1. What type of online courses do you offer?

We offer asynchronous online courses for credit and grades. An asynchronous course is a course without a set start date, where students start at different times and work at their own pace.

2. What are the technology requirements?

In addition to the basic computer, for some courses you may need PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, a media player.

3. When does my course start?

Forest Trail Academy offers open enrollment. You may enroll at anytime. Our courses start the day you register.

4. How long is my course?

A course length can range from 45 days to 12 months. You will have find your start and end dates listed on your dashboard when you enroll.

5. How many courses can I register at a time?

You may enroll from half (.5) credit to six (6) credits. A full load is classified as six (6) credit courses. If you need additional courses, you will have to get approval from our Academic Advisors.

6. Are your courses accessible to students with disabiliites?

Yes. Our instructional modality is self paced, asynchronous, and flexible. Students with learning disabilities often succeed in this type of learning environment.