1.0 Credit

To expose students to a variety of literary genres to further their appreciation of literature.

To develop students’ vocabulary-building skills through the use of context clues and word origin/structure analysis.

To help students recognize and understand the use of a variety of literary elements (terms and techniques).

To enable students to respond to literature in a way that reflects intelligent and thoughtful analysis.

To provide a wide range of learning opportunities, including daily and longer-term projects, in order that students of all ability levels may be able to reach their respective potentials and be successful.

To foster a classroom atmosphere that emphasizes the importance of respect for others’ opinions, beliefs and ways of being


  • The student will review and practice grammar and punctuation.
  • The student will develop vocabulary.
  • The student will practice different types of essay writing.
  • The student will read critically, informatively, and for pleasure.
  • The student will give informal book talks and make a formal research presentation.
  • The student will listen to teacher lecture and readings

Reading literature and informational texts:

  • vocabulary
  • short stories
  • poetry
  • drama: A Midsummer Nights Dream
  • novel: Things Fall Apart
  • non-fiction essays and memoirs


  • sentence structure
  • comparison essay
  • research-based essay
  • Hyper text activity

Speaking and Listening:

  • presentations
  • listening comprehension activity

Language Usage:

  • writing and editing strategies
  • parts of speech


1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
4- Understanding Plagiarism
5- Units and Assessments
6- MLA Formatting
7- MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
8- MLA Documentation updates
9- MLA Citation
10- MLA Incorporating Sources
11- Writing about Literature

2- Vocabulary: Prefixes, Roots, Suffixes
1- Vocabulary #1
Quiz: Vocabulary #1 Quiz
2- Vocabulary #2
Worksheet: Vocabulary #2 Worksheet
3- Vocabulary #3
4- Vocabulary Review

3- Parts of Speech: Nouns & Verbs
1- Traditional Grammar
2- Verb
Worksheet: Verbs Practice
3- Noun
Worksheet: Nouns Practice
Essay: Nouns & Verbs Practice
4- Possessive Nouns
5- Using Possessive Nouns
Worksheet: Possessive Noun Practice
6- Types of Nouns
7- Concrete Nouns
8- Countable Nouns
9- Collective Nouns
Essay: Types of Nouns Practice
10- Shows Action
11- Past/Present/Future
12- Present Tense
13- Auxiliary
Quiz: Noun Quiz
Worksheet: Verb Tenses

4- Vocabulary: Homonyms
1- Homonyms
2- Homonym Examples
3- More Examples
Assignment: Homonyms Writing Practice
Worksheet: Homonyms Worksheet

5- Parts of Speech: Pronoun
1- Personal Pronouns
2- Possessive Personal
Essay: Personal & Possessive Pronoun Practice
3- Demonstrative Pronouns
4- Interrogative Pronouns
5- Relative Pronouns
6- Indefinite Pronouns
7- Reflexive Pronouns
Quiz: Pronoun Quiz

6- Parts of Speech: Adjectives & Adverbs
1- Adjective
Assignment: Adjectives Practice
2- Possessive Adjectives
3- Demonstrative Adjectives
Assignment: Demonstrative Adjectives
4- Interrogative Adjectives
5- Adverb
6- Conjunctive Adverbs
7- Words that Modify
Worksheet: Adverbs Worksheet
8- Infinitive Phrases
9- Intensifiers
10- Kinds of Adverbs
11- Adverb Positions
12- Misplaced Modifiers
13- Special Cases
14- Relative Adverbs
Quiz: Adjectives Quiz

7- Parts of Speech: Preposition & Conjunctions
1- Prepositions
Worksheet: Prepositions
2- Shows Relationships
3- Common Prepositions
4- Order of Adverbs
5- Co-ordinating Conjunctions
Worksheet: Conjunctions
6- Subordinating Conjunctions
7- Correlative Conjunctions
8- Interjection
9- Examples
10- More Examples
Quiz: Prepositions Quiz

8- Parts of Speech: Review
1- Review
Quiz: Parts of Speech Quiz

9- Short Stories
1- Introduction
Handout: Short Story Terms
Handout: Conflict
Handout: Plot
2- The Most Dangerous Game
Handout: “Most Dangerous Game” setting
Handout: “Most Dangerous Game” study questions
Assignment: “Most Dangerous Game” setting
Assignment: “Most Dangerous Game” study questions
Assignment: “The Most Dangerous Game” Storyboard Project
3- The Interlopers
Handout: “The Interlopers” study questions
Assignment: “The Interlopers” study questions
4- Cask of Amontillado
Handout: “Cask of Amontillado” study questions
Assignment: “Cask of Amontillado” study questions
5- Final Project
Essay: Short Story Essay
Handout: Final Essay Tips

10- Vocabulary: Word Origins
1- Internet Activity
Assignment: Word Origins

11- Sentences: Construction
1- Construct Sentences
2- Complete Sentence
3- Simple Subject & Simple Predicate
Worksheet: Subject Predicate
4- Simple Subject
5- Predicate
Quiz: Construct a Sentence Quiz

12- Sentences: Objects & Complements
1- Objects
2- Subject Complements
3- Object Complements
4- Review
Quiz: Objects & Complements

13- Sentences: Parallel Structures
1- Parallel Structure
Worksheet: Parallelism
2- Two-part Conjunctions
3- Sentence Level
Quiz: Parallel Structure Quiz

14- Sentences: Capitalization
1- Capitalization
2- Rules to Remember
3- Capitalization Rules
Quiz: Capitalization Quiz

15- Sentences: Punctuation Marks
1- Overview
2- Periods
3- Question Marks
4- Exclamation Points
5- Commas
Worksheet: Commas
6- Semicolons
Worksheet: Semicolons
7- Colons
Worksheet: Colons
8- Quotation Marks
Worksheet: Quotations
9- Underlining
Assignment: Underline/Italicized Practice
10- Dashes
11- Hyphens
12- Apostrophes
Worksheet: Apostrophe
13- Ellipsis
14- Brackets
Quiz: Punctuation Quiz

16- Sentences: Clauses
1- Definition
2- Coordinate clauses:
3- Coordinating conjunctions
4- Subordinate clauses
5- Define and Classify
Handout: Clauses Practice
Assignment: Clauses Practice
6- Relative Clauses
7- Independent Clauses
8- Dependent Clauses
Quiz: Clause Quiz

17- Sentences: Using Modifiers
1- Misplaced Modifiers
2- Dangling Modifier
3- Squinting Modifier
Worksheet: Modifiers
Quiz: Modifier Quiz

18- Writing: Descriptive Essay
1- Descriptive Essay
2- Brief Guide
Essay: Descriptive: Creating a Monster
Assignment: Descriptive Writing

19- Writing: Parallelism
1- Parallel Structure
2- Faulty Parallelism
3- Sentence “lost” parallel structure

20- Reading and Writing: Persuasion
1- Introduction
2- “I Have a Dream”
3- “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
Handout: “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
Assignment: “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
Assignment: Persuasive Speech

21- To Kill A Mockingbird
1- Introduction
2- Historical Event Links
Assignment: Civil Rights Movement
3- Chapter Summaries
4- Persuasive Argument
Assignment: To Kill A Mockingbird
5- Assignment Choice
Handout: To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Rubrics
Essay: To Kill a Mockingbird
6- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

22- Vocabulary: Context Clues
1- Internet Activity
Assignment: Context Clues

23- Poetry
1- Unit Objectives
2- Five Elements of Poetry
3- What is a Poem Made of?
4- Parts of Poetry
5- New in an Old Way?
6- How to be a Poet
7- Poetry Links
8- Poetry Journal
Assignment: Poetry Journal
9- Sample Journal
10- Essay Writing
Essay: Compare/Contrast Poetry

24- Lord of the Flies
1- Online Book and Assignments
Handout: Study Questions
Handout: Static and Dynamic Chartacters
Handout: Literary Analysis
Assignment: Lord of the Flies
Assignment: Static and Dynamic Characters
Assignment: Literary Analysis
2- Characters
3- Symbolism
4- Vocabulary
5- Summary: Chapters 5-8
6- Summary: Chapters 9-12

25- Vocabulary: Concrete Words
1- Internet Activity
Assignment: Concrete Words

26- Writing: HyperText Assignment
1- Hypertext Assignment
2- What is a Hypertext
Assignment: Hypertext

27- Romeo & Juliet
1- Romeo & Juliet
2- Synopsis & Source
Handout: Romeo & Juliet Introductory Presentation
3- Lesson Outline
Handout: Study Questions
4- The Prologue
5- Literary Terms
6- Online Text
Handout: Act I Interpretation
Handout: Act III Interpretation
Handout: Act III: Character Study
Assignment: Act I Interpretation
Assignment: Act III Interpretation
Assignment: Act III Character study
Essay: Romeo & Juliet Character/Vocabulary Assignment
7- Interpretation
8- Plot Summary
9- My Favorite Lines
10- Pyramus and Thisbe Comparison
Essay: Comparison Essay
11- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

28- Course Survey
1- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey