Below are the tuition schedules for the various programs we offer at Forest Trail Academy.

Online School Tuition Schedule:
$1695.00 per grade level
$2,395.00 per grade level
$2,950.00 per grade level
Individual/summer school/ part-time students (1) credit
$550.00 per class
Individual/summer school/part-time students (.5) credit
$405.00 per class
Prescriptive/Adaptive Program (Requires Documentation)
Correspondence/Book Program:
Individual/summer school/ part-time students
$550.00 per class.

There is a $150.00 Non-Refundable Registration Fee per student enrollment (re-enrollment).
Extension Fee: Students who do not complete their coursework within the allotted time, may request a one time/three (3) month extension for $550.00.

Transfer and senior students who do not require an entire year/grade level of course work are assessed a $500.00 diploma fee.

We make the choice to enroll at Forest Trail Academy simple and easy by providing parents with several financial options.

A helpful staff member is available to assist with the application process and to explain the various financial options we offer.

Please contact our office for additional information.