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Complete Core Curriculum Package 9th Grade

Complete Core Curriculum Package 9th Grade


Just the beginning of a four year journey to excellence!

Students will enjoy their 9th grade endeavor while using:

-An extremely popular ALGEBRA 1 program with comprehensive algebra content in a hardcover, full-color, student textbook is what is in this package. This Algebra course makes up the required mathematics curriculum for this year.

A solutions manual with the problems worked out with answers is provided free of charge with this course.

-Complementing his/her mathematics will be an excellent, full-color, hardcover BIOLOGY SCIENCE textbook encompassing the studies of Life/Biology. A perfect follow-up to the usual 8th grade physical science course of study. This course is colorful & complete while including a great selection of suggested hands-on activities. It’s written in an easy-to-follow, easy-to-read format making biology accessible to every student. An answer key is placed into this package for the parent/teacher to round out the course.

-And of course, no package would be complete without SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY. This year’s students will be studying American History using a beautiful hardcover text with an abundance of full-color pictures and maps. The text incorporates a selection of biographies of famous history makers. Additionally, a must for every high school student, a constitution study guide helps finish the year off right! Certainly not your typical, boring history course! No! A very presentable, enticing course that all students enjoy. AND – an Answer Key, as usual, is included.

-An ENGLISH GRAMMER Workshop in a 2-color worktext format is included as part of the Language Arts Course selection which covers all forms of Grammar, Usage and Application, WRITING/COMPOSITION, and Structure. With an Answer Key and Assessment Booklet.

-A complete VOCABULARY course, also in a write-in workbook format is part of this package. This course incorporates correct spelling, definitions, application, and word usage. Answer Key is provided in the rear of the text.

-No! We didn’t forget READING/LITERATURE… That’s here too! A complete compendium of short stories covering every genre’ of literature in a worktext that allows the teacher and student to evaluate comprehension, main ideas, details, inferences, etc. with an Answer Key as well.

We’re not sending your student a tiny non-fiction reader as included in some provider’s “secular standard package” – rather true Literature consisting of strong CLASSIC Literary works included for a more thorough course of study in preparation for further education.

-OH YES! Our Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A FREE CD-ROM, a Study Guide/Supplement, A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide…

All for the Complete Package Price.
Homeschooling doesn’t get any easier than this!

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Sarah Kosar
Katie Bowcutt wins title ex-aequo, PKRA Jr World Champion, 2013Freestyle Kiteboarding.Thanks for your support, Forest Trail Academy…
Katie Bowcutt
Thank you Forest Trail Academy for helping my student excel! Placing my high school freshman in your program was the best choice! He works through the program at his pace…
Allison H.
FTA has been a blessing to me!! I didn’t fit in at my old school, i had trouble learning in such a disruptive classroom which meant my grades falling, coming…
Yasmen Wass
Hello my name is Brittany Wooten. I graduated from forest trail academy in 2009. I decided to choose fta because I wanted to accelerate my high school education. Fta was …
Brittany Wooten
FTA gave me HOPE. I don’t have the pressures of exams and trying to keep up with the rest of the class. I get to go over the work as…
Joshua Lawrence
Forest Trail Academy has been a blessing to me. I compete in the sport of rodeo across many states, and it takes time and dedication to train and condition both …
Audrey Barnett
The last two years of high school couldn’t be described in one word. Forest Trail Academy is definitely a school that looks for excellence in their students, and endorses rigorous …
Ben Lively
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