Online School Demo

This is a demo of our school. It will give you good overview of how the system works.
Please click the link below to begin. Some features are disabled such as community & chat.
Enrolled students have full access to these sensitive areas.

The username is: demo

The password is: demo

Demo Portal

If this link does not work, please copy and paste the following url in a separate browser

Browser Compatibility:

Page Previews


Login Section

Use “demo” as the username and “demo” as the password to login to the secured area where you can check the exact interface that is used by our enrolled students. Being a demo account, certain areas will not be available.

Dashboard Panel Section

“Use your personal Dashboard to access all your resources at a single location. Browse through your tutorials, review your grades, access your online apps & much more…”

Messages Section

“Track all your communication using our customized messaging app.
Interact with your teachers, counselors and peers for assignments, progress reports and status updates.”

Course Preview Section

“Gather insights into your course content using the Course Preview section. With a user-friendly interface, this section offers you a brief description about your online course.”