Forest Trail Academy is a leading virtual online school offering k-12 homeschool courses to students enrolled in the United States and abroad. Students can earn world-class education beyond their geographical boundaries. This means no matter where they live, they can access a wide range of online courses and can complete their high school diploma. All our online homeschooling curriculum/programs are regionally and nationally accredited. Forest Trail Academy is one of the best k12 homeschooling education academy for all homeschoolers who are looking for quality education. Online classes and program are taught by certified teachers. The school offers the hallmark of truly effective traditional education programs – high qualified teachers, interactive curriculum with regular student-teacher interaction. The students of Forest Trail Academy explore and master in all the required core subjects Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and History.

Online School Course Curriculum:

Online homeschool course curriculum is effective and it is a great alternative to traditional school curriculum offering knowledge to students and develops the critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, communication and collaboration which they need for further education, career, and life. Students are blended with the grade level courses and learn in the self-paced interactive online environment. Our interactive curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards along with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

Our home school curriculum is being developed by the team of experts who are having the classroom teaching experience and it is built for the student’s success. The curriculum is designed by identifying the skills and objectives that are required for the students for the particular grade levels. The lessons are created to help homeschool students to develop course mastery and assessments to measure their progress throughout the course. The curriculum is revised regularly to meet the state and national standards.

The Online School includes Teachers, Lessons, Web Quests, Exams, Short Answers, Projects, Homework, PPT, Class Discussions, and Tests similar to the Traditional Schools but the main difference is that instructional modalities occur online.


Online Elementary School Courses (Grades k-5)Online Middle School Courses (Grades 6-8)Online High School Courses (Grades 9-12)Online Summer School CoursesOnline Diploma CoursesIndividual CoursesHome School Correspondence CoursesAdvanced Placement (AP) Classes

Electives Courses we offer:

Looking for an online school to shape your career with quality education?
Are you creative, artistic, analytical, practical?

Different types of jobs fit best with different personality and learning styles. By taking electives, not only can you vary your classes in order to keep your studies stimulating, but you can also discover where your interests lie.

We offer exciting electives at grade level allowing students to find their interest and broaden their career and life skills. Electives cover the wide range of subjects such as: Mass communication, Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Zoology, Career Planning, Psychology, Sociology, Computer Applications, Foundation for Business, Stress Management, Drivers Education, Television Production, Intro into Advertising, Statistics, World Cultural Geography, Consumer Math, Creative Writing, Art History, 2-D Art Comprehensive, Environmental Science, Anthropology, Dance History Appreciation, College Readiness. To know more in detail you can go through the Online Elective Courses page.

Forest Trail Academy accepts transfer credits, issues credits and diplomas upon successful completion.

Forest Trail Academy offers k-12 online school courses that can be taken by students who wish to earn grades for elementary school, middle school, and credits for high school. Our courses are transferable to other schools nationwide from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Our diplomas are recognized by colleges and universities.

Through Forest Trail Academy, students have access to a wider range of coursework, more flexibility in scheduling, and the opportunity to develop higher cognitive abilities as independent and lifelong learners. Forest Trail Academy affords our students the opportunity to achieve high academic performance.

How do the Online School Courses Work?

Online schools work similar to traditional schooling but the main difference is everything occurs in the online environment:
• Online classes involve student-teacher interaction.
• The student is guided through the course by the teacher and given specific learning activities and assessments.
• Each Student is assigned college preparatory assignments and assessed for every course.
• Students take active role in the learning process and regularly involved in the discussions with the teacher and the peers with the key topics that are being covered.
• Students are engaged with the lessons facilitated by the teachers, as well as the foreign language courses.
• Parents are provided with the timely reports of the children and their performance in the courses.

Forest Trail Academy, a fully accredited online school, offers a wide range of courses to students world-wide maintaining the curriculum that meets the state and the national standards. Forest Trail Academy’s courses are accepted by the best Colleges and Universities nationwide.

We are here to help you! Apply Online to earn the quality education from highly qualified teaching staff. For more information about the virtual learning programs available for you or for any further information required to get your queries resolved about online school education, you may contact the School’s Educational Counselor, who is available to assist you.

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