American Studies provides an integrated studies approach to American History and Junior English. A two-hour block, the course combines the chronological approach to American History with the literary, dramatic, and oral selections representative of the American experience. Students should expect an in-depth study of American cultural and should be capable of performing in peer groups on extensive projects. Critical thinking skills will be utilized to challenge student perceptions, and assessments will occur through oral presentations and a variety of written work in addition to traditional tests. This course addresses the requirements for both American history and junior English. Students will receive one grade for the combined course.


1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Understanding Plagiarism
4- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
5- MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
6- MLA Documentation updates
7- MLA Citation
8- MLA Incorporating Sources
9- Writing about Literature

2- Language: Logic & Consistency
1- Using the Right Words
2- Write your own Sentence #1
Worksheet: Write Your Own Sentence
3- Write your own Sentence #2
4- Write your own Sentence #3
5- Pronoun Reference
Assignment: Pronoun reference
6- Dangling modifiers
Worksheet: Modifiers
7- Subordination & Coordination
Assignment: Subordination & Coordination
8- Parallel Structure
Assignment: Parallel structure

3- Writing: Punctuation Review
1- Punctuation Review
Worksheet: Punctuation Review

4- Reading Strategies
1- Reading Strategies
2- How to Study and Active Reading
3- Study Different Materials
4- Whole Subject Documents

5- Writing: Transitional Devices
1- Connecting Words
2- Transition Words
Assignment: Lesson 5 – Transitional Devices
Worksheet: Transitional Words Worksheet
3- Avoid Comma Splices
4- Semicolons
5- Dependent or Subordinate Clause

6- Puritan Influence
1- Puritain legacy
Assignment: Puritan Influence on American Literature
2- Salem Witch Trials
Assignment: Witch trial letter
Essay: Witch trial evidence review
3- The Crucible
Handout: The Crucible Study Questions
Handout: The Crucible
Assignment: The Crucible Study Questions
4- Arthur Miller
5- Interpreting Quotations
Handout: Interpreting Quotations
Assignment: Interpreting Quotations
6- A variation on the topic
7- “Half-hanged Mary”
Assignment: The Crucible Poem
Worksheet: “Half-hanged Mary”
8- Literary Analysis
Handout: Literary Anaylsis outline
Assignment: Literary Analysis Outline
Assignment: Rough draft
Essay: Final Draft
Handout: Crucible Exam
Assignment: Crucible Exam

7- Research Papers
1- Making Connections
2- Thesis Statements
3- Guide to Writing Research Paper
4- Requirements
5- Procedure
6- Citation Formats
7- Thesis Statement/Outline
8- Sample Outline
9- Previewing, Skimming, Reading
10- Typing the Report
11- Citing Sources
12- Paraphrasing
13- Plagiarism
14- Standard Written English
15- Helpful Hints
16- McCarthyism links
Assignment: First Draft
Essay: Final Draft

8- Writing: Editing Strategies
1- Editing Strategies
2- Proofreading
3- Organization
4- Usage and Sentence Structure
5- Spelling
Worksheet: Editing Strategies Worksheet

9- Analytical Writing Rubric
1- Six Traits Analytical Writing Rubric
Worksheet: Analytical Writing Rubric Comprehension

10- Romanticism
1- Romanticism
Handout: Romanticism notes
Assignment: Romanticism quiz
2- Walt Whitman
Assignment: Whitman & Me Scrapbook
3- Nathaniel Hawthorne
4- The Scarlet Letter
Handout: Scarlet Letter Reading Guide
Worksheet: Scarlet Letter Review
5- Scarlet Letter Characters
6- Scarlet Letter Themes
7- Scarlet Letter: Chapter 12 activity
Essay: Chapter 12 essay
8- Symbolism Poster
Assignment: Symbolism poster
9- Scarlet Letter Final Assessment
Handout: Literary Analysis
Essay: Final Assessment
10- Transcendentalism
Handout: Transcendentalism notes
11- Civil Disobedience
12- Civil Disobedience: Rhetoric
Handout: Civil Disobedience questions
Assignment: Civil Disobedience questions
13- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Worksheet: Civil Disobedience worksheet

11- Listening Comprehension
1- Listening and Evaluating
Assignment: Listening Comprehension Assignment

12- Non Verbal Communication
1- Non Verbal Communication
Assignment: Non-Verbal Communication Assignment

13- Language: Style & Variety
1- Language Evolution
Assignment: Split Infinitives
2- Playing with Style
Assignment: Reading Guide
Essay: Fable Re-writes

14- Realism & Naturalism
1- Realism & Naturalism
Handout: Realism &Naturalsim
Assignment: Realism & Naturalism
2- Women’s Suffrage
Assignment: Women’s Suffrage
3- Women’s Roles at the Turn of the Century
Essay: Women’s Roles
4- Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Handout: The Yellow Wallpaper
Worksheet: The Yellow Wallpaper
Assignment: The Yellow Wallpaper
5- Kate Chopin
Handout: The Awakening
Essay: The Awakening
6- Susan Glaspell
Worksheet: Trifles
Essay: Trifles comparison
7- Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Worksheet: The Revolt of Mother Worksheet
8- Final Assessment
Handout: Literary Analysis Outline
Essay: Final Assessment

15- Modernism
1- Modernism
Assignment: Modernism quiz
2- Life in the 1920s
Assignment: Life in the 1920s reflection
3- Robert Frost
Assignment: Reading Robert Frost
Assignment: Poem Presentation
Assignment: Audio
4- The Harlem Renaissance
Assignment: Harlem Renaissance quiz
Assignment: Langston Hughes
5- The Great Gatsby
6- Gatsby Activities
Handout: Gatsby Study Questions
Handout: Gatsby Final Assessment Handout
Essay: Gatsby: Reading Strategies
Assignment: Gatsby Study Questions
Essay: Character Essay
7- Final Assessment
Essay: Final Assessment

16- Minority Literature
1- Other Voices in American Literature
2- Other Voices assignment #1
Essay: Assignment 1
3- Other Voices assignment #2
Assignment: Assignment 2
4- Other Voices assignment #3
Assignment: Assignment 3
5- Native American Literature links
6- Latino American Literature links
7- Asian American Literature links
8- African American Literature links
9- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

17- Course Survey
1- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey