Following Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Kindergarten social studies, this class focuses on several big ideas. The students will learn what it means to be a part of a family and why they are different from other family members. They will learn about why we celebrate holidays and what they mean. The students will learn how to be a good citizen and will learn about how different groups might have different rules. Money will be explained as well as the concept of work and the types of work that people might do. The students will learn about the concepts of time, today, yesterday, and tomorrow in order to describe events. They will start learning how to read maps, along with the common symbols and directions found on one. Finally, the students will learn about landforms, water, and weather.

1- Introduction
1- Welcome
2- Course Description
3- Assessments

2- Me and My Family
1- Who Am I?
Handout: Who Am I?
Assignment: Who Am I?
2- I Am Special
Handout: I Am Special
Assignment: I Am Special
3- What I Can Do
Handout: Timeline
Assignment: Timeline
4- My Family
Handout: My Family
Assignment: My Family
5- Families Today and in the Past
Handout: Families Today and in the Past
Assignment: Families Today and in the Past
6- Family Celebrations
Handout: Family Celebrations
Assignment: Family Celebrations
7- Family Responsibilities
Handout: Family Responsibilities
Assignment: Family Responsibilities

3- Holidays and Symbols
1- Celebrate and Remember
Handout: Celebrate and Remember
Assignment: Celebrate and Remember
2- Celebrate to Honor People and Events
Handout: Honor People and Events
Assignment: Honor People and Events
3- Holidays of the World
Handout: Holidays of the World
Assignment: Holidays of the World
4- Symbols in America
Handout: Symbols in America
Assignment: Symbols in America

4- Citizens, Rules and Laws
1- Family Rules
Handout: Family Rules
Assignment: Family Rules
2- Community Rules
Handout: Community Rules
Assignment: Community Rules
3- Solving Conflict
Handout: Solving Conflict
Assignment: Solving Conflicts
4- How to Make Choices
Handout: How To Make Choices
Assignment: How to Make Choices
5- What is a Citizen?
Handout: What Is A Citizen?
Assignment: What is a Citizen?
6- A Good Citizen is Honest, Caring, Respectful and Courageous
Handout: A Good Citizen Is…
Assignment: A Good Citizen Is…

5- Money and Work
1- Needs and Wants
Handout: Needs and Wants
Assignment: Needs and Wants
2- Money
Handout: Money
Assignment: Money
3- People at Work
Handout: People At Work
Assignment: People At Work
4- Where People Work
Handout: Where People Work
Assignment: Where People Work
5- Tools for Work
Handout: Tools For Work
Assignment: Tools For Work

6- Time
1- Time
Handout: Time
Assignment: Time
2- Today
Handout: Today
Assignment: Today
3- Yesterday
Handout: Yesterday
Assignment: Yesterday
4- Tomorrow
Handout: Tomorrow
Assignment: Tomorrow

7- Maps and Locations
1- Where People Live
Handout: Where People Live
Assignment: Where People Live
2- Places in a Neighborhood
Handout: Places in a Neighborhood
Assignment: Places in a Neighborhood
3- Maps
Handout: Maps
Assignment: Maps
4- Map Key
Handout: Map Keys
Assignment: Map Keys
5- Compass Rose
Handout: Compass Rose
Assignment: Compass Rose
6- Location Words
Handout: Location Words
Assignment: Location Words
7- Where You Live
Handout: Where You Live
Assignment: Where You Live

8- Landforms
1- Land and Water
Handout: Land and Water
Assignment: Land and Water
2- Landforms
Handout: Landforms
Assignment: Landforms
3- Water
Handout: Water
Assignment: Water
4- Weather and Seasons
Handout: Weather and Seasons
Assignment: Weather and Seasons

9- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation