This course follows Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for 1st grade science. The students a provided an overview of many different types and aspect of science, including scientific inquiry, biology, physical science, and geology. The students will practice using their five senses to make observations of the world around, the basis of science. The students learn the difference between living and nonliving things based off of their properties. Plants are discussed, including different types of plants, their parts, and how they develop. Next, the students learn about animals, what they eat, where they live, and how they are different from plants. The students study the functions of the organs in their body, including the brain, heart, lungs, skeleton, skin, and stomach. Students explore the Earth, from the inside out, and study how the Earth changes through weathering, erosion, and earthquakes. Students will learn why day and night occur, and will learn about constellations in the night sky. The students will learn about what is matter, how to describe its properties, and the three states of matter.

1- Course Introduction
1- Welcome
2- Course Description
3- Assessments
4- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest

2- The Five Senses
1- Vocabulary
2- Seeing and Hearing
3- Taste and Smell
4- Touching
5- Popcorn Senses
Handout: Popcorn Senses
Assignment: Popcorn Senses
Quiz: The Five Senses

3- Making Observations
1- Vocabulary
2- Introduction to Observation
3- Observation or Opinion?
Quiz: Observation or Opinion?
4- Words and Numbers
5- Take Notes
Quiz: Taking Notes
6- Observation Practice
Handout: What’s the Weather?
Assignment: What’s the Weather
7- Observation Practice 2
Worksheet: Observation Skills and the 5 senses
8- Tools for Observing
9- Tools for Observing 2
10- Tools for Observing 3
11- Observation Game
12- Magnify It!
13- Magnify It! Instructions
Handout: Magnify It! Lab
Assignment: Magnify It! Lab
14- Tools for Magnifying
15- Tools for Magnifying 2
Worksheet: Observation Overview

4- What is Alive?
1- Vocabulary
2- What is Alive?
3- Living
Handout: Living or Nonliving?
Assignment: Living or Nonliving?
4- Nonliving
Handout: Sorting Living or Nonliving
Assignment: Sorting Living and Nonliving
5- Activity
Handout: Is It Alive? Lab
Assignment: Is It Alive? Lab
Worksheet: Living or Nonliving

5- Plants
1- Vocabulary
2- Plant or Animal?
3- Plant or Animal 2
4- Big and Small Plants
5- Plants with Flowers
6- Plants with Fruit
7- What Do Plants Need to Live?
8- Where Do Plants Live?
9- Parts of a Plant
10- Parts of a Plant: Flower
11- Parts of a plant: Stem
12- Parts of a Plant: Leaves
13- Parts of a Plant: Roots
14- Parts of a Plant: Video
15- Parts of a Plant Activity
Handout: Parts of a Plant Activity
Assignment: Parts of a Plant
Worksheet: Parts of a Plant
16- Where Do Plants Come From?
17- Activity: When a Seed Grows Up
Handout: When a Seed Grows Up
Assignment: When a Seed Grows Up
18- Grow Your Own Plants
Handout: Cool Beans
Assignment: Cool Beans
Quiz: Plants Quiz

6- Animals
1- Vocabulary
3- What Do Animals Need to Live?
4- What Do Animals Eat?
5- Plant Eaters (Herbivores)
6- Meat Eaters (Carnivores)
7- Plant and Meat Eaters (Omnivores)
Quiz: Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore
8- Where Do Animals Live?
9- How Do Animals Move?
10- How Do Animals Cover Their Bodies?
11- Baby Animals and Their Parents
Worksheet: Animals
12- Plants and Animals
Quiz: Animals Quiz

7- Your Body
1- Vocabulary
2- The Brain
3- The Heart
4- The Lungs
5- The Skeleton
6- The Muscles
7- The Skin
8- The Stomach
9- The Intestines
Quiz: Parts of the Body
10- What Does Your Body Need?
11- Stay Healthy
Quiz: Stay Healthy
12- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

8- Earth
1- Key Vocabulary
2- Inside the Earth
Assignment: Inside the Earth
3- A Picture of Earth’s Plate Tectonics
Handout: Earth’s Plates
Assignment: Earth’s Plates
4- Plate Tectonics
5- Continents
6- Land
7- Water
8- Water Safety
Quiz: Water Safety
9- Earth Video
10- Weather on Earth
11- Seasons
Quiz: Looking at the Earth

9- The Changing Earth
1- Vocabulary
2- Fast Land Changes
3- Fast Land Changes Videos
4- Slow Land Changes: Weathering
5- Slow Land Changes: Erosion
6- Slow Land Changes Video
Assignment: Fast and Slow Earth Changes

10- Night and Day
1- Vocabulary
2- The Moon
3- The Changing Moon
4- Stars
5- Stars in Shapes
Quiz: Stars
6- Telescope
7- The Sun
8- Daytime
9- The Sun: Good and Bad
10- Animals in the Day and Night
Quiz: Night and Day

11- Matter
1- Vocabulary
2- What is Matter?
3- Properties of Matter
4- Object Properties
Handout: Bubble Activity
Assignment: Bubble Activity
5- Categories
6- Sink or Float?
Handout: Sink or Float Activity
Assignment: Sink or Float Activity
7- States of Matter
8- Solid
9- Liquid
10- Gas
11- States of Matter Videos and Activities
Quiz: Matter

12- How Things Move
1- Vocabulary
2- Ways to Move
Quiz: How Things Move
3- Push and Pull
Handout: Make It Move!
Assignment: Make It Move!
4- Push and Pull Video
5- Gravity
Assignment: No Gravity Picture
6- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

13- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation