The third grade forms the third year of primary education and students enrolled are typically 8 to 9 years old. Students are introduced to slightly more complex concepts in Math, Science, Social Studies and Reading.

In the third grade, students are introduced to mathematical operations such as multiplication and division. In some cases, they may even be taught long division. It is here that students are taught to develop their problem-solving skills by learning how to solve mathematical problems.

As part of their Science curriculum, they are taught basic physical sciences and chemistry along with weather and climate. The subject of Social Studies covers the basic study of the culture of the United States along with specific historical excerpts that are considered fundamental to their understanding. Reading includes working more on text comprehension with students being required to read harder books.

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Elementary School Curriculum Guide For GRADE 3:

Grade 3 English Curriculum Language Arts

The Grade 3 online home school English curriculum follows the common core standards. The students will learn the difference between literal and non-literal language. Develop the writing skills, students will be able to follow social rules for discussions, staying on topic, linking their comments to others.

Grade 3 Mathematics Curriculum

The Grade 3 math curriculum is aligned to the common core standards and also Next Generation Sunshine Standards. Students will learn multiplication and division and able to solve problems involving single-digit numbers. Learn about the fractions, shapes, area as a property used to describe two-dimensional shapes.

Grade 3 Science Curriculum

The Grade 3 home school science curriculum deals with physical science, biology and the earth science. The students will learn about the plants, animals, ecosystems. Learn about comets, asteroids, meteoroids, and about the contributions of the Galileo to astronomy. Study about types of energy such as light, sound, heat and electricity.

Grade 3 Social Studies Curriculum

The Grade 3 online home school curriculum focuses on United States geography and the people. The students will learn about North America, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean and their maps. They study about the people of these regions and bout the historical facts.

Does Your Child Need Help with Academic Grades?

Forest Trail Academy offers a specialized Prescriptive/Adaptive Program for children with special needs. This system has been designed keeping in mind the learning needs of such children. Implemented as a self-paced learning system, this program combines advanced technology with academic state standards to improve student performance.

In keeping with the standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act, Forest Trail Academy provides several web-based lessons spanning 6 skill levels. These courses are designed to provide both remediation and instruction to students who are a grade level behind or are falling short of the required credits.

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