Enrolling in our PRIVATE school provides protection to help parents comply with the compulsory attendance law in their respective states. We provide official records (transcripts, diplomas, grades, etc.,) to students upon successful completion. These records may be used for transferring to public schools, college entrance, job validation, and or any future endeavors.

The Correspondence Program K-8 is self-paced and ideal for parents/students who want to have a book based curriculum (“traditional” paper and pencil method) as the preferred instructional modality.

Forest Trail Academy offers both

Secular Correspondence and Christian Correspondence programs.

Student/Parent receives the curriculum by e-mail. Once completed, student/parent will mail back the material to Forest Trail Academy. Transcripts are generated upon receipt of the material.

We reserve the right to assess the student, request samples of the student’s work, or request the student’s work in its entirety at any time.

The person/home teacher responsible for the High School correspondence student (9-12th grade) MUST have a minimum of a Bachelors degree, licensure or teaching certificate.