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Mathematic Course Curriculum

Mathematic Course Curriculum


This elective credit coarse is designed only for students who haven’t shown proficiency at the essential level of the Florida Math Standards. Topics include: ratio and proportion, percents, measurements, integers, exponents, linear equations in one variable, graphing, absolute value, and basic geometry concepts. Students successfully completing this course with a “C” or higher should be prepared to take Algebra I. This course DOES NOT cover material essential to meeting or exceeding the Florida Math Standards at the proficiency level and REQUIRES teacher recommendation for enrollment.


This elective credit course provides the student with a review of the fundamental computational operations. At the same time, students will work with applications of mathematics in everyday life. Topics to be studied include: personal finance, housing, transportation, taxes, insurance, investments, purchasing and budgeting. Calculators will be used extensively.

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ALGEBRA I (1.0 Credit)

This course is designed for the student who can independently use and apply the basic skills of arithmetic. The course introduces the student to the basic structure of Algebra through the use and application of real numbers, inequalities, factoring, polynomials, linear and quadratic equations, and graphs. Appropriate technology will be used to enhance mathematical understanding and problem solving skills. Students who successfully complete this course with a grade of “C” or higher should be prepared to take Geometry.

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GEOMETRY (1.0 Credit)

This course introduces the student to the deductive method of proof with the use of points, lines, and planes. Solid geometry is integrated with plane geometry to lead the student to consideration of two-and three-dimensional figures and to develop the ability to visualize space relationships. Students who successfully complete this course with a grade of “C” or higher should be prepared for Algebra II.

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ALGEBRA II (1.0 Credit)

This course begins with a review of Algebra I topics and introduces the following new topics: matrices, complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, higher degree polynomial functions, sequences and series, and trigonometry. This course is required for students who are planning to attend most post-secondary institutions.

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This honors level course will focus on the study of angles; the trigonometry of angles and real numbers; the trigonometric functions and their inverses including their graphs; solutions of right and oblique triangles; verification of fundamental identities and analytic trigonometry; addition, subtraction and multiple angle formulas; the laws of sines and cosines; vectors and the dot and cross product; complex numbers, De Moivre’s Theorem and nth roots of complex numbers; polar coordinates and equations. The course will also include the study of functions including exponential and logarithmic functions.

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PRE-CALCULUS (1.0 Credit)

This course is designed to complete the student’s pre-calculus training. Topics from trigonometry and higher algebra are reviewed and/or extended. A study of analytic geometry is included. Basic calculus concepts including limits, derivatives, continuity and integrals will be developed. The course is designed for those capable students who have completed Algebra II. Students successfully completing this course with a grade of “C” or higher should be prepared to take Calculus.

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CALCULUS (1.0 Credit)

This course includes a thorough study of differentiation and integration with many applications. Limits and continuity are investigated in-depth. The course will emphasize the importance of mathematics studied to date. After completion of this course, the student may wish to take the Advanced Placement Test.

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STATISTICS (1.0 Credit)

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics include the measures of central tendency, standard deviation, combinations and permutations, probability, sampling, and various distributions. Emphasis is on applications of statistical concepts.

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