Senior English fulfills the requirement of a fourth year of English. Composition, grammar, vocabulary, research and study skills, reading and thinking skills, oral expression, and writing of forms, applications, and resumes are included. The course also includes a survey of world literature from the Greeks and Romans to the twentieth century, with a review of literary terms. A research project is required of each student.


1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Understanding Plagiarism
4- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
5- MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
6- MLA Documentation updates
7- MLA Citation
8- MLA Incorporating Sources
9- Writing about Literature

2- Parts of Speech Review
1- Nouns
2- Count & Non-Count Nouns
3- Either Count/Non-Count
4- Much & Many Rule
5- Verbs
6- Verb Tense
7- Adverbs
8- Adjectives
9- Pronouns
10- Conjunctions
11- Prepositions
12- Interjections
Worksheet: Parts of Speech Worksheet
Quiz: Parts of Speech

3- Sentence Structure
1- The Simple Sentence
2- The Compound Sentence
3- Special Cases
4- The Complex Sentence

4- Sentence Patterns
1- Sentence Construction
2- Appositives
3- Independent and Dependent Clauses
4- Improving Sentence Clarity
5- Avoid overusing noun forms of verbs
6- Avoid unclear pronoun references
7- Run-ons – Comma Splices
8- Sentence Fragments
9- Making Subjects and Verbs Agree
Worksheet: Sentence Fragments
Quiz: Sentence Patterns

5- Subject/Verb Agreement
1- Subject/Verb Agreement
2- “Who,” “which,” and “that”
3- Parenthetical phrases
4- Rules
5- Unacceptable/Acceptable
6- Basic Rule of Grammar
Quiz: Subject/Verb Agreement

6- Ancient Epics
1- Tradition of Epic Heros
Handout: Epic Heroes
Handout: Hero’s Journey
2- Background: Trojan War
3- Homer
4- The Odyssey
Worksheet: Odyssey Online’s Greece
5- Books 1-8
Worksheet: Odyssey Books 1-8
6- Books 9-16
Worksheet: Odyssey Books 9-16
7- Books 17-24
Worksheet: Odyssey Books 17-24
Quiz: Homeric Similies
8- Homeric Poem
Assignment: Homeric Poem
9- History into Poetry
Essay: History into Poetry
10- Beowulf
11- Characters
12- Beowulf Activities
Handout: Elements of the Epic Hero Cycle
Worksheet: Beowulf Episodes 1-3
Worksheet: Beowulf Episode 4
Worksheet: Beowulf Episodes 6-7
Assignment: Elements of the Epic Hero Cycle
13- Kennings
Worksheet: Kennings
14- Creative Writing: Hero’s Journey
Handout: Hero’s Journey Story
Assignment: Hero’s Story Pre-Writing
Essay: Hero’s Story Final Draft

7- Greek Drama
1- The Greek Theater
2- Greek Vision
Assignment: Greek Vision
3- The Tragic Hero
4- Oedipus Rex
Worksheet: Oedipus lines 1-308
Worksheet: Lines 309-685
Worksheet: Lines 685-911
Worksheet: Lines 912-end
5- Tragic Flaw
Assignment: Tragic Flaw
6- Oedipus final assessment
Handout: Literary Analysis Outline
Assignment: Literary Analysis Outline
Essay: Theme/Motif Essay
7- Antigone
Worksheet: Antigone Worksheet
8- Antigone Images
Essay: Antigone Images
9- Antigone Final Assessment
Essay: Antigone Final Assessment

8- Medieval Period
1- Geoffery Chaucer
2- English Poetry
Assignment: English Poetry
3- Character Development
Assignment: Character Development
Essay: Dialogue
4- Women in Chaucer
Assignment: Women in Chaucer
Assignment: Women in Medieval Culture
5- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

9- The Renaissance
1- Renaissance in English Literature
2- Christopher Marlowe
Worksheet: Faust study questions
Essay: Tragic Hero
3- Faustian Legend
Assignment: Faust Essay Draft
Essay: Faustian Legend Essay
4- Shakespeare
5- Macbeth
Worksheet: Macbeth Act 1
Worksheet: Macbeth Acts 2 & 3
Worksheet: Macbeth Acts 4 & 5
6- MacBeth live!
7- Macbeth Video Assignment
Essay: Macbeth Video Essay

10- Romanticism
1- Romanticism
Handout: Satire
Worksheet: Romanticism/Gothicism notes
2- Frankenstein
Handout: Study guide questions
3- Frankenstein: Prologue – Chapter 7
Assignment: Frankenstein Assignment 1
4- Frankenstein Chapters 16 to End
Assignment: Frankenstein Assignment 2
5- Frankenstein Essay
Handout: Literary Analysis outline
Essay: Frankenstein Essay
6- Mock Heroic
Handout: Outline: The Rape of the Lock
Handout: Poetic Forms & Terms
Assignment: The Rape of the Lock
7- Social Criticism
Assignment: A Modest Proposal
8- Final Assessment
Essay: Final Assessment

11- Victorian Era
1- Victorian England
2- Social Structure
Essay: Web Search Victorian England
Worksheet: Act I Questions
Worksheet: Act II Questions
Worksheet: Act III Questions
3- The Importance Of Being Earnest
Essay: Importance of Being Earnest Movie
4- Wuthering Heights
Essay: Victorian Novel Essay
5- Wuthering Heights –Final Questions
Assignment: Final Questions
6- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

12- Course Survey
1- Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey