Just the beginning of a four year journey to excellence!
Students will enjoy their 9th grade endeavor while using:

-An extremely popular ALGEBRA 1 program with comprehensive algebra content in a hardcover, full-color, student textbook is what is in this package. This Algebra course makes up the required mathematics curriculum for this year.
A solutions manual with the problems worked out with answers is provided free of charge with this course.

-Complementing his/her mathematics will be an excellent, full-color, hardcover BIOLOGY SCIENCE textbook encompassing the studies of Life/Biology. A perfect follow-up to the usual 8th grade physical science course of study. This course is colorful & complete while including a great selection of suggested hands-on activities. It’s written in an easy-to-follow, easy-to-read format making biology accessible to every student. An answer key is placed into this package for the parent/teacher to round out the course.

-And of course, no package would be complete without SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY. This year’s students will be studying American History using a beautiful hardcover text with an abundance of full-color pictures and maps. The text incorporates a selection of biographies of famous history makers. Additionally, a must for every high school student, a constitution study guide helps finish the year off right! Certainly not your typical, boring history course! No! A very presentable, enticing course that all students enjoy. AND – an Answer Key, as usual, is included.

-An ENGLISH GRAMMER Workshop in a 2-color worktext format is included as part of the Language Arts Course selection which covers all forms of Grammar, Usage and Application, WRITING/COMPOSITION, and Structure. With an Answer Key and Assessment Booklet.

-A complete VOCABULARY course, also in a write-in workbook format is part of this package. This course incorporates correct spelling, definitions, application, and word usage. Answer Key is provided in the rear of the text.

-No! We didn’t forget READING/LITERATURE… That’s here too! A complete compendium of short stories covering every genre’ of literature in a worktext that allows the teacher and student to evaluate comprehension, main ideas, details, inferences, etc. with an Answer Key as well.
We’re not sending your student a tiny non-fiction reader as included in some provider’s “secular standard package” – rather true Literature consisting of strong CLASSIC Literary works included for a more thorough course of study in preparation for further education.

-OH YES! Our Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A FREE CD-ROM, a Study Guide/Supplement, A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide…

All for the Complete Package Price.

Homeschooling doesn’t get any easier than this!