In keeping with the Common Core State Standard Initiative guidelines for English language arts, English II establishes a foundation upon which students will build skills and understandings deemed necessary to become college and career ready. Areas addressed by the CCS Initiative within this class include reading literature and informational texts, writing, speaking and listening, and language use.


1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
4- Understanding Plagiarism
5- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
6- MLA Formatting
7- MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
8- MLA Documentation updates
9- MLA Citation
10- MLA Incorporating Sources
11- Writing about Literature

2- Memoir: Night & The Circuit
1- Night by Elie Wiesel
Handout: Night study questions
Quiz: Night Quiz
Assignment: Night study questions
Assignment: Night Essay
2- Character List
3- Historical Context of Night
4- Short Summary
5- The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez
Assignment: The Circuit: prepare
Assignment: The Circuit: read 1
Assignment: The Circuit: read 2
Assignment: California Map
Assignment: The Circuit: reflect

3- Sentences: Sentence Structure
1- Basic Sentence Structure
Assignment: Sample Paragraph
2- Subject/Verb Agreement
3- Always Plural Words
4- Singular or Plural
6- Simple & Compound Sentences
7- Complex Sentences
Assignment: Sentence Structure Assignment
Quiz: Simple Sentence Quiz

4- Sentences: Punctuation
1- Punctuation
2- Colon
Worksheet: Colon
3- Semicolon
4- Comma
Worksheet: Commas
5- Apostrophe
Worksheet: Apostrophe
6- Capitalization Rules
7- Capitalization Rules #2
Worksheet: Punctuation Worksheet

5- Sentences: Subject-Verb Agreement
1- Subject and Verb
Worksheet: Subject-Verb Agreement
2- Subject-Verb Problems
3- Verbs must agree with Subject
Quiz: Subject Verb Agreement Quiz

6- Parts of Speech: Pronoun Usage
1- Pronoun
2- Nominative & Objective Case
3- Possessive, Reflexive, Intensive & Interrogative Case
Worksheet: Reflexive & Intensive Pronouns
4- Relative Pronouns
Worksheet: Indefinite Pronouns
Quiz: Pronoun Quiz

7- Parts of Speech: Verb Usage
1- Verb Tense and Structure
Handout: Verb Paragraph Analysis
Essay: Verbs Paragraph
Assignment: Verbs Paragraph Analysis
2- Linking Verbs
Assignment: Verbs Paragraph (Action or Linking)
3- Transitive Verbs
4- Intransitive Verbs
5- Adverb/Prepositional Phrase
Worksheet: Verb Usage Worksheet
Worksheet: Verb Usage Worksheet #2

8- Poetry
1- Poetry Introduction
Handout: TPCASTT
Assignment: I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud TPCASTT
2- Types of Poetry
3- Elements of Poetry
4- Musical Devices
Worksheet: Alliteration/Assonance practice
5- Figurative Language
Worksheet: Personification Practice
Worksheet: Metaphor & Simile Practice
6- A Dream Deferred
Assignment: A Dream Deferred Video Paragraph
Assignment: A Dream Deferred TPCASTT
7- Imagery
Handout: Imagery
Assignment: Imagery
8- Annabel Lee
Handout: Poetry Analysis
Assignment: Annabel Lee
9- The Raven
Assignment: The Raven TPCASTT
10- Read and Analyze
Assignment: My Poem
Assignment: Final Project

9- Writing: Strategies
1- Writing Strategies Introduction
Handout: Writing Strategies Hands On Essays Questions
Assignment: Writing Strategies Hands On Essays Video
Assignment: Free Write
2- Writing Strategies
Handout: Writing Strategies Justification
Assignment: Writing Strategy Justification
3- Graphic Organizers (Planning)
4- More Graphic Organizers (Planning)
5- Network Tree & Others
Assignment: Graphic Organizer

10- Writing: Editing Strategies
1- Proofreading
Assignment: Favorite Meal 1st Draft
2- Editing and Revising
3- Personalize Proofreading
4- Format, Organization and Paragraphing
5- Usage and Sentence Structure
6- Spelling and Punctuation
7- Left-Out Words
Assignment: Favorite Meal Essay Revision

11- Writing: Types of Essays
1- Types of Essays
Handout: Basic Essay Structure & Formal Writing Videos
Assignment: Basic Essay Structure & Formal Writing Questions
2- Narrative Essay
Assignment: Narrative Essay Brainstorm
3- Narrative Essay continued
Essay: Narrative Essay
4- Expository Essay
5- Comparison Essay
Handout: Comparison Chart
Assignment: Comparison Chart
6- Comparison Essay continued
Handout: Plan A Outline
Handout: Plan B Outline
Assignment: Comparison Essay Outline
Essay: Comparison Essay
7- Persuasive Essay
Handout: Persuasive Essay Outline
Essay: Persuasive Writing
Assignment: Persuasive Essay Outline
Essay: Essay Topic

12- Myths/Legends: King Arthur
1- Characters
Handout: King Arthur Character Chart
2- The History
3- Excalibur Myth
Handout: Excalibur KWL
Assignment: Excalibur KWL
4- Knights of the Roundtable
5- King Arthur Literature Project
Assignment: King Arthur Presentation
Essay: Independent Reading Essay
6- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

13- Comprehension
1- Listening Comprehension
Essay: Listening Comprehension Essay

14- Research: Information Sources
1- Plagiarism
2- Copyright
Assignment: Plagiarism/Copyright Assignment
3- Information Overload
4- Evaluating a Bibliographic Citation
5- Evaluating Content in the Source
6- Evaluating Internet Sources
7- Assessing and Documenting Internet Sources
Assignment: Internet Note-taking Guide
Essay: Mini-biography

15- Research: Critical Thinking
1- Evaluating Non-Fiction
Assignment: Evaluating Non-Fiction
2- Active Reading
Assignment: Active Reading Respond
3- Reading for Information
Assignment: Information: Read
Assignment: Information: Reflect
4- Evolution of an Idea
Assignment: Evolution of an Idea: thesis
Essay: Evolution of an Idea

16- Novel: Things Fall Apart
1- “One of These Days”
Handout: “One of These Days” Pre-reading
Handout: Power Essay
Assignment: “One of These Days” Pre-Reading
Assignment: Power Essay pre-writing
Essay: Power Essay
2- Things Fall Apart
Assignment: Things Fall Apart study guide
Essay: Things Fall Apart draft
Essay: Things Fall Apart Novel Essay Final
Assignment: Things Fall Apart Presentation
3- Author Interview

17- Writing: Business Letters
1- Writing Business Letters
2- Guide to Resume Writing
Assignment: Resume
3- Tips for Writing Cover Letters
4- Interview Tips
5- Thank you Letter
Essay: Thank you Letter Assignment
6- Follow Up Letter

18- Drama: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
1- Midsummer Night’s Dream structure
2- About William Shakespeare
3- List of Characters
4- Act I
Handout: Act 1 study questions
Assignment: Act 1 study questions
5- Act II
Handout: Act 2 study questions
Assignment: Act 2 study questions
6- Act III
Handout: Act 3 study questions
Assignment: Act 3 study questions
7- Act IV
Handout: Act 4 study questions
Assignment: Act 4 study questions
8- Act V
Handout: Act 5 study questions
Assignment: Act 5 study questions
Worksheet: A Midsummer Nights Dream Worksheet
9- Final Essay
Essay: Final Theme Essay
10- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

19- Course Survey
1- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survery
Assignment: Course Survey