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Military Discount
rewarding our heroes
Students can continue their education anytime, anywhere in the world.
We provide certified teachers and official records.
military discount for active duty military & veterans
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Forest Trail Academy is proud to serve U.S.
Military families. Qualified families will receive a $100.00 discount for all children.

Military Discount
Forest Trail Academy wants all US military families to have the opportunity to get a quality education regardless of where in the world they are.
Military Family discount
For Active Duty U.S. Military Families
For the first time, Forest Trail Academy is offering military discount.
All veterans and active duty personnel will receive a $100.00 discount for all children.
This cannot be combined with any other offer.
A valid military ID required to receive this discount.
Must be an active duty U.S. military family, enrolling one or more students.
Please call us at 1-800-890-6269 to receive your discount, or email us at