The level provides a full year of curriculum for a child that is just beginning school. When combined with a reading program, this level fully covers the Common Core standards for kindergarten in math and language arts. It is also aligned with state and national standards in science and social studies. The full-year package includes a parent manual, a student activity book, all required literature, and a comprehensive materials kit. Each child will require his or her own student activity book and materials kit.

Social Studies

Language Arts

Hard-copy curriculum



Learn More About Kindergarten
Interested in being read to

Able to converse about what is being read

Able to hold a pencil

Has a beginning interest in sounds and letters

Concept 1 – Letters
Unit 1 – A – A Is for Musk Ox [S] [SS] [LA]
Lesson 1 – Day 1

Lesson 2 – Day 2

Lesson 3 – Day 3

Lesson 4 – Day 4

Lesson 5 – Day 5

Curriculum Samples
Unit List
Week 1: A – A Is for Musk Ox

Week 2: H – Hondo and Fabian

Week 3: I – The Little Island

Week 4: T – What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

Week 5: L – We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

Week 6: F – Fireflies

Week 7: E – But No Elephants

Week 8: C – Millions of Cats

Week 9: G – The Real Mother Goose

Week 10: O – Owl Babies

Week 11: S – Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree

Week 12: D – Dinosaurs Big and Small

Week 13: P – Harold and the Purple Crayon

Week 14: B – Blueberries for Sal

Week 15: R – Rain

Week 16: N – Night in the Country

Week 17: M – Marshmallow

Week 18: U – Umbrella

Week 19: J – Jump Frog Jump

Week 20: K – Small Acts of Kindness

Week 21: V – Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin

Week 22: Y – Little Blue and Little Yellow

Week 23: W – George Washington’s Birthday

Week 24: Q – The Quilt Story

Week 25: X – An Extraordinary Egg

Week 26: Z – Greedy Zebra

Week 27: Halloween

Week 28: Thanksgiving

Week 29: Christmas

Week 30: February Celebrations