Matter and Movement
Unit 1 – States of Matter [S] [SS] [LA]

Unit 2 – Earth [S] [SS] [LA]

Unit 3 – Balance and Motion [S] [SS] [LA]