This course is aligned with Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Kindergarten science. The class provides an overview of the senses, including describing the textures of different substances. The students will explore the Earth and space by learning what gravity is and its effect on objects. Students identify the moon, Sun, and stars, and they learn the differences between day and night. The students are taught how to describe and explain the differences between different objects using the properties of an object. Students practice using categories to organize different objects and learn that objects change in many different ways over time. Pushes and pulls are discussed as a way to introduce the idea of force to the students. Sound and the movements that cause it are also explained. Finally, the students will explore biology by determining if a living being is a plant or an animal. They will describe the parts of a plant and what plants and animals require to live.

1- Introduction
1- Welcome
2- Course Description
3- Assessments

2- Myself
1- Seeing and Hearing
2- Taste and Smell
3- Touching
Handout: My Five Senses
Handout: Pictures of Senses
Assignment: My Five Senses
Assignment: Pictures of Senses
4- Textures
Handout: Texture Chart
Assignment: Texture Chart

3- Earth and Space
1- Gravity
Handout: Gravity
Handout: Gravity Investigation
Assignment: Gravity
Assignment: Gravity Investigation
2- The Moon
3- The Sun
4- Stars
Handout: Day and Night
Assignment: Day and Night
5- Day and Night
Handout: Activities During the Day and Night
Assignment: Activities During the Day and Night

4- Things Change
1- Objects and Differences
2- Object Properties
Handout: Properties
Assignment: Properties
3- Categories
Handout: Categories
Assignment: Categories
4- Changing Paper
Handout: Changing Clay
Assignment: Changing Clay

5- Sound and Motion
1- Ways to Move
2- Push and Pull
Handout: Pushes and Pulls
Assignment: Pushes and Pulls
3- Sound and Movement
Handout: Sound and Vibration
Assignment: Sound and Vibration

6- Plants and Animals
1- Plant or Animal?
Handout: Plant or Animal?
Assignment: Plant or Animal?
2- Parts of a Plant
Handout: Parts of a Plant
Assignment: Parts of a Plant
3- Plants and Animals in Stories
4- Plants and Animals Game
5- What Do Plants Need to Live?
6- What Do Animals Need to Live?
Handout: Plants and Animal Needs
Assignment: Plant and Animal Needs

7- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation