Big possibilities await you at this small, friendly college in the welcoming town of Forest City, Iowa. Waldorf College is a bachelor’s level college offering residential and hybrid online degree programs that combine a strong liberal arts base with applied learning. Co-curricular programs ranging from the second oldest a capella choir in the nation to an outstanding theater program and competitive athletic teams provide students with a wide range of opportunities for meaningful participation and personal development.

Nos Fortalesa Montessori Aruba is the first Montessori Elementary school located on the small but beautiful island of Aruba. We are excited to be part of Forest Trail Academy and are looking forward to many more years of partnership. Our school’s mission is guide the intellectual and character development of each child along a path towards his or her full and unknown potential. We strive to cultivate compassion and respect, independence and belonging, freedom and self-discipline, in academic and social environments that are designed for elementary children and honor the complementary needs of the individual and the group.

An Online University with Unlimited Possibilities Superior Service. Flexible Programs. Exceptional Value.This is the CSU promise. At CSU, we offer completely online degree programs, open enrollment, affordable tuition rates, and a flexible learning style designed to accommodate your life. Choose from associate, bachelor, master, doctoral or certificate programs in a variety of fields including business administration, fire science, criminal justice administration, occupational safety and health, and more.

Pacific Life Program is an Exclusive Residential Treatment Center in Mexico that allows parents of teens ages 12 to 18 to immediately distance their child from access to their social environment, negative influences and destructive relationships.
Pacific Life Program offers a safe and controlled environment for teens with behavioral issues, substance and/or alcohol abuse as well as eating disorders. Our treatment approach is based on creating an atmosphere of trust, honesty and professional responsibility.

The American Daycare is the first English speaking school in Brazzaville, capital city of Congo. We strive to reach excellency by offering your kids the best education in the Country through a well structured curriculum, interaction and games.

Atlantis Leadership Academy, Where young men come for Accountability, Personal Health, Hard Work, Service to Others and above all, Leadership.

SAK International School is a school that prepares Korean or American universities.
The course of SAK includes TOEFL, IELTS, iTEP, ACT, SAT, AP and American College Liberal Arts. SAK International School provide a one-to-one, student-centered and personalized education through online training to build a strong foundation for interactive learning.