Forest Trail Academy offers Credit Recovery Courses which are self paced programs that enables students to gain/recover their credits need to graduate on time. We offer our courses to students on an individual basis via both online learning and with correspondence (books). While both these programs offer academic records, we simply provide these courses individually outside of our full-time program.

Forest Trail Academy is fully accredited online high school that means our courses are transferable to other schools nationwide from Kindergarten to 12th grade. While the full-time K-12th grade programs (4 to 6 credits/classes) are still the best option both academically and financially for most families, we recognize that there may be good reasons why a student may wish to take only a course or two with us – credit recovery, summer school, accelerated credits, electives, foreign languages, etc.

However, students taking individual courses with Forest Trail Academy who are not enrolled in our full-time or diploma program are not eligible to graduate from Forest Trail Academy or receive a high school diploma. Students in twelfth (12th) grade must complete 25% of their courses at Forest Trail Academy in order to attain a high school diploma.

Students who wish to enroll for our individual courses should seek approval from their public/private school.
Generally we allow up to two (2) courses of individual credits per semester. Browse through our credit recovery course list below:

English I1$550.00Apply Now
English II1$550.00Apply Now
English III1$550.00Apply Now
English IV1$550.00Apply Now
Algebra 11$550.00Apply Now
Algebra 21$550.00Apply Now
Geometry1$550.00Apply Now
Trigonometry1$550.00Apply Now
Pre-Calculus1$550.00Apply Now
Calculus1$550.00Apply Now
Earth Space Science1$550.00Apply Now
Physical Science1$550.00Apply Now
Biology1$550.00Apply Now
Chemistry1$550.00Apply Now
Physics1$550.00Apply Now
American History1$550.00Apply Now
American Government1$550.00Apply Now
Economics0.5$405.00Apply Now
World History1$550.00Apply Now
Personal Fitness1$550.00Apply Now
Health I1$550.00Apply Now
Introduction to Theatre1$550.00Apply Now
Art History1$550.00Apply Now
Art: 2D Comprehensive I1$550.00Apply Now
Spanish I1$550.00Apply Now
Spanish II1$550.00Apply Now
Spanish III1$550.00Apply Now
French I1$550.00Apply Now
French II1$550.00Apply Now
Mass Communication1$550.00Apply Now
Anatomy and Physiology1$550.00Apply Now
Astronomy1$550.00Apply Now
Zoology1$550.00Apply Now
Career Planning1$550.00Apply Now
Psychology0.5$405.00Apply Now
Sociology0.5$405.00Apply Now
Computer Applications1$550.00Apply Now
Foundations of Business1$550.00Apply Now
Stress Management0.5$405.00Apply Now
Drivers Education0.5$405.00Apply Now
Television Production0.5$405.00Apply Now
Statistics1 $550.00Apply Now
World Cultural Geography1 $550.00Apply Now
Consumer Math1 $550.00Apply Now
Creative Writing1$550.00Apply Now
Environmental Science1$550.00Apply Now
Anthropology1$550.00Apply Now
Dance History Appreciation I1$550.00Apply Now
College Readiness1$550.00Apply Now
Technical Writing0.5$405.00Apply Now
Business English0.5$405.00Apply Now
Basic Health0.5$405.00Apply Now
Entrepreneurship0.5$405.00Apply Now
CRIMINAL JUSTICE0.5$405.00Apply Now

For any additional information and queries you can contact our Education Counselor, who will be available on chat and as well as on call at 800.890.6269 / 561.537.5501.