This class follows the Common Core State Standards for 4th grade English.

Students in this class are required to read at least 20 minutes every day and to turn in a reading log to show their time spent reading. They are also required to write 10 different book reports in an effort to encourage reading and writing about stories. In each of the 18 chapters students will receive two vocabulary lessons, learn about grammar, practice reading different types of literature, and learn skills to be a good writer.

To improve their reading skills students will learn how to link prior knowledge to what they are reading, how to determine if information is a first or second hand account, will practice reading nonfiction, and will learn how to make predictions about what will happen next in a story. Through writing practice students will improve their abilities to paraphrase, write essays, construct a story from idea to finished product, write a play, and write a persuasive essay. Students will be encouraged to visualize what they are reading and writing about, to make connections between stories, and to ask questions about what they read.


1- Introduction
1- Welcome to Class!
2- Vocabulary Introduction
3- Grammar Introduction
4- Reading Introduction
5- Writing Introduction
6- Speaking and Listening Introduction
7- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
8- Resources
Handout: Reading Log (Word)
Handout: Reading Log (PDF)
Handout: Reading Log (Excel)
Handout: Book Report (Biography)
Handout: Book Report (Nonfiction)
Handout: Book Report (Fiction)
Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Word Web
Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Graphic Organizer
Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Storyboard
Handout: Story Map (Turtle)
Handout: What Good Readers Do Overview
Handout: The Writing Process

2- Sentences, Genres, Reviews
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 1
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 1
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 1
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 2
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 2
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 2
3- Grammar: Types of Sentences
4- Grammar: Simple, Complete & Compound Subjects
5- Grammar: Simple, Complete & Compound Predicates
Assignment: Sentences, Subjects, Predicates
6- Grammar: Subject/Predicate Agreement
7- Compound Sentences & Conjunction
Assignment: Subject/Predicate Agreement & Compound Sent and Conjunctions
8- Reading: Genre
9- Writing: Book Review and Book Report
Essay: Book Review
Assignment: Book Report #1
10- Speaking and Listening: Rules for Discussion
Assignment: Discussion Rules
Assignment: Reading Log #1

3- Nouns, Reading Strategies, Writing Process, Asking Questions
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 3
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 3
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 3
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 4
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 4
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 4
3- Grammar: Common & Proper Nouns
Assignment: Writing Journal: Favorite Activity
4- Grammar: Plural Nouns – Noun/Verb Agreement
Assignment: Nouns & Verbs
5- Grammar: Noun Suffixes
6- Reading: What Good Readers Do
Handout: Naughty Jocko
7- Reading: Rainforest Frogs
Quiz: Rainforest Frogs
8- Reading: Naughty Jocko
Essay: Naughty Jocko Characters
9- Writing: The Process
10- Speaking and Listening: Ask Questions
Assignment: Staying on Topic and Asking Questions Discussion
Assignment: Reading Log #2

4- Pronouns, Prior Knowledge, Paragraphs, Paraphrasing
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 5
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 5
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 5
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 6
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 6
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 6
3- Grammar: Subject & Object Pronouns
Worksheet: Subject & Object Pronouns
4- Grammar: Possessive Nouns & Pronouns
Worksheet: Possessive Words & Noun Suffixes
5- Grammar: Relative Pronouns
6- Grammar: Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement
Quiz: Subject/Antecedent Agreement
7- Reading Mini Lesson: What Good Readers Do -Activate Prior Knowledge
8- Reading: Birthday Breakfast
Quiz: Birthday Breakfast
9- Reading: Well, I Declare!
10- Writing: Outline
Assignment: Outline
11- Writing: Forming Paragraphs and Topic Sentence
Essay: Writing Prompt: What is a Hero?
12- Writing: Arranging Sentences into Paragraphs
Assignment: Essay Draft
13- Writing: Using Examples in Paragraphs
Essay: Five Paragraph Essay
14- Speaking and Listening: Paraphrasing
Assignment: Paraphrasing
Assignment: Reading Log #3
Assignment: Book Report #2

5- Roots, Main Idea, Essays
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 7
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 7
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 7
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 8
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 8
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 8
3- Grammar: Root Words
Handout: Root Words
Assignment: Root Words
4- Reading Mini Lesson: Characters
5- Reading: The Skipping Shoes
Handout: Antagonist Question
Handout: The Skipping Shoes
Essay: Character
Assignment: Antagonist Questions
6- Reading: The Chimp’s Champ!
Quiz: The Chimp’s Champ
7- Writing: Parts of a Paragraph and Essay
8- Writing: Thesis
Worksheet: Thesis Statement
9- Writing: Conclusion
Assignment: Conclusion
Essay: Prompt: Educational Adventure Park
Assignment: Reading Log #4

6- Verbs, Rereading, Writing Process
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 9
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 9
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 9
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 10
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 10
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 10
3- Grammar: Regular Verb Forms
4- Grammar: Irregular Verb Forms
Quiz: Regular & Irregular Verbs
5- Reading Mini Lesson: What Good Readers Do – Reread
Essay: “The Skipping Shoes” Summary
6- Reading: Bees in the Trees
Worksheet: Bees in the Trees
7- Writing: The Writing Process – Brainstorming
Assignment: Informational Topic Brainstorm
8- Speaking and Listening: Brainstorming
Assignment: Reading Log #5
Assignment: Book Report #3

7- Verbs, Visualize, Writing Process
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 11
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 11
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 11
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 12
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 12
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 12
3- Grammar: Auxiliary Verbs
4- Grammar: Verb Prefixes & Suffixes
Handout: Verb Worksheet
Assignment: Verb Worksheet
5- Reading: Visualize and Retell
Assignment: Visualize and Retell
6- Reading: Rosy’s Journey
Handout: Rosy’s Journey
Essay: Retelling
7- Reading: They Changed the World
Essay: How They Changed the World
8- Reading: Patchwork History
Worksheet: Patchwork History
9- Writing: The Writing Process – Pre-writing
Assignment: Pre-Write of an Informational Topic
10- Writing: The Writing Process – Drafting
Assignment: Draft of an Informational Topic
11- Writing: The Writing Process – Proofreading
Assignment: Proofreading and Editing Informational Topic
12- Writing: The Writing Process – Revising and Publishing
Assignment: Final Draft of an Informational Topic
13- Speaking and Listening: An Informational Topic
Assignment: Reading Log #6

8- Figurative Language, Inferences, Poetry
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 13
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 13
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 13
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 14
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 14
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 14
3- Vocabulary Mini Lesson: Context Clues
4- Grammar: Similes and Metaphors
5- Grammar: Personification and Onomatopoeias
6- Grammar: Hyperboles and Alliterations
7- Reading: What Good Readers Do – Inferences
8- Reading: Introduction to Poetry
Handout: Poetry Handbook
9- Reading: Rhyme and Rhythm
10- Reading: Poetry – Little White Lily
Handout: Little White Lily Line Patterns
Assignment: Little White Lily Images
Assignment: Little White Lily Line Patterns
11- Reading: Interesting Poetry Elements
12- Reading: Poetry Personal Meaning
Assignment: Favorite Poem
Essay: Favorite Poem
13- Writing: Poetry Book
Assignment: Poetry Book
14- Speaking and Listening: Poetry
Assignment: Poetry Reading
Assignment: Reading Log #7
Assignment: Book Report #4

9- Adjectives, Connections, Story Elements
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 15
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 15
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 15
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 16
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 16
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 16
3- Grammar: Adjectives
4- Grammar: Adjectives that Compare
5- Grammar: Using More & Most With Adjectives
Handout: Adjectives Practice
Assignment: Adjectives Practice
6- Reading: What Good Readers Do – Synthesize and Connect
Worksheet: Babe The Blue Ox
7- Reading: Babe the Blue Ox
Handout: Babe the Blue Ox
8- Writing: What’s the Purpose?
Worksheet: Authors Purpose
9- Writing: Beginning Story Elements
Essay: Beginning Story Elements
10- Writing: Conflict, Rising Action, Climax and Conclusion
Worksheet: Conflict, Rising Action, Climax, Conclusion
Essay: Real Life Conflict
Essay: Short Story
11- Speaking and Listening: Parts of a Story
Assignment: Reading Log #8

10- Adverbs, Questioning, Main Idea, Research
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 17
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 17
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 17
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 18
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 18
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 18
3- Grammar: Adverbs
4- Grammar: Prepositions & Prepositional Phrases
Handout: Adverbs and Prepositions Practice
Assignment: Adverbs and Prepositions Practice
5- Reading Mini Lesson: What Good Readers Do – Ask Questions
6- Reading: The Star Spangled Banner
Handout: The Star-Spangled Banner
Assignment: The Star-Spangled Banner Questions
7- Reading: When Lightning Strikes
Quiz: When Lightning Strikes
8- Writing: Topic, Main Idea, and Important Events
Handout: Important Events
Assignment: Important Events
9- Writing: Research a Question
Assignment: Research a Question
10- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Assignment: Reading Log #9
Assignment: Book Report #5

11- Progressive, Predictions, Transitions, Narratives
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 19
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 19
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 19
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 20
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 20
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 20
3- Grammar: Understanding Verb Tense
4- Grammar: Progressive Verb Tense
5- Reading: What Good Readers Do – Predictions
Worksheet: Practice Predictions
6- Reading: Toads and Diamonds
Handout: Toads and Diamonds
Assignment: Toads and Diamonds Predictions
7- Reading/Writing: Point of View
Essay: “Toads and Diamonds” Point of View
8- Writing: Transitions
9- Writing: Story Maps
Assignment: Story Map Hand
10- Writing: Narratives
Assignment: Narrative Pre-Write
Assignment: Narrative First Draft
11- Writing: Narratives Part 2
Assignment: Narrative Draft 2
12- Writing: Narratives Part 3
Assignment: Narrative Final Draft
13- Speaking and Listening: Narrative
Assignment: Reading Log #10

12- Commas, Dialogue, First and Second Hand Accounts
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 21
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 21
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 21
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 22
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 22
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 22
3- Grammar: Commas
4- Grammar: Commas in Direct Address
Handout: Commas in a Series & Punctuation
Assignment: Commas in a Series & Punctuation Marks
5- Grammar: Writing Dialogue
6- Writing: A Story With Dialogue
7- Reading: First and Second Hand Accounts
8- Reading: The Buried City: Pompeii
Essay: The Buried City: Pompeii
9- Reading: New Mystery at Stonehenge
Quiz: New Mystery at Stonehenge
Assignment: Reading Log #11
Assignment: Book Report #6

13- Colons, Nonfiction, Opinion, Speaking
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 23
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 23
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 23
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 24
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 24
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 24
3- Grammar: Using Colons & Semicolons
4- Grammar: Writing Titles & Using Hyphens
Essay: Punctuation
5- Grammar: Contractions
6- Reading Mini Lesson: Fiction and Nonfiction
7- Reading: Washington’s Last Battle
Handout: Washington’s Last Battle
Essay: Washington’s Last Battle
8- Reading: William Penn and Native Americans
Handout: William Penn and the Native Americans
Essay: William Penn and the Native Americans
9- Reading: How to Spy on Sharks
Quiz: How to Spy on Sharks
10- Reading: Children’s Poet Honored
Quiz: Children’s Poet Honored
11- Reading: Deep-Sea Detectives
Quiz: Deep Sea Detectives
12- Reading: Mysterious Lights
Worksheet: Mysterious Lights
13- Writing: Nonfiction
Handout: Nonfiction Text Features
Assignment: Nonfiction Text Features
Assignment: Nonfiction Book
14- Speaking and Listening: Informal and Formal Speaking
Assignment: Reading Log #12

14- Letter Writing, Cause and Effect, Titles
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 25
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 25
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 25
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 26
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 26
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 26
3- Grammar: Writing Friendly Letters
Essay: Friendly Letter
4- Grammar: Writing a Business Letter
Essay: Business Letter
5- Grammar: Writing Announcements
Assignment: Writing Announcements
6- Reading: Cause and Effect
7- Reading: The Water Lily and The Gold Spinners
Handout: The Water Lily. The Gold Spinners.
Handout: Cause and Effect Chart
Assignment: Cause and Effect Chart
8- Reading: A Natural Beauty
Worksheet: A Natural Beauty
9- Writing: Newspaper Article
Assignment: Newspaper Article
Assignment: Reading Log #13
Assignment: Book Report #7

15- Modal Auxiliaries, Biographies
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 27
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 27
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 27
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 28
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 28
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 28
3- Grammar: Modal Auxiliaries
Quiz: Modal Auxiliaries
4- Reading: Biographies – Author of Little Women
Handout: The Author of Little Women
Worksheet: Little Women Comprehension Questions
5- Reading: The World Underwater
Worksheet: The World Underwater
6- Writing: Biography
Assignment: Biography
7- Speaking and Listening: Biography
Assignment: Reading Log #14

16- Adjectives, Drama, Playwriting
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 29
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 29
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 29
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 30
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 30
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 30
3- Grammar: Conventional Order of Adjectives
Worksheet: Order of Adjectives
4- Reading: Drama
5- Writing: From Story to Drama
Handout: Master Man
Assignment: Master Man Play
6- Writing: Playwrite
Assignment: To-do List for Play
Assignment: Water Lily and Gold Spinner Play
7- Speaking and Listening: Tips on Performing
8- Speaking and Listening: Drama in Action!
Assignment: Drama in Action!
Assignment: Reading Log #15
Assignment: Book Report #8

17- Fragments, Foreshadowing, Persuasion
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 31
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 31
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 31
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 32
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 32
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 32
3- Grammar: Run-on Sentences
4- Grammar: Fragments
Quiz: Run-ons and Fragments
5- Reading: The Pomegranate Seed
Handout: The Pomegranate Seed
Essay: Friendly Letter to Mother
6- Reading Mini Lesson: Foreshadowing
Assignment: Get Your Daily News!
7- Writing: Rules of Persuasion
Essay: Persuasion
8- Speaking and Listening: Persuasion
Assignment: Persuasion Speech
Assignment: Reading Log #16

18- Homophones, Fables, Myths
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 33
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 33
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 33
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 34
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 34
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 34
3- Vocabulary Mini Lesson: Homophones
Handout: Homophone Practice Sheet
Assignment: Homophone Practice Sheet
Assignment: Homophone Book
4- Vocabulary Mini Lesson: Homophones Continued
Quiz: Frequently Confused Words
5- Reading: Animal Helpers
Essay: Animal Helpers Prompt
6- Reading: The Wild Side of the Trail
Worksheet: The Wild Side of the Trail Worksheet
7- Reading: Fables
Handout: How the Tortoise Got Its Shell
Handout: Fable Story Map
Assignment: Fable Story Map
8- Writing: Idioms
Assignment: Idioms Book
9- Writing: A Myth
Handout: Myth Graphic Organizer
10- Writing: A Myth Part 2
Handout: Myth Rubric
Assignment: A Myth
11- Writing: Self-Evaluation
Assignment: Self-Reflection Rubric
Assignment: Reading Log #17
Assignment: Book Report #9

19- Synonyms, Punctuation, Moods
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 35
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 35
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 35
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 36
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 36
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 36
3- Vocabulary Mini Lesson: Synonyms
Handout: Weak and Strong Verbs Practice Sheet
Assignment: Weak and Strong Verbs Practice Sheet
4- Vocabulary Mini Lesson: Antonyms
5- Grammar: Punctuation for Effect
6- Reading: Wild Winds
Essay: Wild Winds Assignment
7- Reading: Unusual Pets
Essay: The Perfect Pet Essay
8- Writing: Moods
Worksheet: Creating the Mood
9- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Assignment: Reading Log #18
Assignment: Book Report #10

20- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation