Vocational Diploma (18) Credits

The requirements of the program are designed to prepare students for entrance into a technical center or entrance into the workforce. This accelerated graduation program requires fewer credits and focuses more on academic courses. Students must earn at least 15 of the 18 required credits in specified rigorous-level courses. Foreign language is not a requirement in this program.


English (4) Credits:
English I, English II, English III, English IV
Math (3) Credits:
Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Personal Finance
Science (3) Credits:
Physical Science, Earth & Space Science, Biology
Social Studies (3) Credits:
World History, American History, American Government, Economics
Fine Art: (1) Credit:
Art Appreciation
Elective: (3) Credits:
Career Essentials, Humanities, Sociology
Health: (½) Credit:
Personal Fitness:
(½) Credit: Lifetime Fitness