The seventh grade is the seventh school year after kindergarten and students are usually 12 to 13 years old. It typically forms the second year of middle school and is the next stepping stone for students in preparing them for high school.

The Mathematics curriculum covers topics that introduce students to algebra and more advanced geometry. In Social Studies, advanced pre-Civil War history is taught and while American history is usually the norm, other cultures and time periods may also form part of the curriculum. The Science curriculum usually includes moderate-level biology and life sciences.

Grade 7 Curriculum Guide:

Grade 7 English Curriculum Language Arts

The Grade7 English online home school curriculum is aligned to the common core standards. The course deals with the reading, writing, speaking and listening. The students will develop writing argumentative, informative, narrative, research texts, speaking and listening skills.

Grade 7 Mathematics Curriculum

The middle school math curriculum deals with the ratios, proportional relationships, problems on percent, and the slope of the line. Students will learn about the rational numbers, expressions and linear equations. The students will study to use two and three-dimensional shapes and solve the problems.

Grade 7 Science Curriculum

The home school science curriculum course is aligned to the Florida’s Next generation Sunshine State Standards. The students will learn about the life sciences, sound and light, ecosystems, energy transformations, laws of thermodynamics, rock cycle, earthquakes and volcanoes. The students will study about heredity and reproduction.

Grade 7 Social Studies Curriculum

The Grade 7 home school curriculum Social Studies curriculum focuses on the Government of United States, including federal, state and local governments. Students will learn about the rights, duties and liberties of a citizen. The students will study about the state and local governments, elections, political parties, history of voting rights.

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