1st Grade – The beginning of a fantastic elementary journey!
Ready for Mastering the 3 R’s? Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic!






This school year, our 1st grade standard package has in it:

A colorful, grade level MATHEMATICS course in a write-in workbook format is part of this year’s course offerings.

This easy to use, grade level mathematics course is written in a direct instruction style. We are including both a Student Workbook & Teacher’s edition for a well-rounded, complete Math program! This course emphasizes basic mathematics skills and problem-solving strategies while providing a solid mathematics foundation… exactly what your student needs to master mathematics!

SCIENCE this year will be studied using a hard cover, full-color science book covering the general sciences with lots of activities. This text covers; plants, human and animal growth, properties of sound and light, kinds of weather, seasons, the water cycle, and much more.

A HEALTH supplement – With hands-on activities, based on the work of the American Health Foundation, for teaching your student about the importance of good health, and to help develop essential skills, is in this package also!

SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY will be studied using a full-color, hardcover text covering the topics of; school, family, work, neighborhoods, communities and our country. Holidays, Traditions, Good Citizenship and American Values are also covered.

-A MAP SKILLS supplement covering introductory geography concepts through use of mapping skills – from location skills and directions to simple, special purpose, maps.

-An ENGLISH/GRAMMAR course using a full-color workbook is part of this package as well. All the skills for; grammar and usage, sentences, mechanics, writing stories, study skills, word lists, and references will be studied as a part of the Language Arts Course selection.

HANDWRITING must be included. The ever-popular Zaner Bloser traditional manuscript program is what our students will be using to begin mastering handwriting. They’ll be using a write-in workbook to assist them. Your children will be writing numbers, writing lower-case and capital manuscript letters and learning all the ‘FUN’damentals of handwriting.

-No first grade package would be complete without PHONICS ! (Explode the Code – 2 color workbook) Provides experience recognizing and combining sounds in order to read; words, phrases, sentences, and stories. This course will sharpen visual discrimination, while strengthening reading comprehension, skills.

-Also! Another PHONICS program for active students! Aren’t they all active? This phonics, used in concert with the other we provide, will help build skills in; phonics, reading, writing, spelling, listening, and oral language. This is a full-color workbook that has been recommended as one of the finest in the country by notable home school leaders.

-A colorful, phonics based, SPELLING workbook for your student is found in this package too. Spelling & Vocabulary, Spelling & Phonics, Spelling & Reading, Spelling & Writing , Spelling and…enough spelling already!

-Beginning mastery of READING is on the agenda this year! A full-color workbook specifically designed to address the academic skills needed for turning your students into successful, lifetime readers will be utilized. Skills are learned from high-interest stories and activities. Vocabulary, comprehension, critical thinking, and writing study skills make up a necessary program for 1st grade level students.

-A full-color COMPLETE READER is provided to assist with the most important part of a youngsters educational progress…READING! Included in this full color workbook is essential skills practice in not only reading, but writing, main idea, sequencing, predicting outcomes, drawing conclusions, parts of speech, alphabetical order, sentence structure and phonemic awareness and plenty more – and it contains great full color graphics and drawings.

-An excellent WRITING SUPPLEMENT? is included to supplement your child’s learning throughout the year as it directly relates to composition/writing. This is a basic writing skills workbook.

OH YES! Our Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A FREE CD-ROM, a Study Guide/Supplement, Folding File System, A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide…

A Wonderful Beginning! Your student is on her way to educational EXCELLENCE!

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