This course is aligned with Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for 5th grade social studies. The students will first review the needed map skills to successfully complete the source. The class focuses on the history of early America. It also provides a chance for students to practice reading about and discussing current events. The students will learn about native American civilizations, including early ones such as the Maya, Inca, and Aztec civilizations. They will then learn about European explorers, including Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus. Next the students will learn about the 13 original colonies and the steps that the colonies took towards revolution. They will review the major battles of the revolutionary war, and will learn about the Treaty of Paris, and the impact the war had on the country. The students will learn about how the government of the United States was formed and how the constitution was written. Next, they will learn about how the nation grew through things such as the Louisiana Purchase and the idea of manifest destiny. The students will learn about the growth of industry in the young country and the impact of slavery. Finally, the students will learn about how government is set up in the United States today, with the three branches of government and the system of checks and balances. They will also learn about their rights and responsibilities as a citizen of a country.

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
4- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
5- Understanding Plagiarism
6- MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
7- MLA Documentation updates
8- MLA Citation
9- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Geography
1- Map Skills Introduction
2- Types of Maps
3- Latitude and Longitude
4- Physical Features of North America
Assignment: Current Events
Assignment: Map Skills

3- Native American Civilizations
1- Introduction
2- Getting to America
3- People of the Americas
4- Maya Civilizations
5- Inca Civilizations
6- Aztec Civilization
Assignment: Aztec, Inca and Maya Research
7- Culture Regions of the United States
8- The Northwest Coast Region
9- The California Intermountain Region
10- The Southwest Region
11- The Plains Region
12- The Eastern Woodland Region
Worksheet: Native American Civilization
Assignment: Current Events #2

4- European Explorers
1- Exploration and Navigation
2- Navigation Tools
Quiz: Tools of Exploration
3- Ships
4- Prince Henry the Navigator
5- Vasco da Gama
6- Dutch and English
7- Christopher Columbus
8- Columbus Returns
9- Four Journeys
Essay: Ships
Assignment: Timeline and Route of Explorer
Assignment: Current Events #3

5- Colonies
1- The Beginnings of Jamestown
2- Captain John Smith
3- The Beginning of Democracy
4- A Colony at Plymouth
5- Massachusetts Bay Colony
6- Freedom of Religion
Assignment: Hardships of Colonization
7- New England Colonies
8- The Middle Colonies
9- Colonial Way of Life
10- The Southern Colonies
11- Southern Colonies and Slavery
12- Triangular Trade and Slavery
13- 13 Colonies Review
Handout: 13 Colonies Map
Assignment: 13 Colonies Map
Quiz: Colonies
Assignment: Current Events #4

6- The Road to Freedom
1- Introduction
2- The French and Indian War
3- New Problems
4- The Boston Massacre
Essay: Boston Massacre
5- The Boston Tea Party
6- Events That Led to War
7- The Call for Independence
8- Abigail and John Adams
Assignment: Time Line of Road to Freedom
Assignment: Current Events #5

7- The American Revolution
1- Introduction
2- The Long Fight
3- Washington and the American Army
4- The Victory at Trenton
5- Help Arrives from Europe
6- Winter at Valley Forge
7- Charleston Falls to the British
8- The Last Battle: Yorktown
9- The Treaty of Paris
10- The Impact of War
11- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Essay: Freedom
Worksheet: The American Revolution
Assignment: Current Events #6

8- The New Nation
1- Introduction
2- Choosing a Government
3- The Articles of Confederation
4- Northwest Terrotiry
5- The New Nation Faces Problems
6- Writing the Constitution
7- The Great Compromise
8- The Federal System
9- Ratification of the Constitution
10- The Bill of Rights
Handout: Bill of Rights
Essay: Bill of Rights
Assignment: Bill of Rights
11- George Washington
Quiz: New Nation
Assignment: Current Events #7

9- A Growing Nation
1- Introduction
2- The Growing West
3- The Louisiana Purchase
4- An Amazing Journey
Assignment: Lewis and Clark Journal
5- The War of 1812
6- The End of the War of 1812
7- The Missouri Compromise
8- Slavery and Plantations
9- Nat Turner’s Rebellion
10- The Trail of Tears
Worksheet: A Growing Nation
Assignment: Current Events #8

10- Westward Expansion
1- Introduction
2- How the United States Grew
3- Traveling West
4- Pioneer Life
Essay: Pioneer Life
5- New Trade Routes
6- Texas Independence
7- Manifest Destiny
Essay: Manifest Destiny
8- War with Mexico
9- California, Here I Come!
Assignment: Current Events #9

11- Technology and Slavery
1- Introduction
2- Factories
3- The Railroad Boom and the Steamboat
4- Canals, Roads, and Railways
5- The Growth of Cities
Assignment: Industrial Revolution
6- Escape from Slavery
7- When Cotton Was “King”
8- The Compromise of 1850
Worksheet: The North & the South, 1820-1860
9- Lincoln and Slavery
10- Sojourner Truth
Assignment: Biography of an Abolitionist
Assignment: Current Events #10

12- Democracy Today
1- Government Then and Now
2- Three Branches
3- Executive Branch
4- Judicial Branch
5- Legislative Branch
Assignment: 3 Branches of Government
6- Checks and Balances
Essay: Checks and Balances
7- How a Bill Becomes a Law
Assignment: Current Events #11

13- Rights and Responsibilities
1- Your Rights
2- Voting Rights
3- Voting for Minorities and Women
Assignment: Voting Timeline
4- Bill of Rights
5- Amendments to the Constitution
Essay: Amendments
6- Citizenship
7- Citizens and Aliens
8- Immigration
9- Duties and Responsibilities
Quiz: Rights and Responsibilities
10- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Assignment: Current Events #12

14- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation
Assignment: Course Evaluation