The sixth grade is usually the start of middle school with students typically in the range of 11 to 12 years of age. Grade 6 is when students are usually introduced to a new way of learning. Students usually have different teachers for subjects that include Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.

In Mathematics, students are typically taught fractions and decimals along with basic geometry and algebra. In Science, they are taught about life sciences, physical sciences and earth sciences. Additionally, they are also introduced to scientific methodology, taxonomy and ecology. In English, students learn about grammar and the different types of writing. While the curriculum for Social Studies may vary, students are typically taught about ancient civilizations, their cultures and histories.

Grade 6 Curriculum Guide:

Grade 6 English Curriculum Language Arts

The Grade 6 English curriculum is aligned to the common core standards. In the school curriculum, students will learn the basic areas of reading, writing, listening and answering a question. Students will study the meaning of words, analyze specific sentences, punctuations.

Grade 6 Mathematics Curriculum

The middle school math curriculum focuses on ratios and rate to multiplication and division, will understand the division of fractions, expressions, equations. The students will develop the understanding of statistics. Students will learn calculating mean, median of a group numbers.

Grade 6 Science Curriculum

The Grade 6 home school Science curriculum deals with the physical science, ecology and climatology. The students will learn about the scientists and the difference between the theories and laws. The students will study about earth science, water cycle and rock cycle, climate, weather and atmosphere.

Grade 6 Social Studies Curriculum

The Grade 6 social studies home school curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Sunshine Standards. The course deals with the geography, maps and focuses on the civilizations, cultures, and their histories. The students will learn about the ancient countries and their civilizations.

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There are times when students can have a tough time keeping up with their peers in class. Sometimes, the fear of opening up in public can cause them to shut down and not ask necessary questions. This in turn, can have a detrimental impact on their learning process and can ultimately lead to a drop in academic performance.

Students with special needs fall under this category. Often, their lack of performance is attributed to laziness or insufficient effort. However, what such students really need is a change in the methodologies used to impart education to them. Forest Trail Academy the Online School has devised a specialized prescriptive/adaptive learning program that is ideally suited to help such students improve their academic performance.

By aligning advanced web-based technology with state academic standards, Forest Trail Academy aims to provide both remediation and instruction. In keeping with the objectives set forth by the No Child Left Behind Act, students who are having trouble academically can hope to improve their performance. It is especially useful for students who are at-risk or learning disabled.

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