1.0 Credit

Physical science is a first-year science class at this school. Physical science is the study of the physical world around you. Physical science can be broken up into two branches, chemistry and physics.

• Chemistry – the study of the structure and properties of matter.
• Physics– the study of the relationships between matter and energy.

The class provides an introduction to basic chemistry and basic physics. Within each chapter are several pages that cover topics such as matter, chemical reactions, solutions, motion, forces, and electromagnetism.

Virtual labs and/or simple at home labs are conducted for most chapters. Lab reports must be submitted, organizing data and answering questions for the experiment.

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
Handout: Periodic Table
Handout: Polyatomic Ions
3- Set the Pace
Handout: Pacing Guide
4- Supply List
Handout: Supply List
5- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
6- Understanding Plagiarism
7- Course Links
8- MLA Formatting MSWord
9- MLA Documentation updates
10- MLA Citation
11- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- What is Science?
1- What is Science?
2- Scientific Theories and Laws
Handout: Scientific Terms
Assignment: Scientific Terms
3- Using Models to Predict
4- Science and Society
Worksheet: What is Science Test

3- Investigating Science
1- Scientific Method
2- State the Problem, Research, and Form a Hypothesis
3- Design an Experiment
4- Analyze Data
5- Report Results
Assignment: The Scientific Method

4- Measurements in Science
1- Measurement
2- SI Units
Handout: Units and Symbols
3- Temperature Scales
Assignment: Temperature Conversions
Worksheet: Measurements in Science Test

5- Matter and Its Changes
1- Classifying Matter
Assignment: Classifying Matter
2- Physical and Chemical Properties
3- Density
4- Physical and Chemical Changes
Assignment: Properties and Changes of Matter
5- States of Matter
6- Phase Changes
Handout: Properties of Matter Lab
Assignment: Properties of Matter Lab
7- Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases
Quiz: Matter and Its Changes Test

6- The Atom
1- Atomic Structure
2- Counting Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons
Handout: Practice Counting PEN
Assignment: Practice Counting PEN
3- Atomic Models
Assignment: Bohr Models
Quiz: The Atom Test

7- The Periodic Table
1- Introduction to the Periodic Table
2- Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
3- Special Groups on the Periodic Table
Handout: Periodic Properties WebQuest
Assignment: Periodic Properties WebQuest
Assignment: Periodic Table Groups Project
Quiz: Periodic Table Test

8- Chemical Bonds and Naming
1- Reading Chemical Formulas
Assignment: Counting Atoms
2- Types of Bonds
Assignment: Ionic, Covalent, or Both?
3- Naming Covalent Compounds
4- Naming Ionic Compounds
Assignment: Naming Review
Handout: Polyatomic Ions
Quiz: Chemical Bonds and Naming Test

9- Solutions
1- Solutions
Assignment: Virtual Lab – Solution Properties
2- Acids and Bases
3- The pH Scale
Handout: Acid & Base Project
Assignment: Acid & Base Project
4- Why is Water so Important?
Quiz: Solutions Test

10- Chemical Reactions
1- Chemical Reactions
Essay: Energy in Chemical Reactions
2- Types of Chemical Reactions
Assignment: Classifying Chemical Reactions
3- Balancing Chemical Equations
Assignment: Virtual Lab – Chemical Equations
4- Reaction Rates
Quiz: Chemical Reactions Test

11- Nuclear Chemistry
1- Radioactivity
2- Nuclear Reactions
Essay: Fission Vs. Fusion
3- Types of Nuclear Decay
Quiz: Nuclear Chemistry Test

12- Mid-Term
1- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Quiz: Mid-Term

13- Energy & Heat
1- Law of Conservation of Energy
Worksheet: Energy Transformations
2- Temperature Vs. Heat
3- Transferring Heat
Quiz: Energy and Heat Test

14- Motion & Forces
1- Speed and Velocity
2- Momentum
3- Acceleration
Handout: Frisbee Toss Lab
Assignment: Frisbee Toss Lab
4- Forces
Essay: Physics in Motion
5- Newton’s 1st Law of Motion
6- Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion
7- Free Fall and Weight
Assignment: Practice Problems
8- Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion
Assignment: Picturing Newton’s Laws
Handout: Symbols and Units
Quiz: Motion and Forces Test

15- Work, Power, & Simple Machines
1- Work
2- Power
Handout: Stair Climbing Lab
Assignment: Stair Climbing Lab
Assignment: Work and Power Calculations
3- Simple Machines
Handout: Simple Machines WebQuest
Assignment: Simple Machines WebQuest
Quiz: Work, Power, and Simple Machines Test

16- Electricity
1- The Nature of Electricity
2- Static Electricity
Assignment: Static Electricity
3- Current Electricity
4- Measuring Electric Current
Assignment: Ohm’s Law & Electric Power Problems
Handout: Symbols and Units
Quiz: Electricity Test

17- Magnetism
1- Magnets
2- Electromagnetism
Assignment: Making a Motor Lab
3- Electromagnetic Induction
Assignment: Electromagnetic Devices Project
Quiz: Magnetism Test

18- Waves
1- Types of Waves
2- Properties of Waves
Assignment: Wave Properties
3- Wave Interactions
Worksheet: Investigating Waves Activity
Quiz: Waves Test

19- Sound and Light
1- Sound
Assignment: Doppler Effect
2- Light
3- Reflection and Mirrors
4- Refraction and Lenses
Worksheet: Sound and Light Review
Quiz: Sound and Light Test

20- Humans & Our Environment
1- Accidents and the Environment
2- Impact of the Human Lifestyle
3- Renewable and Nonrewable Resources
Essay: Resources
Quiz: Humans and Our Environment Test

21- Big Ideas in Science
1- The Four Fundamental Forces
2- The Theory of Evolution
Essay: Molecular Clocks
3- Theory of Special Relativity
4- Biomedical Ethics
Quiz: Big Ideas in Science Test

22- Final Exam
1- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Quiz: Final Exam

23- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation