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Mass Communication High School Elective Course Outline

Mass Communication High School Elective Course Outline

1.0 Credit

This course is designed to help the Online High School Students become more aware of the history of communication and how communication impacts our lives each day. Mass Communication looks at the role mass media has played, and continues to play, in American culture. Given the enormous effect of the media on our daily lives, Mass Communication seeks out how and why they reflect our social values. They also describe how public policy draws boundaries.

1- Introduction

  • Mass Communication Class-Introduction
  • Course Description and class expectations
  • Course Links
  • Worksheet: Chapter 1 –Film Industry(seen as quiz 3)

2- The Story Of Film

  • Film, Radio TV
  • Thomas Edison’s Contribution
  • Vaudeville and Nickelodeons
  • Dawn of Film Censorshipv
  • Early Days of Film
  • Big Profits
  • Star System Is Born
  • The McCarthy Hearings
  • Sound and Studio Systems
  • The Warner Brothers
  • Production Techniques
  • Scandals, Undershirts, and Depressions
  • The Hayes Code
  • Sex Saves Hollywood
  • Box Office
  • End of the Studio System
  • Threat of Television
  • Indies/Film Ratings
  • Independent Producers
  • Movie Ratings
  • Box Office
  • Tailoring Film

3- The Story of Film II

  • Movie Milestones
  • Films
  • Films II
  • Film Business Today
  • Film Profits Drop
  • Tickets Don’t Pay
  • International Film
  • Foreign Films
  • Launching Film Ideas
  • Optioning the Script
  • Film Structure
  • Visualize the Scenes
  • Film Script Terminology
  • Script Terms & Abbreviations
  • Plotting a Career
  • Glamour Professions
  • Film Job Classifications
  • Film Job Classifications
  • Chapter 5 quiz–new one as of 10/27

4- Quiz

  • Quiz: Film 2

5- Radio

  • Foundations of Radio
  • Morse Code
  • The Telephone
  • Marconi Transmits Signals
  • The Titanic
  • Audio Recording
  • Early History
  • Broadcast Advertising
  • AM, FM Waves and Sound
  • FM and TV Waves
  • Differences Between AM and FM
  • The Golden Age
  • Radio Networks
  • The Press-Radio War
  • Regulations and Ruses
  • War of the Worlds
  • Listeners Become Victims
  • Worksheet: Worksheet for chapter 4 and 7–radio

6- Quiz

  • Quiz: Radio I

7- Radio II

  • Dawn of FM Radio
  • International Shortwave
  • What Is International Shortwave
  • Shortwave Jamming
  • Radio Station Formats I
  • Rock Music
  • DJ’s
  • Radio Station Formats II
  • News/Talk
  • Net Radio

8- Quiz

  • Quiz: Radio II

9- Television

  • The Beginning
  • Inventions
  • Who Invented TV
  • RCA
  • Television’s Early History
  • UHF Television Launched
  • European Countries and Canada
  • Golden Age
  • Westerns
  • TV Networks/Ratings
  • New TV Networks Launched
  • Network Documentaries
  • Public Broadcasting
  • Political Attempts
  • Foundations of Public Broadcasting
  • Public Radio
  • Television Programming
  • Target Audience
  • Stunting
  • Demographics
  • Religious Broadcasting
  • Worksheet: Chapter 12–quiz

10- Cable & Satellite TV Services

  • Cable and Satellite TV Services
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Satellite Services
  • Satellite-to-Home Services
  • Social Impact
  • Social Impact of TV
  • Why We Watch TV
  • Social Impact of Television II
  • Depiction of Casual Sex
  • Freedom vs. Government Control
  • Social Impact of Television III
  • Social Impact of Television III cont
  • Social Impact of Television IV
  • Social Impact of Television V

11- Quiz

  • Quiz: Tv2

12- News/Laws/Careers

  • Broadcast News
  • Influence of Broadcast News
  • Twelve Factors
  • Broadcast News II
  • The Public
  • News Personnel
  • Legal/Ethical Issues
  • Privacy–Public and Private
  • Intrusion
  • Guidelines
  • Shield Laws
  • Legal and Ethical Issues II
  • Staging
  • The Fair Use Act
  • Timeline
  • Quiz: News/Laws/Careers

13- Careers in Broadcasting

  • Careers
  • Eight Things
  • On-Camera vs. Behind-the-Camera
  • Careers in Broadcasting II
  • Internships
  • The Résumé Reel
  • Women In Broadcasting
  • the Right Places
  • Assignment: Broadcasting Careers

14- Computers/Internet

  • Internet
  • First Personal Computers
  • Internet Use
  • Speed Limits
  • Hard Disks
  • The Internet II
  • Error Control
  • The Internet III
  • Internet Intranet and Extranet
  • Internet Backbones
  • Internet IV
  • Domain Names

15- Course Survey

  • Assignment: Course Survey

16- Quiz

  • Quiz: Careers/Internet
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