Forest Trail Academy is an accredited online high school offering a wide range of high school programs and online courses through Grade 9 to Grade 12. The high school curriculum provided is highly interactive, self-paced and customized as per the student need and prepare them to succeed. Offering a college preparatory diploma, our virtual online high school hires specialized and certified instructors, counselors, and teachers who extend support and help the students to achieve their career goals.
Ensuring a self-paced online learning environment, Forest Trail Academy makes sure to augment your learning skills and grasping power. Rated as one of the best online high school and homeschool in the USA, we offer accredited online high school curriculum and high school diplomas, Credit Recovery programs, Advanced Placement classes, and college prep diploma to all our high school students and prepare them for best before college enrollment by providing quality High school education.
Forest Trail Academy virtual programs follow the Common Core State Standards. The online high school enables high school students and homeschooler to secure high school certification along with college credits through its Dual Enrollment program. The degree rewarded by Forest Trail Academy is accepted globally as its online high school diploma is apostille certified by the Secretary of U.S state of Department of State Issues.

Is online high school right for your child?

Here are the basic benefits that your child can avail if he enrolls in an online high school:

  • No commuting
  • Online high schools eliminate the pain of commuting from home to school and back to home. In the high-school phase, time runs faster! Thus, time is saved and the obstacles caused by terrific weather conditions or long distances are cut short in the concept of online education.

  • Follow your own schedule
  • Following the rigid school schedule implies that you might need to make sacrifices such as giving up on rare family outings or other such events. Creating your own schedule can help you to efficiently balance your coursework as well as family events.

  • Free to enroll at any time
  • One of the best advantages of enrolling in an online high school is the fact that you are free to enroll at any time of the year. So, you need not rush to make a decision but can take your time.

  • Enjoy self-Pace
  • Going as per the pre-established pace of a formal school, most students fail to achieve their full potential. An online high school empowers the child with the freedom to follow his own learning pace as per his grasping ability to ensure better performances and a wholesome learning experience.

  • Good quality of education
  • An accredited online high school provides the same level of education as imparted by any top-notch formal school or university. An accredited virtual high school follows the set of standards and competencies that are the same for the conventional school environment.

  • Adopt Flexibility
  • Flexibility provided by the online high school is highly demanded by students who are juggling part-time jobs with their coursework. Online learning gives them the convenience of studying from any place, any time and for any duration of time.

  • Pursuing Exclusive courses
  • If your child has a knack for an unusual subject or a set of subjects, an online high school might be the only option as it provides an extensive range of coursework. It is because certain new emerging courses are not provided by the traditional high school.

Who can enroll with Forest Trail Academy Online High School?

Forest Trail Academy provides an extensive set of accredited courses that can be tailored accordingly. Such personalized online high school courses are a huge blessing for homeschooling students or students with health issues like the special needs children, children with a disability or social phobia of any form, academically advanced students, athletes, children from military families, artists etc.
Their vast set of courses includes Advanced Placement Programs that is specially designed to assist high school students who want to get conditioned to the college-level work or the workforce environment. Forest Trail Academy also offers virtual school credit recovery programs to help students cover up their lost credits.
Since Forest Trail Academy is a regionally and nationally accredited online high school, students from all the states of the USA such as Ohio, Texas, Indiana, and California can enroll with it.


How to finish online high school?

Forest Trail Academy comes up with a set of solutions for every category of students. Here are seven steps to guide you to finish your online high school at this institute:

  1. Forest Trail Academy offers asynchronous online courses for credit and grades so that students can start at their convenient time. Course duration may vary from 45 days to 1 year. You need to be clear about your start and end dates that should be mentioned on your dashboard at the time of enrollment.
  2. Apart from the basic requisites like computer and high-speed internet, you may need PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, a media player for some courses.
  3. You can normally enroll up to six courses. In case you wish for additional courses, you shall have to get the approval of the school’s Academic Advisors.
  4. Your credentials will be mailed to your email. If you wish, a staff member shall contact you to explain the e-Learning platform and answer any of your queries. Your study materials shall be mailed within 10-15 days of enrollment.
  5. Students shall be judged on the basis of four types of assessments: Assignments, essays, worksheets and tests or quizzes.
  6. Assignments and essays involve uploading of your completed work inside the class. Worksheets involve typing your answer directly. Tests or quizzes require the selection of multiple choice or true or false answer by you.
  7. Forest Trail Academy makes use of a numerical grading system. After a student successfully finishes a course, the grade and or the number of credits secured are recorded on your respective transcript.
Have Questions or Ready to Enroll?

To get a detailed overview of these online high school classes or to know about the enrollment process for the registration, you can provide us your contact details here at Apply Online.
If you wish to know further about the online high school credit recovery programs and Advance Placement courses, you can talk to our Academic Advisor via online chat conversation. You can get all your queries resolved the same way. You can also reach us by dialing 800.890.6269 / 561.537.5501