The requirements of this program are designed to prepare students for entering a postsecondary institution of education. This accelerated graduation program requires fewer credits than a college preparatory diploma. Students must earn at least 11 of the 21 required credits in specified rigorous-level courses. Foreign language is not a requirement in this program.

English (4) Credits:
Major concentration in composition, reading for information, and literature.

Mathematics (4) Credits:
Any four mathematical courses, one of which must be Algebra I or its equivalent, one of which must be in geometry or its equivalent, and any 2 credit higher-level mathematics or practical life skills mathematic course.

Science(3) Credits:
Any three science courses, two of which must have a laboratory component.

World History, American History, Economics, American Government and any 1 credit.

Social Studies (4) Credits:
Social Studies Course.

Fine Arts:
1 Credits

½ Credits

Personal Fitness:
½ Credits

4 or more Credits