This course follows Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for 4th grade Social Studies. It offers students their first in depth look at the history of the United States and our country’s place in global events. The students will learn about Native Americans by region, learning about the customs of tribes in those areas. Next, they will learn about European exploration into America, and why they first found the continent. The students will study the first colonies in America and learn how freedom of religion was a strong principle. They will also learn about what life was like in the 13 original colonies. Students will study the events, such as the Boston Tea Party, that led up to revolution. The major battles of the American revolution are also covered. The students will then learn about the new system of government set up by the United States and the problem the young nation faced. The course then covers some important events in the early years of the country, including the Louisiana Purchase, the War of 1812, and the Trail of Tears. Next the student will learn about the westward expansion of the United States and the new challenges this created. The Civil War is discussed, including the reasons and some of the major battles. The students will also learn about the growth of industry in the country and about the rush of immigrants. The students will learn about America’s role in the first World War and about the Great Depression that followed. World War II will be discussed, including the major parties involved, the Holocaust, what events brought America into the war, and how the war was concluded. The students will learn next about the Civil Right Movement and the Space Race. Finally, Florida will be spotlighted and the local and state government explained.

1- Course Introduction
1- Welcome
2- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest

2- The First Americans
1- Introduction
2- Getting to America
3- People of the Americas
4- Culture Regions of the United States
5- The Northwest Coast Region
6- The California Intermountain Region
7- The Southwest Region
8- The Plains Region
9- The Eastern Woodland Region
10- The Southeast Region
Worksheet: Culture Regions
11- Finding Out About the Past
Essay: Artifact
12- Glaciers
Quiz: The First Americans

3- Europe in the New World, 982 – 1664
1- Introduction
2- The Norse Sailors
3- A New Route to the East
4- Columbus and the Great Adventure
5- Spanish Explorer in the Americas
6- Other Europeans in the Americas
Assignment: Explorer Timeline
7- New Spain
8- New France
Quiz: New World
9- Francisco Coronado
Essay: Europe in the New World

4- England’s First Colonies, 1606 – 1636
1- Introduction
2- The Beginnings of Jamestown
3- John Smith Helps the Colonists
4- The Beginning of Democracy
5- A Colony at Plymouth
6- Massachusetts Bay Colony
7- Freedom of Religion
Essay: Freedom of Religion
8- Slavery in the Colonies
Essay: Slavery
Worksheet: England’s First Colonies

5- Life in the 13 Colonies, 1650 – 1750
1- Introduction
2- New England Colonies
3- The Middle Colonies
4- The Southern Colonies
Essay: Living in a Colony
5- On the Frontier
6- The Town Meeting
Handout: Town Meeting
Worksheet: Life in the 13 Colonies
Assignment: Town Meeting

6- The Road to Freedom, 1750 – 1776
1- Introduction
2- The French and Indian War
3- New Problems
4- The Boston Massacre
5- The Boston Tea Party
6- Events That Led to War
7- The Call for Independence
Assignment: Road to Freedom Timeline
8- Abigail and John Adams
Quiz: The Road to Freedom

7- The American Revolution, 1776 – 1783
1- Introduction
2- The Long Fight
3- Washington and the American Army
4- The Victory at Trenton
5- Help Arrives from Europe
6- Winter at Valley Forge
7- Charleston Fall to the British
Worksheet: The American Revolution
8- The Last Battle: Yorktown
Quiz: The Revolution
Assignment: American Revolution Timeline
9- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

8- The New Nation, 1783 – 1800
1- Introduction
2- The Articles of Confederation
3- The New Nation Faces Problems
4- A New Plan of Government
5- A New Law for a New Land
6- The Federal System
7- The Bill of Rights
Handout: Bill of Rights
Assignment: Bill of Rights
8- Our Government Begins
Essay: The New Nation
9- The French Revolution
Quiz: A New Nation
Essay: Revolutions

9- A Growing Nation, 1800 – 1840
1- Introduction
2- The Louisiana Purchase
3- An Amazing Journey
Assignment: Lewis and Clark Journal
4- Slavery Becomes Illegal
5- The War of 1812
6- “The Flag Was Still There”
Assignment: A U.S. Anthem
7- The Seminole Wars
8- “Old Hickory”
9- The Age of the Common Man
10- The Trail of Tears
Assignment: Trail of Tears
11- American Indians Today
Worksheet: A Growing Nation

10- Westward Expansion, 1830 – 1850
1- Introduction
2- Pioneer Life
3- Pioneer Farmhouse
4- New Trade Routes
5- Texas Independence
6- War with Mexico
7- California, Here I Come!
8- How the United States Grew
Essay: Western Expansion
Worksheet: Westward Expansion

11- The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1860 -1877
2- Reasons for the Civil War
3- The Southern States Secede
4- The Civil War Begins
5- The South Has Early Success — And Problems
Assignment: Confederate Soldiers
7- The Emmancipation Proclamation
8- A War-Weary Land
9- After the War
10- A Troubled Time
Essay: Opinion: Punish or Help?
11- Free But Not Equal
12- The Freedmen’s Bureau
Quiz: Civil War and Reconstruction

12- Industry and Immigrants, 1870-1910
1- Introduction
2- Steel & “Black Glue”
3- A Nation of Immigrants
Handout: An Immigrant’s Life
Assignment: An Immigrant’s Life
4- A New Life
5- A Hard Life
6- Work
Essay: Letters from an Immigrant
7- Industry in Florida
Quiz: Industry and Immigrants

13- A New America, 1889 -1925
1- Introduction
2- War with Spain
Essay: Spanish-American War
3- World War
4- The United States and World War I
Assignment: World War I
5- Florida Boom and Bust
Quiz: A New America

14- Great Depression, 1920-1939
1- Women and the Vote
2- Farmers Have Problems
Assignment: Dust Bowl
3- The Great Depression
4- Another Roosevelt Becomes President
5- A New Deal
Essay: Great Depression Interview
6- Life in the 1930’s
7- Great Depression and the New Deal in Florida
Worksheet: The Great Depression

15- World War II, 1939-1945
1- Before the War
2- The Holocaust
3- Getting Ready for War
4- World War II Begins
5- Americans Join the War
6- World War II and Florida
7- War in Europe
8- War in the Pacific
9- The Atomic Bomb
Assignment: World War II Timeline
Worksheet: World War II, 1939-1945

16- Civil Rights Movement, 1950 – 1987
1- Just the Beginning
2- Fighting Racism
3- Civil Rights and Schools
Assignment: Civil Rights and Education
4- Leaders of Equality
5- Civil Rights Act
Essay: I Have a Dream
Quiz: Civil Rights Movement

17- Space Race, 1950 – 1986
1- Cape Canaveral
2- Just the Beginning
3- The Soviets in Space
4- Walking on the Moon
5- Disasters
Worksheet: Space Race
Assignment: Space Race Timeline

18- Spotlight on a State: Florida 1980 – Present
1- Introduction
2- Florida Immigration
3- Tourism
4- Florida’s Local Government
5- Florida’s State Government
6- Community
7- Important People from Florida
8- Weather in Florida
9- Physical Features of Florida
Worksheet: Florida Today
Assignment: Spotlight On…
10- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

19- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation